Team Dark is one of four teams from the game Sonic Heroes, alongside Team Sonic, Team Rose, and Team Chaotix. Its members are Shadow the Hedgehog (speed type), Rouge the Bat (flight type), and E-123 Omega (power type), with Rouge being the apparent leader throughout Sonic Heroes, and Shadow taking the lead in the following games. The team's difficulty is on hard.

Sonic Heroes

Treasure hunter and thief Rouge hears of a secret treasure in one of Doctor Eggman's bases. Upon entering, she instead finds Shadow in a stasis pod. Upon freeing him, she unknowingly activates Omega, the last of the E-100 line of robots, and it isn't until he opens fire that he makes his presence known. Rouge is able to stop Omega before anything serious happens. She learns the whole story from both: Omega is mad at the Doctor for sealing him, and Shadow has lost his memories. Rouge decides that they team up, seeing that their problems point to Eggman, and Team Dark is created.

This team's gameplay level is of hard difficulty, requiring patience and skill to endure battles. Their extra missions involve them destroying 100 enemies. During boss fights, Team Dark faces the hardest enemies with the least amount of available power-ups. Team Dark's Team Blast is Chaos Inferno. Shadow uses Chaos Control, Omega uses a Beam Cannon and Rouge flies with one hand on Omega's head. This moves deals and stops time for a few seconds.

This team's theme song is "This Machine" by Julien-K.

Team Dark Objectives

  • Seaside Hill — Get to the whale island! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Ocean Palace — Flee from the ancient ruins! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Grand Metropolis — Crush the city under the control of Eggman! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Power Plant — Escape from the chaotic plant!! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Casino Park — Blast through the giant theme park! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • BINGO Highway — Try the high-speed slides! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Rail Canyon — Find the entrance to Eggman's base! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Bullet Station — Annhilate Eggman's base! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Frog Forest — Get through the forest where the wild animals live! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Lost Jungle — Explore the deepest part of the jungle! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Hang Castle — Enter the spooky castle! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Mystic Mansion — Escape from the crazy castle! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Egg Fleet — Land on Eggman's flagship! / Defeat 100 enemies!
  • Final Fortress — Get to the core where Eggman is! / Defeat 100 enemies!

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)


Team Dark appears in Shadow's story in this game. In this story, Rouge and Shadow are in pursuit of the Scepter of Darkness and later Mephiles the Dark. Omega does not appear until Shadow's Story in Soleanna Forest, where he is found offline. Rouge commands Omega to deliver a Chaos Emerald to Shadow in a future time. In the Flame Core, Shadow fights Iblis, then later, he and Omega face off against Mephiles the Dark. Before the battle, Mephiles had shown Shadow that in the future, he will be blamed for the destruction of the world, and Omega then learned that he would be the one to capture him. Shadow later appears at Radical Train and saves Sonic from being killed by Silver. Shadow proceeds to fight Silver as Sonic goes off to chase Dr. Eggman. After Shadow/Silver defeats Silver/Shadow, the two hedgehogs initiate Chaos Control and Shadow shows Silver who the true Iblis Trigger is. In the Aquatic Base, Shadow chases off Mephiles while Silver chases Iblis after the Solaris Project failed. Shadow then used the Scepter of Darkness, given to him by the Duke of Soleanna, to seal Mephiles. Later in Wave Ocean, Omega confesses about him being the one imprisoning Shadow in the future. In the end of Shadow's Story, Team Dark meets up and defeat Mephiles, but he later forms thousands of copies, and Shadow removes his inhibitor rings, and proceeds to destroy the copies. Later, after Sonic's death, Team Dark is warped to the distorted world with Tails, Knuckles, Silver, Elise, Amy, and Sonic himself. Team Dark temporarily splits up to find the Chaos Emeralds. Omega finds an emerald in Flame Core, Rouge finds another in Wave Ocean, and Shadow finds the last one in Kingdom Valley. Shadow then proceeds to fight Solaris with Sonic and Silver while Omega and Rouge watch.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

The team members appear at different points of the game. Rouge first appears as the fourth party member to join. She appears to get Sonic, Tails, and Amy to G.U.N. HQ to get more information about the Marauders. However, if you try to talk to her without going to Tails' workshop first, she won't let you in. Shadow appears as Sonic and the others try to create a device that can detect Dr. Eggman. He is first found in Mystic Ruins. Depending on the player's dialogue choices, he may appear as a boss, using attacks like Chaos Spear and Chaos Blast. He later appears at Blue Ridge Zone, once again, as a boss. The first part has the team whittle Shadow's HP to 75. The next part has Sonic and Shadow in a one-on-one match, with Shadow having the last 75 HP. He then joins after he tells the team that he needed the component to find Omega. Finding Omega is optional, but if one decides to, then he is found in a room in Metropolis. However, before Tails and the others can get to him, Sentry Drones appear. After defeating them, Shadow tells Tails to use some of the Sentry Drone parts to repair Omega. Omega then tells the team about what happened to him with the Nocturnus. He becomes playable when the player goes down to the underground.

All three members have a POW move that pierces armor, Shadow having Chaos Spear, Rouge having Jewel Storm, and Omega having Beam Cannon. This is the only team where all members have all three different attack frequencies (in order from highest to lowest): Shadow attacks three times, Rouge attacks twice, Omega attacks once.

Sonic Free Riders

Team Dark will appear in this game, participating in Dr. Eggman's second World Grand Prix. Omega, strangely, is absent, and he has been replaced by another robot, E-10000B.

Sonic Universe

Team Dark finally appeared in the Archie continuity in Sonic Universe's fourth issue. They were sent to the Special Zone by G.U.N. to retrieve a Chaos Emerald.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Though this game is non-canon to the Sonic Series, all members of Team Dark are competing in this game. However, Shadow is the only playable, while Omega and Rouge are bosses in Festival Mode. Omega challenges the player to Speed Skating while Rouge will challenge them to Figure Skating. Mii costumes of Omega and Rouge can be unlocked after beating the respective boss.

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