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For the group in the Sonic Boom television series, see Team Eggman (Sonic Boom).

This unlikely trio of assorted foes form a solid team, in spite of their conflicting motivations.

— Description, Team Sonic Racing manual[1]

Team Eggman[2] (チームエッグマン Chīmuegguman?) is a group that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a car racing team founded by Dr. Eggman, who took part in Dodon Pa's Grand Prix in order to steal Donpa Motors' technology. Initially, its members consisted only of Eggman himself and his Eggpawns. In time however, Eggman recruited Metal Sonic and Zavok for Team Eggman as well, forming a team of assorted foes to go up against Team Sonic and their alles.


Team Sonic Racing[]

In Team Sonic Racing, Dr. Eggman plotted to throw a wrench into the plans of Team Sonic, Team Rose and Team Vector, who were competing in Dodon Pa's mysterious Grand Prix. Assembling his own racing team that consisted of himself and several Eggpawns, Eggman and his team joined Dodon Pa's Grand Prix at the same time as Team Dark. Upon the trio's arrival, Tails accused Eggman of being behind the Grand Prix, but the doctor insisted that he was only here to compete. He also bragged that his team was unstoppable, prompting Sonic to counter with a taunt.

Eggman eventually competed against Team Sonic and Team Dark alone by intruding on a race between the two trios, lying that he was there as a special guest. Although Dodon Pa knew otherwise, he permitted this. As he found himself at a disadvantage, Eggman took Dodon Pa's advice and began using Wisps against the other racers to gain the lead. However, after Sonic and Shadow took the lead, Eggman was surrounded by the Grand Prix's other racers, who took him out with a combined Wisp assault. Although Eggman lost, Dodon Pa was so occupied by his performance that he did not see whether Sonic or Shadow won the race, much to Eggman's joy. Still, he moped that would have won if he had his team, to which Dodon Pa replied that he looked forward to seeing him compete with a team since Eggman's passion against overwhelming odds was inspiring.[3]

Between the team's races, Eggman would discuss science with Dodon Pa. During their conversation, the Ultimate Energy Engine was brought up. This engine, which Donpa Motors was currently developing, was going to be the fastest and most powerful engine in the universe. After hearing about this engine, Eggman plotted to steal it. Later, after Team Eggman lost a race, Sonic asked Eggman how many times he had been defeated by now. While Eggman replied that he did not keep scores, Orbot tried giving the correct number over the radio until Eggman silenced him. Deciding to step up his game, Eggman sent hundreds of Eggpawns after the racers on the race tracks. While the heroes cleared out the Eggpawns, Eggman confirmed that this was not the end, as he could build Eggpawns faster than they could destroy them. Later, in spite of the team's prowess and tech, the team found themselves on a losing streak in the Grand Prix's competition. Frustrated, Eggman concluded the problem was his car, prompting Orbot to throw a sarcastic remark at him. After shutting Orbot up, Eggman decided to introduce an even better car: the Formula M. In addition, Eggman had Metal Sonic become a main member of the team so he could drive the Formula M.

Plotting to have someone steal the Ultimate Energy Engine for him, Eggman hired Zavok to do it. Between the races, Eggman secretly contacted Zavok, and gave him instructions to follow. Afterward, Eggman had his team keep racing for now. A few races afterward, Eggman was getting excited about the fulfilment of his plan. While Eggman thought his plan infallible however, Orbot had listed several ways for it to fail, prompting Eggman to chide Orbot. Soon after though, Zavok was discovered by Sonic and the other racers. When Sonic asked Eggman if he was with him, Eggman faked ignorance. Regardless, he still had Zavok join the team as a main member, and provided him with the Road Dragoon. After the race, Eggman criticized Zavok for letting himself get discovered. Much to Eggman's frustration, Zavok had also failed to located the Ultimate Energy Engine. Regardless, Eggman hoped that Zavok could prove himself on the race track. Not long after, Eggman heard Dodon Pa talk publicly about how he was developing the Ultimate Energy Engine. Later, before another race, Eggman was approached by Silver, who interrogated him about his and Dodon Pa earlier chat. Seeing through Eggman, Silver correctly deduced all of the doctor's schemes. Meanwhile, Eggman thought about using the Ultimate Energy Engine to destroy Sonic. Having failed to cover up his intentions, Eggman instructed his team to win the next race at all costs. Despite his insistence however, the trio still lost their next couple of races, prompting Eggman to criticize Zavok, much to the Zeti's annoyance. Soon after though, Eggman offered Zavok a task he was more suited for: kidnapping Dodon Pa.

After Dodon Pa was kidnapped and brought onboard the Final Fortress, Eggman demanded to Dodon Pa that he surrendered the Ultimate Energy Engine. However, Dodon Pa revealed that it was unfinished, making it useless. Furthermore, the racers had stopped racing, and without them producing Ultimate Team Energy, the engine could never be finished. Zavok then pointed out to Eggman that this was Eggman's own fault: by kidnapping Dodon Pa, he had brought the Grand Prix to a halt and stopped the racers from producing the necessary energy. Disregarding his own mistake, Eggman tried to figure out a way to fix it. As Sonic and the other racers arrived to save Dodon Pa however, Eggman decided to trick the heroes into racing Team Eggman's members and produce the energy they needed to finish the engine. By lying that he would set Dodon Pa free if they beat him in a series of races, he got Sonic and co. to race his Eggpanws, then Zavok, and then Metal Sonic. In the final face, Eggman had the heroes race him as well. In the end though, Dodon Pa finished the Ultimate Energy Engine, which Eggman promptly stole and incorporated into his Death Egg, which Eggman planned to crush Sonic with. Eggman subsequently pitted his Death Egg, Zavok, Metal Sonic, and his Eggpawns against all the racers. After Sonic triumphed though, Eggman planned to use the Death Egg to crush Sonic and his car. Unfortunately, the Death Egg went crazy and drove into the Final Fortress's energy core, causing the airship to start crashing. This prompted Eggman to escape the Final Fortress with his lackeys.



  • Team Eggman is the only team in Team Sonic Racing to have more than three members, with a total of five. The Egg Pawns and the Death Egg aren't actually playable characters, however, and are only seen in story mode.
  • Although Zavok is an ally of Eggman in Team Sonic Racing, they were previously shown as enemies in the events of Sonic Lost World. The reasons for this are unknown, as they are never stated in-game.
  • Dr. Eggman is considered a Technique-Type in Team Sonic Racing, but in previous appearances, he was a Power Type.