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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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For the version of this group after the Super Genesis Wave, see Team Fighters.

Quotation1 You're in good hands now. Just leave everything to...Team Fighters! Quotation2
Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog #236

Team Fighters is a group that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. They are a team led by Sonic the Hedgehog as one of two teams to replace the then disbanded Knothole Freedom Fighters. The team's purpose is to handle threats caused by Dr. Eggman outside of New Mobotropolis, and inspire the people of Mobius that they aid to defend themselves as well. To this end, they have primarily worked to relentlessly track down the Death Egg Mark 2, hoping to not only stop Eggman, but also rescue Sally Acorn from aiding him as Mecha Sally. Their team travels light, using the Tornado as their main mode of transportation.



Formation of Fighters

Sonic and Rotor telling the Council of their teams, from Sonic the Hedgehog #236.

Following the various losses of Sally Acorn, Antoine D'Coolette, and Bunnie D'Coolette, the Knothole Freedom Fighters had fallen apart.[2] Sonic and Rotor felt that their best option was to reform into two new teams, and brought the idea before the Council of Acorn. Although King Naugus attempted to deny the motion on the premise that he alone could protect New Mobotropolis, the Council voted their approval. Sonic appointed himself the leader of Team Fighters, made up of himself, Amy Rose, Tails, and T-Pup, with their mission being to pursue Dr. Eggman's Death Egg Mark 2 in the Tornado and eventually rescue Mecha Sally.[3]

Tracking Mecha Sally

Team Fighters Felidae Attack

Team Fighters, Leeta, and Lyco attack the Felidae Dark Legion, from Sonic the Hedgehog #237.

Team Fighters then arrived in the Wolf Pack Nation to discover that Grand Chief Lupe had been captured and Lobo was rousing the pack leaders into holding the Felidae responsible. The team set out into the forest along with Leeta and Lyco as guides, and rescued Queen Hathor from Grandmaster Razorklaw and the local D.E.L. chapter. The team defeated Razorklaw with ease, and after learning Mecha Sally and Eggman were responsible for kidnapping Lupe, made their way to the Shazamazon Temple to prevent Lupe's Legionization.[4] They arrived at the temple and swiftly took out the guards before Sonic engaged Razorklaw again. Amy and Leeta fought more guards, while Hathor and Lyco defeated Grandmaster Drago and rescued Lupe, as Tails planted a tracking device on the Death Egg and fought Mecha Sally. The team was forced to flee the temple as the Death Egg made a hasty takeoff, and with Queen Hathor's aid succeeded in mending the fences between the Cats and Wolves and driving off the remaining D.E.L. troops. Following this, Team Fighters again departed to chase down the Death Egg.[5]

Jolly Gray Giant

Sonic taking on Silver Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #239.

The team followed the Death Egg to Feral Forest on the Tornado, as Eggman dropped off invasion pods and fled. Tails used T-Pup's scanner to theorize that Eggman was heading back to New Mobotropolis as they set out to fend off the Egg Swats with the Tornado in a holding pattern. Amy soon realized Eggman was after Elias intending for Mecha Sally to kill her own brother. Before Sonic could do anything, Mecha Sally sent Silver Sonic to attack him. Meanwhile, Tails encountered Elias being sneaked out of his hut by agents "Joker" and "Queen of Diamonds", until being convinced to cover their escape. Amy in the meantime, faced off against Mecha Sally who had downed Sommersby for trying to delay her, with Tails soon backing Amy up, only for Sally to set fire to the nearby huts and create enough diversions to find no one in Elias' home. T-Pup helped stop Silver Sonic by shocking it with powerful static energy, as the villagers worked together to subdue the robot. Mecha Sally then retreated for the Death Egg, but as there were Egg Swats left to destroy, Team Fighters stayed to control the situation.[6]

High Flying Groove

Team Fighters arriving in war-torn Albion, from Sonic the Hedgehog #242.

After the fight, Sonic wished to see Elias, only to learn he was unavailable, but safe. Amy wanted to send a warning to New Mobotropolis about the Death Egg using T-Pup, but was unable to get through as the invasion already started. Tails was able to boost the signal and Amy tried sending her message again, unsure if any one was receiving it. Fortunately, New Mobotropolis was saved, and Team Fighters resumed their pursuit of the Death Egg.[7] After engaging various forces deployed to slow them down-including the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra possessed Titan Metal Sonic-the team was forced to stop in Albion in order to aid the resident Echidnas against the New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion.[8][9] After battling the Legion and their robotic ally Metal Knuckles, the group were incapacitated by a reactivated defense system. Awakened and joined by Knuckles the Echidna, they learned that all the Echidnas-including the Legion-had disappeared, and soon found themselves battling the culprit-Thrash the Tasmanian Devil and his pack of Devil Dogs.[10][11] After defeating the Tasmanian Devils, the team was attacked by the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra once again, this time in possession of Metal Knuckles. Knuckles ended up leaving to pursue Thrash, but Team Fighters were joined by other allies: Thrash's Devil Dogs and an old foe turned hero, Shard the Metal Sonic. With their help, the group succeeded in defeating the Hydra, and then continued their pursuit of the Death Egg.[12][13]

At All Costs

Issue 247 CHARGE!

The Freedom Fighters charge the Death Egg, from Sonic the Hedgehog #247.

Arriving at the Northern Tundra, Team Fighters joined forces with the Arctic Freedom Fighters for an assault on the Death Egg, and were also joined by another unexpected arrival: Silver the Hedgehog who explained that Sally Acorn was the traitor and he was there to help rescue her. After engaging in battle with Akhlut's pod Mecha Sally was sent to engage Team Fighters and the Arctic Freedom Fighters. They were quickly overpowered and just when she was about to kill Sonic and Amy she was switched off when Silver used his psychokinesis. The celebration was short lived however as just then the world faded to white as a result of the Genesis Wave.[14]

Note: From this point, Team Fighters' history continues from its new existence in the altered timeline.


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