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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

I've wanted to be an adventurer forever. Doing new things, helping people, just going for it, like with Whisper...this is what I love!

— Tangle the Lemur, Sonic the Hedgehog #47

Tangle the Lemur[5] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. She is an anthropomorphic ring-tailed lemur from Spiral Hill Village and a former member of the Restoration. She first became acquainted with Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends during the fallout after the Eggman War, when she sprang into action to defend her village from one of the Badnik hordes terrorizing villages across the world. Since then, she has been a recurring participant in the adventures of Sonic and his allies.

Concept and creation

Tangle came about when the staff at IDW Publishing wanted a kick-butt female Sonic character who could accompany Sonic on his adventures. Since none of the main female Sonic characters were able to fit that occupation, Tangle, who would be able to easily go on Sonic's adventures and look cool while doing it, was conceptualized.[6] She was conceptualized by writer Ian Flynn, while artist Tyson Hesse handled the character design.[1]

Before even being given a name, IDW wanted Tangle "to be like a lot of other great Sonic characters and have a special ability tied to one of her features."[7] She was ultimately inspired by the prototype Sonic design. One of the concepts for Sonic was a rabbit that could use his ears to pick up and throw objects,[6] and as such, she was originally pitched as "Tangle the Hare".[8] After brainstorming for animals who could do cool stuff with their features such as bendy rabbit ears and anteater type noses,[9] the staff decided on a ring-tailed lemur, whose tail could prove a very versatile weapon. Finally, she was given the name "Tangle" as a reference to how she likes to "tangle" with bad guys.[7]


Described as pretty,[10] Tangle is an anthropomorphic ring-tailed lemur with primarily light gray fur and orchid purple eyes. She possesses a small black nose and a long bushy tail with gray stripes. She also has gray fur around her muzzle and between her eyes, and gray fur around the sides of her eyes and on her eyelids and round ears. She also has extra fur on top of her head and chest, and small cheek tufts.

For attire, Tangle wears a short-sleeved black bodysuit with dark orange stripes down the sides, an amber sleeveless top, and detailed amber hi-tops with white laces and soles, black details, and dark orange cuffs. She also wears amber sports tape around her forearms and fingerless black gloves made of black sports tape with dark orange backings.



Tangle has been a resident of Spiral Hill Village for years. She grew up with Jewel the Beetle, who became her best friend. Jewel would constantly look out for Tangle, as she had a tendency to run into danger head first. Over the years, Tangle would find several items during her adventures, which Jewel used to curate the Mineral Museum.[11] Tangle is also a regular customer of Spiral Hill Village's salon as she usually buys their brushes to keep her tail neat.[11]

After the Eggman War between the Eggman Empire and the Resistance ended, Tangle would defend her home village by fending off the raids committed by Dr. Eggman's directionless Badniks.[12]


Tangle and Sonic fighting Badniks together, from Sonic the Hedgehog #4.

While dealing with a large and much more organized Badnik attack on her village, Tangle met Sonic the Hedgehog when he came to help save her village. While fighting Badniks together with Sonic, Tangle heard from Sonic that the Badnik gangs had become more organized as of late. No sooner, the two got cornered by multiple Badniks. Fortunately, Blaze soon showed up and joined the fray. After the Badniks had been dealt with, Sonic introduced Tangle to Blaze, whom she thanked for her aid. Upon hearing from Blaze that she had come to Sonic's world to prevent some kind of "terrible event" however, Tangle brought up the possibility that the recent organized Badniks could be a sign that something worse was on the way. After Blaze decided to stay until she knew what her purpose here was, she offered to help Tangle quell the fires in her village. Amazed by Blaze, Tangle accepted her help and thanked Sonic for his help before he left the village.[12]

Battle For Angel Island

Eventually, Tangle was called to Resistance HQ. There, she and the Resistance's other allies were informed that the Resistance needed their help to liberate Angel Island, which had been conquered by Neo Metal Sonic and turned into a flying fortress. To make matters worse, Neo had also secured the Master Emerald for himself on the island. During the meeting, Tangle became a little lost when the others began talking about Burning Blaze, but understood (with amazement) after Blaze gave a brief explanation (and demonstration). Eventually, Tangle was assigned to help two of the assembled group's factions with breaking the Egg Fleet's control over Angel Island while Sonic and Knuckles confronted Neo Metal Sonic.[13]

On the way to Angel Island, Tangle spent the time playing card while messing with Silver. As soon as their ship approached Angel Island however, the Egg Fleet shot it down. Fortunately, Tangle and her allies got off the ship before it crashed. Landing then on Angel Island, Tangle and Whisper were assigned to protect Tails while the fox cub did his thing. Soon after, Tangle was busy busting up Egg Pawns.[13] Tangle later tried turning one of the Egg Fleet's cannons against the other vessels. Thanks to cover provided by Whisper, she succeeded. Later, while the last wing unit on Angel Island's shoreline was being blown off by an Egg Fleet battleship that Tails had hijacked, Tangle grabbed Vector with her tail when the crocodile was about to fall over the edge while yelling playfully at Tails to be careful. She subsequently took herself and Vector onboard the battleship that Tails had secured.[14]

Tangle and Blaze destroying one of Master Overlord's wings, from Sonic the Hedgehog #11.

Tangle and Amy soon after found Blaze hovering above Angel Island when the island began to fall and got her onboard the battleship. When Neo Metal Sonic―in his new Master Emerald-induced transformation, Master Overlord―then approached the battleship, the crew was instructed by Knuckles to force the robot overlord towards Angel Island while he focused on retrieving the Master Emerald from him. With an opening provided by Sonic, Tangle and her friends joined the fray and followed Knuckles' instructions. During the battle, Tangle got shaken off Master Overlord, but was rescued by Silver with his psychokinesis. Knuckles subsequently got the Master Emerald away from Master Overlord and brought it back to Angel Island, returning the island to the sky while Master Overlord powered down to normal. With the battle over, Tangle was brought down on Angel Island. Much to her excitement, she was told by Amy that this adventure was nothing new to them.[15]

As everyone got ready to leave the island, Tangle found friendship with Whisper. When Sonic came by to talk to them, Tangle told him that she felt that she was not ready to return to her old life as her new one had become so crazy and exciting. After this, Tangle urged Whisper to tell Sonic the joke about a toaster she had told her. Whisper instead shyly put her mask scope back on, leaving Tangle to wonder if this was due to something she said. Sonic then left them, telling Tangle to give Whisper some space.[16]

Bonds of Friendship

Tangle introducing Jewel and Whisper to each other, from Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2019.

Whisper later came to Spiral Hill Village to visit Tangle, which pleased her very much. Tangle gave Whisper a tour of the village, including places like the salon and the bakery, where Tangle bought and ate a baguette. Tangle then brought Whisper to the Mineral Museum to meet Jewel, where she subsequently burst through the doors, startling Jewel. Tangle then introduced Whisper and Jewel to each other, telling Whisper that she and Jewel grew up together. Jewel also explained to Whisper that Tangle collected many items during her adventures which Jewel used to curate her museum. Soon though, the sky started to go dark outside, which upset Tangle as she did not think it would rain that day. Whisper immediately after pulled out her Variable Wispon as she had heard a scream come from outside. A moment afterward, the Babylon Rogues broke into the museum and began stealing everything. After Storm accidentally kidnapped Jewel however, Tangle and Whisper began pursuing the Babylon Rogues after they retreated to their blimp. Through collaborative efforts, Tangle and Whisper managed to get onboard the Babylon Rogues' blimp. There, they confronted the Babylon Rogues and demanded Jewel to be handed over. As Jet and Wave argued over how to deal with their hostage situation though, Tangle secretly took their stolen loot back. When Storm then ended up throwing Jewel out of the blimp, Tangle stopped the Babylon Rogues from interfering any further as she and Whisper had it under control. She also threatened to poach the birds if they dared to cause trouble with her town or friends again. With that, Tangle leapt out of the blimp with the stolen goods. Catching an injured Jewel and Whisper on the way down, Tangle and Jewel were saved by Whisper, who used her Variable Wispon's Hover Mode to gently lower them all down. Afterward, Tangle helped her friends restore the Mineral Museum and its exhibits. There, after dismissing Jewel's thanks for saving her and her livelihood, Tangle thanked Whisper for her aid and fist bumped with her.[11]

Sonic Fan Club

Tangle later appeared at the first meeting of the Sonic Fan Club, whose members were busy fighting an Egg Pawn. After telling the kids that they should have a Tangle Fan Club instead, Tangle began hitting the Egg Pawn with her tail and began to tangle it up. However, she got tangled up in her own tail. Afterward, the members of the Sonic Fan Club told her that Sonic had come by and destroyed Egg Pawn while she was busy.[17]


Tangle offering Sonic and Tails help, from Sonic the Hedgehog #16.

Tangle eventually traveled to Tails' workshop to tell her friends about her latest adventure. Upon arriving there, however, she found Tails conducting tests on Sonic. Asking her friends about what was going on, Sonic explained what Dr. Eggman had been doing since after the Eggman War, and that the doctor was now back with some kind of Metal Virus that turns people into Zombots. Hearing that Sonic had been infected with that virus as well, Tangle got worried about Sonic, but Sonic explained that he had seemingly cured himself with his speed. Tangle then began telling Sonic and Tails about what she had been up to when Tails suggested warning everyone about the Zombots in order to avoid attacks like those on Spiral Hill Village. Afterward, Tangle asked what the heroes' next course of action was. As Tails explained that they had found schematics on a battleship Eggman was making to distribute the Metal Virus with, Tangle realized they were planning to find that ship. Tangle then tried to high-five Sonic, but Sonic withdrew before Tangle could touch him, as he had noticed that his infection had resurfaced. Sonic then took off to find Eggman's battleship before Tails could conduct more tests on him, but Tangle assured Tails that he would be able to find a cure.[18]

Tangle & Whisper

One day, Tangle began recklessly swinging out in the streets of Spiral Hill Village. Jewel arrived and asked for Tangle to stop before she ran into someone, but Tangle insisted she knew the streets well enough not to. However, Tangle soon crashed into Ron's chili dog cart. The duo then ordered chili dogs and returned to Jewel's museum. There, Jewel mocked Tangle for running into a stationary object and asked why she had been so restless lately. Tangle told her that it was because after fighting against robot invasions and meeting Sonic and his friends, she no longer wanted to return to her boring life. Jewel asked her what was stopping her from finding adventures on her own, to which Tangle replied that she did not wish to have Dr. Eggman's Badniks attack the village again. She also stated that she would feel lonely without Jewel by her side. Soon though, the duo heard a crash from outside. Jewel immediately sought cover, worrying that the Babylon Rogues had returned. Tangle, however, told Jewel to hide while she checked the situation out. Tangle then opened the door to see Sonic running away from someone firing at him. Tangle jumped out to help her friend, only to see that it was Whisper who was attacking the hedgehog.[19]

Tangle preparing to help Whisper stop Mimic, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #1.

Seeing the confusion, Tangle soon stopped Sonic to ask why he was being shot at by Whisper. Sonic explained that Dr. Eggman had placed a mind control chip inside Whisper's mask scope and sent her on a rampage, and Sonic could not bring himself to harm her. Tangle thus took it upon herself to stop Whisper and scaled up a building towards her. She then tackled Whisper and reluctantly fought her to keep her from shooting Sonic. Once Tangle took off Whisper's mask scope, she believed she had stopped the mind-control. However, Whisper revealed that she was not being mind controlled and the person she was shooting at was not Sonic. Once Tangle saw that Sonic had disappeared, she asked Whisper what was going on. Whisper instead put her mask scope on Tangle where she watched a playback of Whisper finding Sonic and telling him that he was being targeted. Sonic told Whisper that she was also targeted as "he" had found out one of the Diamond Cutters was still alive. Tangle stopped watching as soon as "Sonic" pulled out a dagger and revealed his true face, which gave her a scare. Tangle then wanted Whisper to explain what she saw. Not wanting to share information in the public, Whisper wanted to explain it in a more isolated place, and Tangle took her to the Mineral Museum.[19]

In the Museum, Whisper explained to Tangle and Jewel that she was attacking a mercenary shapeshifter named Mimic who had aligned himself with Eggman and helped him destroy his own team, and was now impersonating Sonic and wreaking havoc. Whisper went on to say that Mimic was potentially targeting Tangle among others. Jewel noted this was a perfect opportunity to join Whisper in her hunt for Mimic so that Tangle could have an adventure. Whisper initially refused Tangle's help but she was soon convinced by her Wisps to allow her to join her. Not too long after, the trio heard a "thunk" at the door and discovered a note that told Whisper to meet Mimic so that they could end things once and for all. Tangle expressed relief in not having to track down Mimic and thus prepared to face him alongside Whisper.[19]

Tangle secures herself and Whisper inside the safe before the bunker explodes, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #2.

Tangle and Whisper soon arrived at an abandoned Eggman Empire bunker. Tangle tried to have some fun by pretending to sneak around loudly but she was shushed by Whisper. She told Tangle that there was no activity on the outside and she could not scan the inside, meaning that they were walking blindly into Mimic's trap. Tangle believed that they could handle him since they outnumbered him but realized that Mimic still had the home advantage. After Whisper confirmed that she wanted to fight Mimic sooner than later, Tangle told her that they would be careful and asked her to stop worrying as much. Tangle then asked if Whisper had a history with Mimic, to which she confirms and then was told to be alert as Mimic is dangerous and manipulative.[10]

The duo went through the back entrance of the bunker and began to sneak around. Tangle decided to quicken their pace by searching for Mimic at a higher point, which slightly annoyed Whisper. As Tangle progressed, she thought about Whisper's silence and how Mimic had clearly hurt her. She suddenly heard Jewel's voice and ran towards its source. She met up with Whisper, who suggested that Jewel was kidnapped when the left the museum. Tangle stated that she would not forgive herself if Jewel was hurt. Whisper led Tangle to a safe where Jewel was being used as bait and tells her that she will cover her. As Tangle went to open the safe, she realized that Whisper was talking more than usual and did not have her Variable Wispon. She was then kicked into the safe by "Whisper" and locked inside. She immediately banged on the door, demanding to be let out but quickly stopped screaming so that she would not use up her air and not think about the tight space she was in. Soon enough, Whisper found the safe and let her out of it, only to be told that the bunker was about to explode due to bombs set by Mimic. As the bombs began to detonate, Tangle pushed Whisper into the safe and closed the door behind the two of them. The facility was completely destroyed but the safe remained unscathed. After the girls exited the safe, Whisper told Tangle to go home. As Tangle protested against this decision, Whisper snapped and exclaimed that she would not and could not lose another friend. As Whisper went to solemnly sit down on the safe, Tangle wiped away her tears. She sat down next to Whisper and asked her to tell her about her past. Whisper wiped her face and agreed to tell her everything.[10]

Whisper explained that the Diamond Cutters were an anti-Eggman group and there were five of them: herself, Mimic, Slinger the Ocelot, Claire Voyance and Smithy the Lion. When she showed Tangle a picture of them together, she expressed how cool they looked. Whisper explained that the video for their masks were networked to let them review missions and study each other's perspectives. The wolf decided to let Tangle see them in action by letting her use her mask to view a past mission of them taking down an Eggman base. Tangle enjoyed the spectacle but was soon interrupted when she discovered that Whisper's mask let her talk and understand the Wisps. Whisper explained that Smithy was a genius and designed the team's gear and made the masks give the Diamond Cutters the ability to communicate with each other. Whisper went on to say that the Variable Wispon was actually a prototype built by Smithy that everyone on the team was meant to have so that they could all use the powers of the Wisps. Whisper then solemnly stopped, which prompted Tangle to ask her to tell her what happened as it was clearly eating her up inside. Whisper initially refused, which made Tangle ask to see the footage on her mask; she told Whisper that she understood if she was not able to confront her past right now, but the more she knew about it, the more she would be able to help her. With encouragement from her Wisps, Whisper entered in the details and handed Tangle her mask to see the Diamond Cutters' final mission. Near the beginning of the Eggman War, Mimic had brought plans before the Diamond Cutters to take down an Eggman base and blackout his forces along the coastline since the doctor had been distracted lately. Though Mimic stated that each member was needed on the field, Claire requested that Whisper stay back due to a bad feeling. At the Eggman base, the Diamond Cutters did not find any opposition. Claire could not even use her powers due to a potential source of alpha waves. Mimic was requested to scout for an ambush while Smithy, Slinger and Claire pushed ahead. When they believed they found the source of the alpha waves, they were suddenly locked in a room with Shadow Androids. Unable to communicate to Whisper or Mimic, Smithy, Slinger and Claire were killed in action. Tangle then saw Mimic stand next to Eggman who gave him a pardon on his "crimes" against him. The Blue Wisp, who was Mimic's partner at the time, abandoned him. Eggman then ordered Mimic to kill Whisper after he discovered she was not among the others. Mimic tried drawing Whisper out but she secretly hid from him after witnessing everything through her mask. Mimic instead found her Wispon and took it to use evidence of her death.[20]

Tangle and Whisper regain their trust and determination, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #3.

Horrified of what she had seen, Tangle took off Whisper's mask and softly handed it back to her. Whisper explained that when the coast was clear, she went back into the Eggman base to rescue the rest of the team's Wisps and then went to team's base to take Smithy's prototype Variable Wispon. Tangle was at a loss for words and became frustrated. After taking a deep breath, she asked why Whisper would hold onto that footage, to which the wolf replied "Never forget. Never forgive." Tangle then realized that this was why she continued to fight as the "Guardian Angel of the Battlefield" and later joined the others to fight Neo Metal Sonic. She also realized that it must have been difficult for her to see Shadow on the mission as well. Tangle lastly asked why Whisper chose to leave her behind knowing how Mimic could toy with and asked why she did not ask someone like Sonic to help her even if she did not want the lemur's company. Whisper told her that she was the first real friend she allowed her to have since the incident and could not stand the thought of losing anyone again. Tangle teared up and declared that Whisper was her friend as well and friends looked out for each other no matter what. When Whisper reminded her that Mimic nearly destroyed them both, Tangle stated that he would get double the payback and make him regret all of his actions. As Tangle helped Whisper up, she told her that she knew his tactics now and he would not catch her off guard again. When Whisper noted that Tangle could not be discouraged, Tangle replied saying that Whisper needed positive energy and her friends needed avenging. With this, Whisper hugged the lemur and thanked her. The wolf then noted that the trail was cold and it would take a while to find Mimic again. Tangle disagreed, believing Eggman would want solid proof about their deaths this time, meaning that Mimic would come back and they will give him a taste of his own medicine. Whisper then left a message for Mimic, saying that they will finish the fight where they started.[20]

Tangle fights Mimic, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #4.

Whisper and Tangle traveled to the former Diamond Cutters base on the Clove Sea. They plotted to have Mimic view playbacks of the Diamond Cutters of how much he meant to them. Later, the girls found a squadron of Badniks coming their way. Whisper shot a large battleship Buzz Bomber in the sky, which forced it to crash down onto the second Buzz Bomber battleship. As Whisper explained to Tangle that the Badniks were only decoys, the latter realized that it was now her cue to confront Mimic. Tangle did offer to help fight the Badniks and try to protect the base but Whisper declined, reassuring her that it was fine. In the base, Tangle tripped up who appeared to be Sonic but was actually Mimic in disguise. Pretending to fall for his disguise, Tangle revealed the trap she and Whisper had set for him. She played back footage of Smithy, Slinger, Claire, and even Whisper praising him for his past work and asked if betraying them to save himself was worthwhile. Reverting to his normal form, Mimic showed no remorse for his misdeeds, dismissing the Diamond Cutters as a means to an end and that he had been in it only for the rewards. Outraged, Tangle lunged at Mimic, but stopped when he assumed Jewel's form, mocking her faith in the idea friendship. When he dared her to attack again, Tangle hesitated, but eventually kept up a fight well enough to impress the shapeshifter. Mimic overpowered her with her own tail and was about to finish her off with his dagger when Whisper arrived and attacked him. The ensuing fight bought Tangle time to get up, and just as Mimic disarmed Whisper, Tangle coiled her tail around him like a snake and threw him to the floor through a table. Refusing to admit defeat, Mimic struggled in vain against Tangle's grip, but to no avail as she ordered him to stay down.[21]

With Mimic subdued, Whisper prepared to execute him, but Tangle stopped her, insisting she would regret it and that it would be worse for Mimic to live on knowing he had failed his mission. Much to Tangle's relief, Whisper agreed. Tangle then suggested taking him to Tails. At the fox's workshop, Tails created a Test Chamber to imprison Mimic in and stated that he would not be able to escape. When Mimic declared that he would simply escape as he always had and taunted Whisper when she warned him not to, Tangle turned his insults back him, saying that even if he did escape, he would have to deal with Eggman's wrath after wasting several of his Badniks. Beaten at his own game, all Mimic could do was tell Tangle he disliked her, another insult she turned back at him. Tangle and Whisper thus said their goodbyes to Tails after he promised to send the cell to the nearest jail as soon as he could. Outside, Tangle asked Whisper what she would do next; the wolf told her that she was going to keep fighting until Eggman was gone and asked Tangle if she wanted to join. Tangle accepted the offer but wished to first of all take time off back at home. With their newfound bond, Whisper and Tangle fist bumped and said their farewells. As Tangle walked off, she high fived her own tail.[21]

The Last Minute

Tangle fends off Zombots, from Sonic the Hedgehog #21.

Some time after the encounter with Mimic, Tangle accompanied Tails and Whisper on a mission to Central City so that he could research a cure for the Metal Virus. While at his lab, Tangle watched in shock as Dr. Eggman's Faceship arrived in the city to distribute a large batch of the virus into the city. Tangle and Whisper took it upon themselves to begin evacuation of the city while Tails stayed behind at his lab to research a cure. About an hour later, Tangle and Whisper had managed to guide a number of survivors down to a dock while they fended off several Zombots in the city. Though Tangle found some fun in the situation, she still found it horrible. Tails soon called Tangle for updates he could give to Amy. After explaining how she found the situation to the fox cub, Tangle was startled by a Zombot close behind her, causing her to climb atop a lamp post before she gave actual updates to Tails. Afterwards, Tangle continued to fight against the Central City Zombots.[22]

At some point, she tried to distract some Zombots from on top of a lamp post but was nearly shaken off by one. Luckily, Whisper came to the lemur's aid knocked back the Zombots with her Variable Wispon. As Whisper kept up the pressure, Tangle tried contacting Amy at Restoration HQ for back-up but she did not pick up. She also tried reaching out to Cream and Vector they did not answer either. She managed to put in a call to Silver but he confirmed that he was busy dealing with a Zombot outbreak in Ice Paradise and could not reach them in time. Tangle and Whisper pressed onwards regardless but were forcibly sidetracked by a horde of Zombots, forcing them to move to a rooftop. Tangle then put in a call to Tails following a suggestion from Whisper and was soon given an update by him that he had nearly completed a cure for the Metal Virus and would be able to provide back-up soon. After a while, Tangle and Whisper decided to go back to the docks, with Tangle once again trying to call Tails. The fox cub managed to clear a path for the duo with his Cyclone and told them that he would cover them while they tended to the survivors. At the docks, Tangle soon saw a rescue shuttle coming in for a landing and she wondered why only one was present. Despite this, she and Whisper guided the survivors onboard while they also watched out for Zombots. Once everyone had safely boarded, Tangle called out for Tails to fly to the ship. Once Tails had arrived, the trio had received the bad news from Amy that Restoration HQ had fallen. Tails freaked out over this because he believed he still would have been able to do something with the incomplete upload at the HQ, revealing that he could not find a cure and was sabotaged by Zombots.[22][23]

Tangle becoming a Zombot, from Sonic the Hedgehog #24.

By this time, Eggman had attacked Spiral Hill Village with the Metal Virus, and the Restoration rushed to help after Jewel called Tangle in a panic. While her friends evacuated the town, Tangle went to the Mineral Museum to check on Jewel, but the beetle had already been converted into a Zombot and attacked the lemur, striking her on the shoulder and infecting her. After trapping Jewel in a glass case, Tangle engaged other Zombots, though she had to restrain herself to avoid accelerating her infection despite knowing she could not stall it forever. She was soon joined by Sonic, who had just arrived from an encounter with Eggman and Starline in Barricade Town. Unable to quickly flee without drawing attention from the Zombots, Tangle suggested Sonic carry her around while she wrapped her tail around nearby lampposts to create a trip wire to block the Zombots. When Sonic initially refused for fear of infecting her, she revealed her own infection. Sonic was horrified and apologized to her, but she urged him not to give up, stating there were still survivors to protect and that he could still set things right. With that, they enacted their plan, blocking off several Zombots in the town from reaching the Rescue Shuttle. Having resolved to stay behind, Tangle asked Sonic to apologize to the others for her, knowing Whisper would be devastated when she heard the news. Sonic said he would, and the two friends embraced before parting ways. As her friends left, Tangle bravely fought the Zombot horde until, finally, she succumbed to the Metal Virus, becoming a Zombot herself.[23][24][25]

All or Nothing

After the Deadly Six had taken over Eggman's plans, Zavok used his powers to lead a large horde of Zombots to Angel Island, which included Tangle. After the Faceship was effectively destroyed by Rouge, Zavok became Giant Zavok to attack the survivors on Angel Island. From this, he grabbed a handful of Zombots, including Tangle, and threw them onto the island's surface to face the survivors there. During the battle, Tangle confronted Whisper, who could not bring herself to fight her friend. Eventually, the Metal Virus was removed from her body by Super Sonic and Super Silver, restoring her to normal. As Tangle wondered what she was doing back on Angel Island, she was happily embraced by Whisper and her Wisps and asked if they had missed her.[26][27][28]

Out of the Blue

When Zavok tried attacking the civilians down below, Tangle went down from Angel Island to the surface and wrapped the Zeti in her tail. However, he easily broke free. Eventually, Zavok was restrained by Silver's psychokinesis. Soon after, Tangle saw Metal Sonic impale Gemerl and wondered where he was hiding as Whisper shot at him. Ignoring them, Metal Sonic blocked the attacks with his Black Shield, dropped Gemerl's body and flew away with Orbot and Cubot.[29]

Tangle parties with her friends, from Sonic the Hedgehog #31.

Some time later, Tangle and Tails went to rescue Rough and Tumble from a refuse pit in Echo Mine, which they were trapped in by Sonic back when they were still Zombots. They told the skunks that they were given another chance at life after Sonic had cured the world of the Metal Virus. Rough and Tumble simply laughed at this and ran off to cause more mayhem. When Tangle asked if this meant they would go right back to jail by the end of the day, Tails joked that this could happen if they found their way out of the mines first. Following this, when Tangle asked Tails if he was fine after Sonic's disappearance, he replied that he was fine; he was confident that they would see Sonic again as he has beaten the odds before and since he had never let him down before, he believed in him. Additionally, he believed that Sonic would be counting on them to keep the peace. Tangle complimented Tails' determination and invited Tails to a party that she was going to host in Spiral Hill Village. Later at the party, Tangle celebrated with her friends and used her tail as a jump rope with Jewel for Cheese and Chocola. She then went to tell Whisper to calm down after seeing her angrily monitor the Babylon Rogues due their attack on the town from before; the lemur stated that they have earned some peace as well since they helped save the world and she did not want to have another fight in her home town so soon. When Whisper accepted this, Tangle said that they should get the Wisps some food to eat but also asked if they even ate. Tangle was soon interrupted as the party was crashed by Eggman arriving in a large mecha with the intent of destroying everyone.[30] Tangle proceeded to take part in the attack on Eggman's mech. After Sonic returned and helped defeat Eggman, who departed in the aftermath, Tangle had everyone join up in a group hug with her tail until Jewel told her that they had yet to extinguish the fires in the village that had been started during the fight. Together with Sonic, Tangle helped put out the fires.[31]

Test Run!

After Jewel took over leadership of the Restoration, Tangle joined the organization to support her friend. However, Tangle ended up rarely seeing Jewel after that due to the latter's occupation with her new responsibilities.[32]

Tangle saving Belle from her blunder, from Sonic the Hedgehog #37.

While in the Restoration's new HQ, Tangle stopped a boat in the machine shop that was inadvertently destabilized by Belle the Tinkerer. As Belle was fired from her position in the workshop, Tangle took Belle with her and introduced herself. She also comforted a disheartened Belle, telling her that she too had problems in the beginning when she joined the Restoration. She also learned that Belle had a special ability related to her tail, much like herself. Moments later, they both heard rumors of a new Eggman tower outside the coast, which was causing unnatural storms. Hoping to get some excitement going, Tangle went to Jewel with Belle where they met Sonic, Tails, and Amy. When Sonic, Tails and Amy decided to investigate the Eggman tower, Tangle wanted to join the trio, but Jewel reminded her of her responsibilities with the Restoration. As such, a dismayed Tangle decided to stay to handle inventory. However, Belle soon after gave Tangle the idea of following Sonic and co. to the tower. The two of them then found a Big Bang Extreme Gear, which Belle began hotwiring. As Tangle began to doubt her current course of actions, Belle got the Big Bang working, and she and Tangle left the HQ.[32] Arriving at Eggman's tower, Tangle and Belle crashed the Big Bang upon landing, depriving them of one of their means of escape. Passing the broken Badniks in front the entrance, Tangle headed inside the tower with Belle. The duo soon after ended up in a room full of Badniks. Not yet detected by the robots, Tangle and Belle climbed the interior of the tower while avoiding detection until they came upon Orbot and Cubot discussing Sonic, Tails and Amy, who had broken into the tower and ended inside the test chambers for Eggman's robots. After watching the robotic duo relay these news to Eggman, who decided to make use of this opportunity, Belle asked Tangle if that was Eggman's voice she heard. Confirming that, Tangle wanted to go to help Sonic. However, Belle would slip and fall down right in front of some Egg Pawns. However, the Egg Pawns did not detect Belle. Pulling Belle back up, Tangle demanded an explanation. Belle thus told her that she was a Badnik herself and that she came to the tower to seek answers about her origin from Eggman. Deciding to trust Belle, regardless of what Belle believed she thought of her now, Tangle continued onward on her search for Sonic and co. with Belle.[33]

Tangle heading for the gate, from Sonic the Hedgehog #39.

Finding Orbot and Cubot again, Tangle tied them up with her tail and began interrogating them to find out which portal in the facility she could use to find Sonic, Tails and Amy. After a while, she finally tricked the robot duo into giving her the information she needed. Deciding to head into one of the portals to rescue Sonic, Tails and Amy, Tangle tied her tail to a nearby pipe so she could find her way back later. Initially, Belle tried to stop her, but Tangle convinced her to let her do it, and headed into the portal.[34] Arriving in a test chamber, Tangle came to the rescue of Sonic, Tails and Amy by damaging a green Egg Viper. She then proceeded to help her friends subdue the other Egg Vipers in the chamber. When Eggman had his Egg Vipers set to collide with the heroes, however, Tangle dragged Sonic back to the tower while Tails and Amy followed her using her tail that she had tied to the other side of the portal. Arriving back in the tower, Tangle and everybody else fled to the Tornado, which they used to escape the tower before it imploded from an overloading test chamber portal. On the way back, after parting ways with Orbot and Cubot, Tangle comforted Belle, who had discovered that her creator, Mr. Tinker (a persona Eggman had assumed while struck with amnesia), would never return to the peaceful life he once had. However, Tangle cheered Belle up by telling her that she had done a lot of good anyway, and that Mr. Tinker would be proud of her.[35]

Zeti Hunt!

Tangle would later join Whisper and Jewel at Restoration HQ. When the Deadly Six eventually attacked the HQ, Tangle and her friends barricaded themselves in the control room.[36] From within the control room, Tangle wanted to assist Sonic in his fight against the Deadly Six, but Sonic told her to wait. Instead, she kept Whisper in a convenient shooting position and punched Zeena with her tail through a hole in the control room's door when she tried to reach into the control room. She soon after tried to attack Zavok as well, but he would grab her tail and tug her into the door until she was incapacitated. After Sonic and Tails took care of the Deadly Six though, Tangle informed them that Belle had been kidnapped by Dr. Starline.[37]

Trial by Fire

While out jogging in the Emeraldville Ruins one morning, Tangle found Whisper and her Wisps departing from Restoration HQ since Mimic was on the loose. Tangle tried to convince Whisper to stay, but she insisted that she was a liability to the others with Mimic around and that the Restoration was not her place to stay.[38]

Tangle heading out on a camping trip, from Sonic the Hedgehog #45.

Soon after, Tangle came along with Amy, Jewel and Belle on a camping trip. While Tangle was exited about going on another adventure, she kept thinking somberly about Whisper's departure while on the way to the camping site. Eventually arriving at the Forest Ridge Zone Campground, the group learned from the camp's ranger to careful with fire as the forest was dry this season. While setting up tent and roasting marshmallows during the following evening though, Tangle kept zoning out about Whisper. Eventually though, Tangle and the others had their futures predicted by Amy's fortune cards. Tangle in particular was given a rather open prediction about the "balance of opposing sides". However, tensions soon began running high despite Amy's attempts. Later, Tangle awoke to find the forest on fire. With Amy and Jewel joining her, they found the campsite in chaos. Amidst this, they found the camp ranger looking for his son, Ashe, who had disappeared. Volunteering to go look for Ashe, Tangle headed into the forest.[38] She eventually found Belle with a Motobug, which Belle told her was good. After then wrapping up Belle's burned hand with her own sports tape, Tangle had her and the Motobug help her look for Ashe. During their search though, Tangle struggled with the smoke from the forest fire. Eventually, the trio found Ashe and Red Hot on the other side of a ravine. As Tangle and Belle began sliding uncontrollably towards the ravine however, the Motobug got both of them to ride it, and by working together, they crossed the ravine. After Ashe had then told them about who started the forest fire, which Belle could verify, Tangle, Belle, Ashe, Red Hot and the Motobug tried getting out of the burning forest. Unfortunately, they were forced to the edge of a ravine by a falling tree. As Tangle dangled from the edge while holding Belle and Ashe, the cliff crumbled, leaving them and the Motobug to fall towards the river below.[39]

Landing in the river, the group found a log to hang onto. As they rode the rough river, Tangle amazed a perplexed Belle with how she thrived on this situation and dreamt of becoming an adventurer. Eventually landing at the campgrounds, Tangle and her group were found by Amy and Jewel. There, Tangle and Belle assuring a scared Jewel that their Motobug companion was nice. Regardless, the fire was still spreading. However, when Jewel came up with an idea to stop the fire, Tangle and her friends chose to join forces with her to help realize it. Tangle and Amy subsequently went to work temporarily damming the river, making it overflow long enough for its waters to quench much of the forest fire and prevent any remaining fires from spreading further. As the heroines celebrated however, Tangle surprised everyone by telling Jewel that she was quitting the Restoration. Although Tangle realized she had been too blunt, Jewel understood her decision and accepted her resignation after assuring her that they would be fine without each other. Despite this, the two of them came up with a new plan for them. Coming to Tails' workshop afterward, Tangle told Sonic of their adventure. As Sonic then asked what her next move was, she explained that she was now ready to find Whisper and go traveling with her. Tangle subsequently bid her friends goodbye as she headed out on her bike.[40]

Game appearances

Sonic Dash

Tangle makes an appearance as a playable character in Sonic Dash. In this game, she can be unlocked after participating in her character event or by purchasing her for $3.99 USD during a limited time.

Image Unlock Requirement Upgrade Profile
Power-Up Highest level

Collect 500 Tangle tokens
(3 July 2020 - 10 July 2020)

$3.99 USD
(24 November 2021 - 1 December 2021)

Dash Boost 10
x2 Multiplier 9
Magnet 10
Shield 11
Headstart 10

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

In Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, Tangle is one of the playable characters who was added to the game's roster in the version 2.19.0 update. She has the following gameplay characteristics:

Image Rarity Stats Items
Projectile Boost Trap

Speed: 7/10

Acceleration: 5/10

Strength: 10/10

SFSB Tail Strike.png
Tail Strike
SFSB Tail Spring.png
Tail Spring
SFSB Tail Strike.png
Tail Strike


You're the antithesis of "look before you leap".

Jewel the Beetle, Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2019

Heroic, optimistic, and just as fearless as Sonic the Hedgehog, Tangle is scrappy and loves to tangle with bad guys.[7][41] Not intimidated by danger in the slightest, she has a thirst for adventure and excitement and craves new challenges for herself.[11][19] As such, she is capable of heading into mortal peril and face deadly odds, all while wearing a smile on her face and having the time of her life.[13][14] However, her desire for adventures makes her reckless and prone to jump head-first into danger without a care in the world.[19] She can also be somewhat careless in battle, like using her tail in a way that gets it injured and getting so caught up in her own excitement that she forgets to watch out for enemies.[12]

Tangle excitedly recalling her past adventures, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #1.

Tangle is loud, extroverted, and easily excitable, but also friendly, polite, helpful and open. While having seen and overcome her own fair share of challenges in the form of Badniks, she is a novice heroine and the world still continues to amaze her. As such, she has seen little of the more outlandish subjects that exist out in the world, like a pyrokinetic princess from another dimension who guards fiery Emeralds. While such signs tend to leave her speechless, she is nonetheless quick to be amazed by them. Whenever she sees or reflects on something exciting, she tends to get starry-eyed.[12][15][19] When reacting to a sudden sound or event, the hairs on her tail stand up.[10][20][30]

Because of her outings with Sonic and other heroes, Tangle grew bored of her life at home in Spiral Hill Village, and would grow hyperactive staying there since she could not stand the peace and quiet, eager to see the world and experience dangerous adventures. At the same time however, she admitted to Jewel that she was both paranoid and nervous about leaving her home behind, as the village would be left defenseless without her and that she would not have anyone to watch her back. Despite her newfound boredom, she remains loyal to her hometown and has gone through with staying when necessary and ensuring its safety despite how she felt and eagerly returning to it after long adventures.[19]

Possessing a strong sense of justice, Tangle is more than willing to aid her friends in any way that she can, even when she is denied. This was shown when she persisted on helping Whisper out in bringing down Mimic, even though the lone wolf rejected her pleas to aid her, a trait of which caused Whisper to note that Tangle could not be discouraged. Notably, Tangle will try to convince her friends at all costs to help them and prove his skills. Her lack of discouragement is similarly accompanied by a strong sense of hope. It was particularly shown when Tangle got infected with the Metal Virus, where she kept fighting Zombots with an optimistic attitude and even bolstered a despondent Sonic's spirits, as Sonic inspired her to never give up and never lose hope, despite knowing she did not have long before becoming a Zombot herself.[19][20][25]

Tangle has a bit of a mischievous side to her. When she played cards with Silver, she would deliberately try to mess with him while using her tail to peek at his cards.[13] Tangle also has a bit of an ego. For example, after finding out that some local children started a Sonic Fan Club, she told them they should make a Tangle Fan Club instead.[17]

Powers and abilities

Tangle using her tail in battle, from Sonic the Hedgehog #4.

Tangle's main draw is a highly prehensile tail that she can use and manipulate in various ways as if it was a third arm for a variety of situations. In practice, her tail can whip, snap, grip, curl, and even make a hand to form a fist with.[7][41] In addition, her tail can extend and contract at will like a rubber band, thus allowing her to wield it as a rope, a bungee cord, a slingshot, or even a pully for herself.[12] By curling it up like a coil, Tangle can also use her tail like a spring to bounce around and can even use this same method of wrapping her tail around someone or something to subdue them.[11][21] It also has enough strength to dent Badnik armor with a single strike.[12]

Physically, Tangle is very fit and agile, possessing the same level of athleticism as Sonic the Hedgehog.[41] According to Mimic, she has some combat skills as well, and with proper training, she could be a formidable opponent.[21]


Tangle appears to suffer from claustrophobia, causing her to panic when enclosed within small spaces. Her phobia is so severe that the resulting panic has caused her to pass out in the past.[10]

Tangle's main tool for combat, her own tail, can be exploited against her in many different ways, the most common of which is her opponents grabbing it to make her hit herself or use it to their advantage to slam her into the environment.[21][37]


Jewel the Beetle

Tangle and Jewel have been best friends since their childhood. Jewel would always be there to look out for Tangle and make sure she did not fall into perilous danger. Tangle has become very grateful for Jewel's friendship as she feels lonely without her. Tangle also gets very worried when Jewel is in trouble, especially when she is not in the village, becoming frantic when the beetle was kidnapped by the Babylon Rogues and later when she was infected with the Metal Virus.[11][19]

Tangle would also join the Restoration just because of Jewel in order to show that he wanted to support her. As time passed, however, she realized that she was rarely able to see Jewel, and that she did not like working in the organization.[32] Ultimately, Tangle decided to leave it. Though she quickly regretted speaking too quickly about her departure with enthusiasm, Jewel respected Tangle's choice and understood that she did not thrive in the organization.[30][40]

Sonic the Hedgehog

Tangle and Sonic facing numerous Egg Pawns, from Sonic the Hedgehog #4.

Tangle has been described as a "kindred spirit" to Sonic the Hedgehog, namely their skill and enjoyment in battling Badniks, the confidence they share in battle, their shared optimism, and their common desire for adventure and excitement. Even after meeting for the first time, the two were able to synchronize with each other in their battle against multiple enemies, including battling together alongside Blaze, who Tangle had only just met during said battle. Although their personalities seem to differ slightly, their enjoyment in fighting is something that they share together.[41]

Tangle loves going on various adventures with Sonic and tries to go with him whenever she has the opportunity.[32] At the same time, he believes in Sonic's decisions, believing that he will always be able to save the world. Tangle also learned to never give up from him.[25]

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tangle first met Tails during their fight against Neo Metal Sonic. They started out as good allies and slowly developed into having a brother-sister relationship. Tangle has been continuously impressed by Tails' intellect and has thus been trusting of his various endeavors and inventions. As such, she feels that he has a solution for every problem and can be relied on in every situation. She has also been supportive of Tails emotionally, such as when she checked up on him after Sonic disappeared not sure if he was pretending to be lonely in front of her. When Tails told her of his belief that Sonic would definitely return like he always does however, Tangle understood why Sonic chose friends Tails for himself and openly praised Tails for his faith. Tails has likewise been appreciative of Tangle and has shown similar care towards her, evident when he said he would hate to see more of Eggman's robots target her hometown.[13][18][21][22][30]

Whisper the Wolf

Tangle reunites with Whisper and her Wisps, from Sonic the Hedgehog #29.

Tangle and Whisper are quite the polar opposites; where Tangle is loud and perpetually excited, Whisper is quiet and reserved. Nevertheless, they enjoy each other's company and ultimately became best friends. They first met on the battlefield during the battle for Angel Island where Tangle was amazed at Whisper's skill.[13][14][15] The latter would even speak to her afterward and allegedly told her a joke.[16] Tangle liked Whisper so much in fact that Tangle invited her to her village and gave her an enthusiastic tour. At first, Whisper preferred to keep her distance from Tangle, keeping her from getting hugged or placed in the spotlight with her.[11] This was because Whisper didn't want to lose another friend.[20] Despite this, Tangle was very open towards her problems and wanted to help Whisper out at all costs. Even when Whisper ordered her to leave, Tangle persuaded her to share her past with her. After coming understand Whisper's pain, Tangle decided to help bring Whisper peace and avenge her friends among the Diamond Cutters that Mimic betrayed, at all cost.[20] Since then, the two have have become extremely close, to the point Whisper explodes with anger and despair upon learning that Tangle became a Zombot.[25] After Tangle was returned to normal, Whisper lunged at her, touched.[28]

Whisper enjoys Tangle's kind heart and her eagerness to make new friends. Tangle simply enjoys new friends regardless of their personalities and Whisper is no different. She appreciates Whisper's bravery and her initiative to look out for others. Due to her shy nature, Whisper does not like being put on the spot by Tangle, finding it a bit insensitive on her side. Whisper initially preferred it when Tangle did not invade her personal space with hugging, but after growing closer together, she has opened up more to the idea and has even been the one to hug her first. When Tangle was infected with the Metal Virus, she knew Whisper would be hurt and sent Sonic to apologize for her. Since Tangle was the closest to Whisper, she took it the hardest after Whisper left the Restoration to pursue Mimic after he had broken out of prison. This led to Tangle becoming unusually depressed, remaining in a funk for days afterward.[11][19][20][25][38] Eventually, Tangle made the decision to join Whisper, prompting her to leave Jewel and the Restoration.[40]

As the one Whisper is closest to, Tangle acts as a confidante of sorts to her and is usually the one to calm her if she is angered. She convinced Whisper not to kill Mimic in cold blood and to give the Babylon Rouges a chance since they helped save the world from the Metal Virus.[21][30]


Tangle found an enemy in Mimic due to how he hurt Whisper, whom she considered a friend. Despite of all the evil he had committed however, Tangle tried to convince Mimic of the error of his ways by showing him videos of his old comrades from the Diamond Cutters praising him for his aid. However, when she heard that only Mimic cared about rewards and considered the Diamond Cutters as a means to an end, Tangle got mad at him and called him out for being "the worst." However, she did not believe in killing Mimic, reasoning that it would be a far worse fate for him to be imprisoned and knowing that he had lost to Whisper. Tangle is also cheeky towards Mimic despite knowing how dangerous he can be.[21]

Belle the Tinkerer

Tangle comparing tails with Belle, from Sonic the Hedgehog #37.

Belle is a rookie at the Restoration that Tangle during her membership of the organization. Tangle came to her rescue during an accident on her first day of work at the Restoration and helped integrate her into the crew. Tangle herself quickly became friends with Belle after relating to how Belle's tail also had a strange ability, which Tangle qualified as "weird." After that, she named them "weird tail buddies." She subsequently provided Belle with companionship by sharing her thoughts with her and encouraging her not to give up despite her rough start.[32] Tangle briefly became suspicious of Belle when she was outed as a Badnik, but ultimately chose to trust her, convinced that she was good no matter what she was or where she came from.[33] When Belle later had an emotional breakdown after losing hope at reforming Dr. Eggman, Tangle consoled her.[35]

Tangle and Belle have since their introduction come care for each other, especially in difficult emotional situations. Belle is comforted by Tangle's optimism and over-confidence in spite of all her own awkwardness,[32] although she did once threaten to dismantle the lemur's bicycle if she told anyone about Belle's squeaky nose. The two girls also show concern for each other's safety: Belle feared for Tangle's when the latter prepared to rescue Sonic and co. from Eggman's test chambers, and Tangle was likewise distraught when Belle was kidnapped by Dr. Starline.[34][37] When Tangle found Belle amid a wildfire with a Motobug and a burnt hand, her first instincts were to protect her friend and bandage the injury.[39]





"Hey! Wisps! We've got a mission! Let no Eggman crony-robot otherwise-sleep well tonight! Because Tangle and Whisper are on the case! And we've got a whole wave of Wisps backing us up!"
—Tangle announcing a new adventure, Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #1
"AIR! Don't care if it smells like burning!"
—Tangle after she and Whisper barely avoided being blown up, Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #2


  • Tangle was first teased as an obscured silhouette in a piece of artwork on Facebook that featured her and Sonic. This image was first revealed five days prior to the release of the first four issues' solicitations for the Sonic the Hedgehog comics. The image was updated regularly to show more of the silhouette, up until her complete unveiling on 24 January 2018.[42]
  • Tangle was the first character exclusive to the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series that was revealed to the public.
  • Along with Whisper, Tangle is the first comic-exclusive character to appear in a Sonic game, with these being Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.
    • According to Ian Flynn, this is because Sega fully owns the characters from the IDW comic series, thus making it possible to use them in games.[43]
  • Kazuyuki Hoshino has stated that he loves both Tangle and Whisper and that he found it fun to team up with the IDW team to help create them.[44]


Concept artwork

Trading Cards







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