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The Tank Cannon is a weapon that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a wide-range tank cannon that can be used for widespread attacks.


The Tank Cannon looks like an ordinary type of cannon found on tanks. It is consists of a long barrel attached to a big trigger that looks like a paper cover.


The Tank Cannon appears in both Prison Island and Iron Jungle. Both do not become available until the player collects all the local Secret Keys, since they are only found behind the Secret Door(s). It is equipped with little ammunition, having just four shots each, though it can be increased by obtaining more Tank Cannons.

The Tank Cannon can create large explosions with a range of about one meter when fired, and deal enough damage to destroy most enemies and environmental objects with one hit, making it one of the most powerful cannons in the game.


  • If Dr. Eggman is the mission character in Iron Jungle, he refers to the Tank Cannon(s) as a vehicle, suggesting that a tank was originally going to appear in the Stage.

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