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I must bring this up, since I have to, but I was(and still am) a Member of the Creepypasta Wiki, and I must bring up the Tails Doll Curse topic.

This Story revolves around two characters, Gil and Noah. The duo got a haunted copy of Sonic R, and when they got home, they played the haunted game. Here is a few effects:

  • The title screen did not have Sonic and Knuckles, only the Tails Doll.
  • The Song "Can you feel the sunshine" was playing backwards when starting a race
  • They got Super Sonic after the first race.

After Playing a bit of Sonic Adventure 2, the doorbell rang and they opened it to reveal a bloodied Tails doll. Gil washed it off and laid it on the kitchen table, and after a tag race, the Tails Doll came to life and killed of Gil and Noah.

So that's it. But this is the original version.

T-ram-posts-stuff (talk) 15:45, June 30, 2013 (UTC) Tom

I like the original better than Fanon tails doll because he is extremely complex, with complex attitudes and actions, with extremely high obsessions and ambitions, and obsessions have extremely strong bad sides, which causes you to leave others behind so you can have what you want, and even if someone tries to do his best to spoil the obsessions, the obsessive person can freak out and have his character harmed. So original is better

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