Tashiya (タシヤ?) is an enemy that appears exclusively in the Tails' Skypatrol video game, available for the Sega Game Gear.


Based on octopuses, Tashiyas are bright-pink octopus-like robots with a screw head on their neck. They also have their own blue and white circus ball.


In gameplay, Tashiyas will waddle around on the ground, trying to balance on their circus balls. They have no weapons to attack the player with, though they can be in the player's way in small route sections. They are worth four hundred points when destroyed, and appear only in DarkCastle Area.


  • These enemies bear a strong resemblance to the Octus Badniks.
  • Despite the reputation Tails' Skypatrol has received, Sonic Tweet had made cards with character sprites from Tails Skypatrol. Tashiya was on one of the cards.


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