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Sonic Underground
Tangled Webs (transcript)

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This is the Transcript for the Sonic Underground episode "Tangled Webs".

Queen Aleena: (Narrating) Learning to trust is one of the hardest lessons to learn in life, especially when you are surrounded by evil.
[Manic watches as countless swatbots get created.]
Manic: Time for this war by factory to go down!
[Manic slides down the hilly ground.]
Manic: You wanna deploy now? Or we wait for Sonic?
Sonia: We have to wait for him. He's the main part of the plan! Let's at least test the pot. Okay, lets see... To deploy, activate switch six...
Manic: Switch six, switch six.
Sonia: Wait! Okay... Now!
[Manic pressed switch six, and suddenly, a small robot came flying out from the machine.]
Manic: Whoa! It works!
[Then, the mini robot hits Manic on his head.]
Manic: Oww... Sort of.
Sonia: Sorry. I don't quite have the hang of it yet.
[It hits his head again.]
Manic: Oh! Really?

[Scene Change]

[Sonic eats his Chili dog, then gets up to go for a walk.]
Cyrus: Sonic!
Sonic: Yo Cyrus, long time man!
[Sonic and Cyrus give each other a high-five.]
Cyrus: I heard you took out a processing plant out last week, congrats!
Sonic: What can I say!? I'm good...
Cyrus: Sonic, I have a problem... Can I talk to you?
Sonic: Uh... Can you make it quick?
Cyrus: You bet! C'mon, I'll buy you a Chili dog!
Sonic: Chili dog?

[Scene Change]

Robotnik: Three factories, in four weeks! I want them stopped!
Sleet: We've located their underground pavilion Sir. Units are moving into place, now all we have to do...
[Robotnik pushes Sleet back using his finger.]
Robotnik: Oh, spare me the details! Just make it happen!
[Robotnik leaves.]
Sleet: Just make it happen.
Swatbot: I.R Beam, interrupt, I.R Beam, interrupt. Sector three, plan four, intruder point eight kilogram.
Sleet: I don't see anything you stupid robot!
[Sleet presses a button beside him.]
Sleet: What is that?
Dingo: There's eyes. They could only belong to... Sonia...
[Sleet grabs Dingo.]
Sleet: Snap out of it! You sound like a love-struck pup. She's the enemy, you got that?!
[Sleet slaps Dingo hard on his face. Both of them walk away.]
Dingo: Oh yeah... She's the enemy...

[Scene Change]

[The small drone flies high, and shoots out a missile destroying a control panel.]
Sonia: Stage one complete. Control panels destroyed! Where's Sonic?!
Manic: No biggie! I'll just go ahead, he can catch up!
Sonia: No. We've got to stick to the plan. If Sonic doesn't show, we cancel.
Manic: Cancel? Uh, no way! This one bot factory is going down!
[Manic runs away from Sonia.]
Sonia: Manic! [Grunts]

[Scene Change]

[Swatbots are patrolling a ruined area. Inside, the elevator door opens. Sleet and Dingo walk out. The former listens out.]
Sleet: Ooh! What's that? A little large for a mouse. Perhaps a different rodent. A hedgehog maybe?
[The door opens. Manic walks in, followed by Dingo. The door closes behind the latter. The drone fires a laser into the rock.]
Sleet: Here we are!
[Sleet flings an arm shaped object. The drone inside scratches the surface. Sleet then shakes hands with the object.]
Sleet: Sometimes you just have to get their attention.
[He chucks the object behind him.]

[Scene Change]

[Sonia's screen fuzzes and shuts down.]
Sonia: Sleet! Oh no!
[She gasps and yelps as she is held by Dingo.]
Sonia: Oh, Nick.
[Sonia and Manic are sitting on chairs with their bodies tied. Sleet confronts them.]
Sleet: Now, Sarah.
Sonia: It's Sonia, you twit face!
Sleet: Whatever, Sofia. Where is Sonic?
[Sonic arrives and confronts the villainous duo.]
Sonia: [Angrily] Duh! You are so in trouble! What do you do, stop for a Chili dog?
Sonic: No? [Burps and swallows] No. Excuse me, uh... maybe a house trick, bud?
Sleet: Huh? [To the Swatbot as he points at Sonic] Get him!
[Several swatbots surround Sonic.]
Sonic: Spin and win time!
[Sonic turns into a tornado. He spins into every swatbot, knocking them over. Dingo tries to catch him but he misses, and instead gets thrown on top of Sleet. The tornado unties Sonia and Manic. They jump off the chair.]
Sonia: Sonic, this is all your fault. You can't just show up whenever you feel--
[--a Swatbot laser destroys the chair. More Swatbots surround the hedgehogs.]
Manic: Uh, can we talk about this later?
[A Swatbot tries to grab Sonia. Sonia grabs hold of the arm and throws the whole bot into another bot. Sonia polishes her hands but Sonic grabs her arm and zooms away to protect themselves from more Swatbot shots.]
Sonic: Time for Plan B.
Sonia: Sonic, there is no Plan B.
Sonic: There is now! Watch this!
[He zooms into the factory and bounces off a lava container, which tips over. Sonic lures and dodges a Swatbot laser attack. Another lava container tips and falls over towards this robot, covering it in a river of lava. The current flows several robots across the factory. Meanwhile, Sonic lands safely onto a platform and spins into a tornado. He spins a robot part off and up towards the ledge above. The robot part falls into the lava and flows to where Dingo is watching from above. Several analog meters are raised to maximum, making Sleet mad.]
Sleet: We've got to get out of here.
[Sleet runs towards the elevator door, with Dingo following on behind. Just as the door closes, they both get stuck in the doorway. They try to push forward with their strength.]
Sleet: You moron!
[They make it through. Meanwhile, the pool of lava continue to fill the floor inside the building, where two Swatbots are landed on. They shoot lasers at Sonic, who is running along a bridge. He grabs hold of a chain and flies up just before a Swatbot destroys part of the bridge. Sonic jumps off and lands in another safe area next to another door. he opens it and picks up a red bottle-shaped object.]
Sonic: Party fakes. This should even things up.
[He grabs several bottles until a laser shot is fired.]
Sonic: Huh?
[Swatbots fire lasers at Sonic again. While running, he drops bottles into the lava and jumps over the ramp. He returns to his siblings.]
Sonic: Am I good or what?
Sonia: The factory's still standing.
Sonic: It is?
[He exhales. The factory explodes with a large bang, delighting Manic and annoying Sonia.]
Manic: Way to go, bro!
[Sonic high fives him.]
Sonia: You're insufferable.
Sonic: [Humbly] Thank you.

[Scene Change]

[The hedgehogs arrive. Sonic brings a souvenir to the crowd. They clap and cheer and celebrate as Sonic hangs the robot part up on the wall. They gather closer to him. Sonia walks past the raving crowd to the chili dog shop. She sits on the chair]
Sonia: One tofu dog with the works please.
[Sonic sits on the chair next to her.]
Sonic: Hey, sis. We did some nice work today.
Sonia: [Annoyed] No. You did some nice work today, on your own, as usual.
Sonic: Let me guess. You're mad, right? [The Tofu dog is given to her] But you can't be too mad, because you ordered me a Chili dog.
Sonia: [Moves the dog to Sonic] Oh please, be my guest.
[Sonic eats the tofu dog. He puts his finger by his mouth.]
Sonic: Yuck! What is this?!
Sonia: That would be tofu.
Sonic: Huh?
[He spits the tofu dog onto a target with Robotnik's head attached to a wall.]
Sonic: Yuck! Couldn't you just yell at me instead?
Sonia: Okay... [Snaps with her head at Sonic's face.] Sonic, we were captured because you were late! Because you didn't follow the plan! They come to you, then started to improvise!
[Sonic falls off his chair.]
Sonic: See? And it was much better. [Holds Sonia as she walks away.] Hey! Wait up!
[Sonia walks towards the Whack a Buttnik machine. Sonic catches up to her.]
Sonic: [Realizes] Oh right! I'm sorry I was late but it turned out okay, didn't it?
Sonia: [Giving a toy mallet to Sonic] This time, but it could have been bad, Sonic.
Sonic: [Tosses the mallet] Yeah, you're right.
Sonia: They could've thrown us in prison. Have you ever seen prison clothes? They're gray! I look terrible in gray!
Sonic: Won't happen again. Hedgehogs are...
Sonia: Interesting.
Sonic: Maybe there is something to this planned stuff. And speaking of planned...
[He pushes a Robotnik-shaped gopher into the hole.]
[Applause sounds in the background as the hedgehogs return to Cyrus. Sonic introduces him to the Mobians.]
Sonic: This is Cyrus, a pal of mine from the old neighborhood. He needs your help, sis.
Sonia: Oh?
Cyrus: Robotnik's forcing my father to work on a new portable Roboticizer. I gotta get him out.
Manic: Where are they keeping him?
Cyrus: [Brings out a cube shaped holo-map] This is a Holo-map of the high security area.
[He turns the holo-map on and a blueprint is shown.]
Sonia: Amazing? How did you get this?
Cyrus: A friend in the underground. [Applause sounds] He's afraid of being named. Is that OK?
Sonia: Uh... I'm not so sure...
Trevor: Hey guys. Are you forgetting about Sanctuary? Oh, sorry.
Cyrus: What's Sanctuary?
Trevor: Uh, sorry dude. Inside stuff.
[Robotnik watches the footage of Trevor.]
Robotnik: Sanctuary? Why haven't I heard of this?
Dingo: [Shrugs shoulders] Hmm?
Robotnik: Are your units in position?
Sleet: Some, but if we attack now...
Robotnik: We need a distraction. [Firmly] Launch the attack.
[Sonic plays with Cyrus' holo-map.]
Sonic: Sorry, bud. Catch you later.
[Trevor, Sonia and Manic leave. Soon, rumbling is felt, gasping Sonic, and eventually the other two hedgehogs. Screaming is heard in the background as debris falls from the ceiling. A tank breaks through the wall. Swatbots appear through the breakage, with one of them jumping inside the building.]
Sonic: Huh?
[Swatbots fire lasers at the Mobians. Sonic prepares a Super Sonic Triple Spin and spins through a row of Swatbots, knocking them over. Cyrus looks around the building. Robotnik continues watching the footage.]
Robotnik: Cyrus, get to a clear spot. I need to talk to you.
[Cyrus runs past more shooting Swatbots. More of the crowd panic and run away as a tank approaches them. Cyrus hides behind a rock and speaks through his transceiver.]
Cyrus: What are you doing? This wasn't in the plan!
[A hologram of Robotnik appears in front of Cyrus.]
Robotnik: Plans change. I want to know about Sanctuary. You'll find out for me.
Cyrus: Hey! We had a deal!
Robotnik: Now we have a new one. Go be a hero and gain their trust.
[Cyrus watches on as a tank falls through a hole. More people are seen running, including Sonic who has his guitar weapon out. Swatbots appear in his view and shoot lasers. He dodges.]
Sonic: Sure, dudes. What you guys need is a lesson in music appreciation. Lesson number one...
[Sonic fires his weapon continuously, sending the Swatbots flying.]
Sonic: Never annoy a hedgehog musician!
[The other two hedgehogs run to safety as the Swatbots crash on the ground. They stop as more tanks approach and surround them, including another one that breaks through the wall behind them.]
Sonia: Well, this isn't good.
Manic: Who are you telling. We're on the same wave.
[The tanks release ropes at the duo, tying then together. They struggle to break free.]
Sonia: And I just had this outfit clean!
[Cyrus appears holding a Parabolic Inverter. He shoots it on the ropes tying the two hedgehogs, releasing them. He then shoots at the tanks, paralyzing them.]
Cyrus: Hurry! The effect only lasts a few minutes!
[They run together]
Manic: [Panting] Oh thanks, bro. What is that thing?
Cyrus: Parabolic Inverter! My father invented it!
Robotnik: I can see why Robotnik wanted it!
[Sonic is carrying a Mobian to safety until he sees something strange.]
Sonic: Huh?
[A larger pink laser is fired. Cyrus continues to shoot at the tanks.]
Sonic: Way cool!
[He gives a thumb up to Cyrus. He and the other two hedgehogs return close to Sonic. Cyrus fires his Parabolic Inverter again.]
Sonic: Way to go, Cyrus! Okay. You guys get out of here. I'm gonna do one last check.
Sonia: Are you sure you don't want-- help?
[--Sonic zooms and leave a trail of smoke behind.]
Manic: My guess would be... no.
[Sonic whips up a tornado and attacks three Swatbots, followed by the tanks. He stops and looks around the wall, and notices all the machines are not only immobilized but attached to a wall.]
Sonic: Hey, now that's what I call art!
[All the Mobians are seen getting back to work.]
Trevor: Nice job out there. Welcome aboard, Cyrus.
[They shake hands. Trevor rummages in a sack.]
Cyrus: Uh... Thanks.
Trevor: [Picks up a teddy bear from the sack] Well I found this in the ruins and cleaned it up.
Sonia: [Taking the teddy bear] That's gonna make one of the kids very happy.
[Sonic returns beside Manic. Footage of Sonic is then seen on a monitor.]
Sonic: Road's clear. Let's head out!
Sleet: Gee. What's she talking about?
Robotnik: Ssh! Now get moving.
[Sleet and Dingo leave Robotnik alone.]

[Scene Change]

[The hedgehogs, Cyrus and the rest of the group - holding backpacks - are walking over the bridge towards a cave]
Cyrus: Why is Sanctuary such a mystery?
Sonia: It's our only safe haven. It's where we keep our kids.
Cyrus: [Shocked] Huh?! Kids, no way I can do this.
[He drops his device and breaks it with his foot. The device turns out to be Robotnik's secret camera. His screen goes fuzzy.]
Robotnik: [Angrily Grunting] No! [To Sleet] We lost the signal! Did you record the co-ordinates?!
Sleet: Record? But I didn't think we needed to.
Robotnik: Silence. Assign a special task force to this when we find it. Sanctuary will become Cemetery. [Clasps his hands.]

[Scene Change]

[A crowd surround and cheer on the hedgehogs]
Sonic: Well, gee. I don't know.
[Some of the crowd groan.]
Sonic: I guess... Sure!
Sonia: Let's-- do it!
[--The crowd cheer. The Sonic Underground bring their instruments out.]

[The song, Teach the Children, Light the Way plays.]

[The crowd clap and cheer after the song finishes.]

[Scene Change]

Manic: It's working!
Sonia: Great!
[Manic is seen controlling a remote machine. Cyrus, Sonia and flying drones are in the background.]
Manic: No more virtual hood. Just program the co-ordinates you need, hit the pod like kill their insta-mundo.
Sonia: Show me.
Manic: OK. OK. Let's say Sonic is like "in the kitchen".
Sonia: Which he is.
Manic: I can recompute the co-ordinates and... that beep indicates the pod has arrived, so now I activate it. I loaded the pod with flour for the test!
[He presses a button and laughs. The pod ejects flour and retreats.]
Sonic: Hey!
[Sonic, covered with flour, appears with a mad look on his face. Manic laughs and catches the drone.]
Manic: It works.
Sonic: [Panting] Well.

[Scene Change]

[Swatbots patrol the building. Sonic peeps through the drain attached to the ground and looks around, seeing several Swatbots.]
Sonic: Oh Man. It's bot central up here.
[In the sewer, Cyrus is seen holding Sonic's legs. The camera moves to Sonia and Manic, with the former pressing a button. She sniffs the place.]
Sonia: [Disgusted] Ugh. This place is gross.
Manic: Hey, you're talking about my childhood home.
[A bottle flows through the sewer. Sonic lets go of Cyrus and walks across the shallow water and meets up with his siblings. The holo-map of a diagram is turned on as well.]
Sonic: Okay. Time to juice!
[Manic presses a button. A red light showing random joined lines appears.]
Sonic: Nice light show. What is it?
Sonia: Detection beams. This is where we need your speed. Now look at this one.
[A hologram of Lionel appears.]
Sonia: This is Lionel, Cyrus' father.
Manic: You're moving fast enough, the beams won't detach.
Sonic: Did you say... "if"?
Manic: [Points at the map] It's safe to stop at these areas.
Sonia: You can see the beams with this.
[Sonic puts on a special mask and enjoys his new look, giving Sonia a thumb up.]
Sonic: Cool shades!
Sonia: Each guard bot you pass, mark their location by hitting this button.
Sonic: [Takes the remote control from Sonia] Gotcha, let's blast!
[He zooms into the sewer. Meanwhile, Manic peeps through the drain and sees nothing.]
Manic: [Calling to Sonic] All clear!
[Sonic whips into a tornado.]
Sonia: And remember! Stick to the plan!
[The tornado whips towards the drain and shoots himself upwards. Manic and Cyrus fall over. Now above the sewer, Sonic watches on as a Swatbot patrols the area. He dashes off and tornadoes himself to another area where a Swatbot walks through the door. He whirlwinds through that door just before it closes, and then spins through the corridor past a Swatbot.]
Cyrus: You know, maybe we shouldn't--
Sonia: --Relax, Cyrus. Everything's okay.
[The spinning eventually stops. Sonic looks around.]
Sonic: We have found him. I can get him out of here in a Sonic Says.
Sonia: No, Sonic. Stick to the plan!
Cyrus: I can't do this. [Yelling] You gotta stop him! It's a trap! The whole thing's a trap!
Manic: [Upset] What?
Cyrus: It's a setup. Robotnik said he'd destroy my family if I didn't help him.
[The whirlwind breezes past a Swatbot and moves into a tunnel. A translucent Lionel appears.]
Sonic: Come on, guy. We're getting you out of here.
[Sonic grabs hold of the translucent figure but realizes it's a fake.]
Sonic: Huh? Hmm... Do they feed you in here?
[Sonic raises his mask and has a look around. Several doors open revealing Swatbots. Sonic gulps as they step forward and encroach him. He peels out to dodge Swatbot laser attacks.]
[Meanwhile, Cyrus, Sonia and Manic become trapped as a Swatbot opens the sewer door and grabs them with its arm.]
[Sonic easily dodges more Swatbot shots. He taunts the robots by sticking his tongue out. He then spins into a tornado, intercepting more Swatbot laser shots.]
[Coverage of the scene appears on Robotnik's monitor]
Robotnik: What does it take to stop that little pest?
Sleet: Sir, I know what it takes.
[Sleet points at the door behind him which opens, revealing the trapped heroes Cyrus, Sonia and Manic along with two Swatbots.]
Sleet: Oxygen.
[Sonic - as a tornado - breaks through the wall and passes a group of Swatbots. He drops into the sewer and Super Spins across the water. He sees the remote machine but not his siblings. He takes off his mask.]
Sonic: Oh man. This bites.

[Scene Change]

[Sonia and Manic appear on the monitor.]
Robotnik: Attention, Sonic Hedgehog. Unless you surrender immediately I'm afraid I'll be forced to roboticize your... devious siblings.
Sonic: [Holding the remote machine] This place is crawling with bots, and if it's this bad outside, hmm...

[Scene Change: Robotropolis]

[Sonia and Manic are in the same room as Robotnik, Sleet and Dingo.]
Robotnik: Oh, Cyrus. That little attack of conscience you had. Naughty naughty. Well just to show you that no good deed goes unpunished. Show him, Dingo.
[Dingo pushes a button, lowering the Roboticizer chamber. It lights up and reveals a hologram of Lionel.]
Cyrus: [Anguished] Nooo!
[He tries to kick a Swatbot but its arm pulls his hair instead. He tries to let go by kicking it. Shortly, the blue tornado arrives and zooms across the room.]
Robotnik: What was that?
Sonia: [Sarcastically] I didn't see anything.
Manic: Nuh-uh. Me neither.
Robotnik: [Pointing at Manic] The hedgehog! [To Sleet] Power up the roboticizer.
Sleet: With pleasure.
[Sleet puts his hands on the roboticizer's controls.]

[Scene Change: Sewer, Night]

[Sonic puts a chip into the machine.]
Sonic: Here goes nothing.
[Six drones appear. They fly off across the sewer.]

[Scene Change: Robotropolis]

Robotnik: [To the hedgehogs as the roboticizer chamber rises] It appears your brother has forsaken you. I'm actually rather pleased.
[A drone flies past him from close range, making him scream in panic. It then shoots a laser at the roboticizer's controls, melting it away. Another drone lasers around the chamber from bottom to top, melting it away too. Three more drones lock onto three swatbots. They fire lasers at their heads, knocking them down.]
Robotnik: [Shocked] No! Stop him!
Sleet: [Presses a button] Central control is down.
Sonic: You don't say. Hey, Manic. Those little pod things are neat.
[Robotnik and his workers angrily confront him.]
Sonic: You guys wanna get a Chili dog? Don't worry, as long as you don't move everything will be fine.
Sonia: I'd love to stay here and chat... Not!
[She flicks her hand in disgust and walks in line with Cyrus and her brothers.]
Sonic: See you at the company picnic!
[They zoom off altogether. Three drones lock onto the three villains.]
Sleet: What do we do?
[They scream as one drone ejects a huge cloud of flour in their faces. They are fully covered in the white stuff.]
Robotnik: [Growls in anger] Hedgehogs! [Screams in anguish]

[Scene Change: Outside, Dusk]

[Sonic is on the bench enjoying his Chili Dog. Sonia walks in.]
Sonic: [Annoyed] Uh oh. Here it comes. Lecture number four thousand five hundred and fifty nine. Why we follow plans. I know, sis. I know.
Sonia: No lecture. I'm just glad we're all safe. [Hugs Sonic] That was way too close.
Sonic: Yeah. It all turned out okay.
Sonia: Not all of it.

[Scene Change: Outside, Night]

[A stone is tossed into the water.]
Aleena: [Narrating] In the fight for freedom, my children were learning that while the winds are sweet, sadly, there are also losses.
[Cyrus is sitting on his own with his cheeks on his arms feeling miserable. The hedgehogs gather round and confront him. The screen fades to black and the credits appear.]