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The three Tantaror heretics in Sonic the Comic #78. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

The Tantaror are creatures that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are a group or race of ghostly creatures from an alternate dimension known as Tantaragor.



The Tantaror resemble glowing humanoid animals in Ancient Egyptian garb. Most of them appear gold.

Characteristics and culture

The Tantaror's spiritual leader is a gigantic elephant-shaped being known as Ekkletos, who is red rather than gold.[1]

Despite their superior powers and technology, the Tantaror are forbidden from capturing creatures from other worlds.[2]

Powers and abilities

The Tantaror are incredibly powerful, able to fire blasts of energy from their fingertips[3] and reach even through a person's solid body.[2] They possess a small gold statue called the Tantaragor Idol, which can teleport matter and even living beings across vast distances,[3] and even between dimensions. They can use this Idol to travel to and from Mobius.[1]


Among the Tantaror, there was an evil priest known as Orkym-Ro. When Orkym-Ro died after a long illness, three of his heretical followers (a jackal, a serpent, and a cat) took a ship (later known as the Ghost Ship of Tantaragor) and used the Tantaragor Idol to travel to Mobius, where they intended to take slaves of the local Mobians for the purpose of building a sacred monument to their deceased master.[1]

The Tantaror, as well as their Ghost Ship and the Tantaragor Idol, became well known among the pirates of Scourge Bay, including Captain Plunder and Zorabel the pirate queen.[4] Plunder tracked down the Ghost Ship and boarded it while the Tantaror were absent, along with his pirate crew and Knuckles the Echidna. He successfully stole the Tantaragor Idol and escaped the ship (leaving most of his crew behind),[3] but Ekkletos later used it to transport Plunder, Knuckles and a few pirates into the Tantaragor dimension.[4] Ekkletos allowed Knuckles to return to the Ghost Ship in order to rescue the crew,[1] then used the distraction to activate the Idol yet again and bring the entire Ghost Ship back to Tantaragor, along with all its passengers. Knuckles, the pirates, and the slaves were sent back to Mobius, while Ekkletos prepared to punish the three heretic Tantaror for their crimes.[2]

Some time later, a young Tantaror boy wished to capture Sonic and Tails as his pets. He brought them to Tantaragor and made them fight illusory monsters like a Minotaur and a tribe of Yetis, until his father forced him to send them home.[5]


The heretic Tantaror appear to be based on beings from Ancient Egyptian mythology and customs. Their garb appears Egyptian, and their view on how to treat Orkym-Ro's body also seems derived from Ancient Egyptian burial customs.

Also, the three depicted heretics take the form of a jackal, a cat, and a serpent. In Egyptian mythology, the deities Anubis, Sekhmet and Apep took the forms of a jackal, cat and serpent respectively. Anubis was a god of death, Sekhmet a destroyer goddess, and Apep the personification of darkness and chaos.

However, Ekkletos seems to have more in common with deities revered in Hinduism, in particular Ganesha the elephant god and Shiva. Note that Shiva is often considered a destroyer god in Hinduism, although he is also considered a benevolent god (unlike his Egyptian counterparts). For more information on this, see the article on Ekkletos.


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