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The Team Blast Gauge[1] is a game mechanic that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It allows the player to charge energy for the Team Blast maneuver.


The Team Blast Gauge is presented as a white-framed horizontal gauge in the right upper corner of the HUD, above the Formation Leader icons. The insides of the Team Blast Gauge is grayish black while the energy stored within it is displayed by a blue bar inside it.


The Team Blast Gauge displays how much energy the player has collected to perform the Team Blast. To fill it, the player can collect Rings or Team Blast Rings, defeat enemies or use Thunder Shoot. During the battle with Metal Overlord, the Team Blast Gauge can as well be filled by countering Metal Overlord's attacks.

Once full, the Team Blast Gauge gets be covered by a yellow bar with "TEAM BLAST" written on it and one teammate will say a quote. The player can then press the White Button/R1/Gamecube Z Button.png to unleash the Team Blast. After usage, the Team Blast Gauge will reset, which is signified by an orange bar decreasing on the yellow bar of the gauge. Once it is gone, the gauge reappears. To use the Team Blast again, the Team Blast Gauge must be refilled and had time to reset.


  • Alone, it takes a hundred Rings to fill an empty Team Blast Gauge.
  • There is a glitch which can be performed to fill the Team Blast Gauge much faster. While in Fly Formation, if the player performs a Thunder Shoot and switches to Power Formation at the same time (SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png and Gamecube X Button.png/XboxX.png and XboxY.png/Square and Triangle), the Speed character will float into the air without the Thunder Shoot actually being performed and a unique sound effect plays. During this, the gauge will rapidly fill up to roughly a third of the gauge's max capacity.




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