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This group exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
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Quotation1 Team Sonic, may I present to you, Team Cybonic! Quotation2
Bolts, "Robots From The Sky Part 4"

Team Cybonic[3] is a group that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. They are the cyborg clones of Team Sonic, created by Bolts from the team's DNA when Team Sonic needed help to stop Hypnobot's invasion of Roboken. As per their design, the team's members all possess organic brains that make them immune to malware signals. Currently, the team serves as the protectors of Roboken.[3]


TV series

Season two

TS Robots fighting stance

Team Cybonic joining the fight.

Team Cybonic was conceived when Team Sonic and Bolts needed help to stop Hypnobot and Dr. Eggman's invasion of Morristown. Since only organic life could resist Hypnobot's AI-controlling powers, Bolts had the idea of making cyborg duplicates of Team Sonic with organic brains. Using DNA from the team's members, Bolts and Tails created Team Cybonic. After introductions were made between the teams, Team Cybonic left the bunker of their creation and entered the fight in Morristown. With Hypnobot unable to control them, the team helped their counterparts stop the invasion and destroy Hypnobot. Afterward, Team Cybonic decided to remain in Morristown (now renamed "Roboken") in case the city ran into trouble again.[3]

When Eggman returned to Roboken, Team Cybonic attacked him until they heard he had come with a peace offer. During discussions however, Eggman had them wear bracelets that brought them under his control. He then took the team to Seaside Island to beat Team Sonic in a soccer match, where Team Sonic accepted the match-up when Team Cybonic was promised their freedom after the game. When Team Cybonic proved evenly matched with Team Sonic during practice though, Eggman reprogramed them to be more aggressive (but dumber) which gave them an edge. At the game though, Team Cybonic lost when Team Sonic exploited their stupidity. Eggman then made Team Cybonic fight their duplicates, only for Team Sonic to free them from Eggman's control, and together the teams got payback at Eggman.[2]


  • "Cybonic" is a portmanteau of "Cyborg" and "Sonic".
  • Bolts was the one who came up with the name for Team Cybonic.[3]


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