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I think we should keep the episode video on the article, since they are only being released on twitter/social media and won't be shown elsewhere. ~Vera (Message me) 21:15, March 30, 2018 (UTC)

Well, it is just because there is no other episode article out there that has videos. We had once, but we had them removed, and I don't see a reason to break that tradition.Ultrasonic9000 (talk) 21:18, March 30, 2018 (UTC)
The reason we don't put videos in episode articles is they were originally aired on TV and putting them on here would be in a way supporting copyright infringement. This new series should be an exception, since they are uploaded to YouTube for everyone to see. SilverPlays97 (Wall) (Contributions) 21:30, March 30, 2018 (UTC)
That is what I was thinking. We can't start legal problems with this if it's already free. DeCool99 (talk) 22:06, March 30, 2018 (UTC)
I'm gonna have to agree with Veralann, DeCool and SilverPlays. The reason why SB episodes are not placed here is because they were given to TV channels under license from Sega, so only those episodes can be aired and viewed for free on THOSE TV channels, and not on the Wikia as we do not have the license for that. SMA differs from this for two reasons: Sega deliberately released it for free viewing unlike the SB episodes and secondly, Youtube has the viewing release license for SMA. So long as the Sonic Wikia does not convert this format and change it to anything but what it originally was (A youtube hosted video) there should be no legal issues. In addition, the video embed features Youtube Support: i.e we are only diverting and linking the source of the video to where it is hosted (Youtube) and we actually keep none of the material on the site: Just mirror links. The License still remains with Youtube and has not been changed. This is why you still get ads when you view a Youtube-imbedded video on any Wikia site if it is monetized. Otherwise it would not appear. This should be 100% legally ok.
NotLessOrEqual (talk) 13:10, April 16, 2018 (UTC)
I am with NotLessOrEqual as well, SEGA has an authorize for these videos. If we tried to put them in, our tails are shaved until they're furless and we are thrown into the prison for doing that. So just let it go. FredCat 14:13, April 16, 2018 (UTC)
Fred, NLoE is in favour of keeping the video. The only reason we don't have full episodes of other Sonic animated series' is because of copyright issues, there's no such issue here as the episodes are uploaded for free. This is the same reason why we've uploaded all of the Sonic Forces comics instead of just uploading preview pages. There is zero copyright issues here as the YouTube videos we have are just embedded; you're still watching the official upload and I'm pretty sure the Sonic YT page still gets the views. Myself 123 16:52, April 16, 2018 (UTC)
Indeed, that's true we got free digital pages of those Sonic Forces issues. But... do we have the full set of pages of those Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW) and/or (Archie Comic)? Don't think so - the only thing we could successfully proceeding on was the preview pages for IDW comics so far. And nothing on Archie Comic, beside some errors and the covers.
Plus, Yu-Gi-Oh! is another thing that provided the copyright, they killed the episodes from "Duel Monster", "GX", "5D's", "ZEXAL", "ARC-V", and even "VRAINS" and keep them off until further notices. The only thing they left alone was the speedy episodes (5 minutes limited, so the user crushed the whole episode into that limit) and full-duel view episodes (like, you cut out all pointless times and keep only the duels within). But that's the points of why we can't have the series of Sonic the Hedgehog that set after Sonic Force focus on Classic Sonic included here.
Also, I am siding with the good guys, such as the admins. Therefore, we shall let SEGA handle the videos, not us. If they had let us put the episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog in here, we had done that age ago. Like back in the time "Sonic the Hedgehog" (cartoon show) had been delivered and we were able to put them here, but we hadn't. So... Let's cut the loop off and settle it nowday! FredCat 17:42, April 16, 2018 (UTC)
Are you even reading what I said? The reason why we only have preview pages for Archie, IDW, etc is because you have to pay to read them, posting the comics in full is paramount to stealing. The Sonic Forces comics were free, so there's no problem with uploading them in their entirety. Same thing applies to Sonic Mania Adventures, it was uploaded on YouTube for free. We haven't even uploaded the video as our own; the video is embedded, which effectively means we're just linking the video. You're still watching the official upload. Only you and Ultrasonic have opposed keeping the video here. Not that it matters, but you're only siding with one admin and opposing two. Myself 123 17:58, April 16, 2018 (UTC)
Corrected; only I, Ultrasonic, and NotLessOrEqual have opposed the video. And if you said so, then you should paying attention to what I said - only IDW gave out the preview pages, Archie Comic gave out none of that but the covers of the issues themselves. Again, I am on Ultrasonic's side, and that's end of the discussion. Any further questions on me in that trying to persuade me away from Ultrasonic's side are useless. I only stated what was on my mind and that's that. FredCat 21:23, April 16, 2018 (UTC)

(resetting indent) NLOE (NotLessOrEqual) did not oppose the video though, and Mania Adventures is free, unlike a paid comic book or series aired on television...~Vera (Message me) 21:30, April 16, 2018 (UTC)

Per Vera, re-read what NotLessOrEqual posted, he's clearly in favour of keeping the video, as I said before. You're wrong, the Archie comics articles have preview pages too, but you're missing the point; the reason why we have the Sonic Forces comics in full is because they're free. Same applies to Sonic Mania Adventures. There is literally no reason to not keep the video up. Myself 123 21:31, April 16, 2018 (UTC)
Whatever, I stand by my word. Unless it's coming from SEGA, they're gone. FredCat 21:33, April 16, 2018 (UTC)
It is coming from Sega. Not that it should matter, considering it is free. Myself 123 21:35, April 16, 2018 (UTC)
Ergo, that's done. So let it go. There are no more battling over about this video's real or fake. No need to dragging this argument on and on. FredCat 22:42, April 16, 2018 (UTC)
I agree with FredCat that this argument has dragged on for too long:
Those in favor in this discussion: 5 (1 User, 4 Administrator/Moderator)
Against: 2 (1 User, 1 Administrator)
The video will be going up unless someone has a justifiable legitimate and objective reason to stop me. NotLessOrEqual (talk) 05:52, April 17, 2018 (UTC)
You guys do realise the video was already on the page and Ultra was already cool with the decision, right? I don't know why this convo continued.DeCool99 (talk) 15:21, April 17, 2018 (UTC)
I was just trying to explain to Fred why it is ok for us to have the video on the page. Myself 123 18:19, April 17, 2018 (UTC)
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