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Tantaragor Idol

The Tantaragor Idol from the back, from Sonic the Comic #75. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

The Tantaragor Idol, also known as the Idol of Tantaragor, is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a golden statuette from Tantaragor, an alternate dimension.


The Idol resembles a small humanoid creature (possibly a Tantaror) with long, spindly limbs and a large head with no nose, sitting in a hunched position with crossed legs.

The Tantaragor Idol is a transportation device, capable of teleporting the holder and surrounding people anywhere on Mobius or even to alternate dimensions (including Tantaragor). The Idol can be activated manually by those who know how. Ekkletos can also activate it remotely from Tantaragor. When activated, the Idol and those being transported glow blue.


Following the death of the evil Tantaror priest Orkym-Ro, three of his heretic followers stole a Ghost Ship and used the Tantaragor Idol to travel to Mobius, where they planned to kidnap slaves to build Orkym-Ro's sacred burial monument.[1]

Tantaragor Idol front

Captain Plunder holding the Tantaragor Idol (visible from the front), from Sonic the Comic #78. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

Captain Plunder learned of the Idol and sought to steal it. He convinced Knuckles the Echidna to help them find the Ghost Ship in exchange for some ancient documents, and the pirates (followed by Knuckles) boarded the ship while it was moored above the clouds. They found the Idol and stole it, but were interrupted in their escape by the return of the heretic Tantaror.[2] Several of the pirates were killed or captured by the Tantaror, but Plunder, Knuckles, Filch and Simpson the Cat escaped into the ship's hold, which they found to be full of slaves captured by the Tantaror. With the Tantaror closely pursuing them, Plunder manipulated the Idol and managed to activate it, transporting the four of them to Scourge Bay.[3]

In Plunder's house, Plunder gave Knuckles the chest of ancient documents and offered to use the Idol to send him back to the Floating Island. However, Knuckles wanted to use it to return to the Ghost Ship to rescue the slaves. A fight broke out of the Idol, which was interrupted by the arrival of Zorabel the Pirate Queen. She wanted to exile Plunder from Scourge Bay before the Tantaror came looking for the Idol, but before she could do so the Idol began to glow and the house and all its occupants were transported by the Idol to Tantaragor.[4]

Ekkletos, the spiritual leader of the Tantaror, had activated the Idol remotely expecting the three heretics to arrive instead. Knuckles offered to return to the Ship to rescue the slave, and Ekkletos used the Idol to send him back to the slave hold of the ship. However, he was immediately accosted by the Tantaror,[1] who easily defeated him and retook the Idol. The heretic Tantaror planned to use the Idol to return to their own dimension, but found that it wouldn't respond. This was because Ekkletos had already summoned the entire ship back home. Knuckles, who was still holding the Idol, and the pirates were sent back to Scourge Bay, but during transportation the Idol disappeared. Knuckles said that Ekkletos must have wanted to hold on to it.[5]


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