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Hero Shards Question

I have noticed that all Heroes in the roster have "Hero Shard" or whatever, but they are not specify. Like they don't use the same Hero Shards to unlock/upgrade themselves. Such as Amy Rose have her "Hero Shards" with her mugshot on it.

The point is... wouldn't it make the list of unlocking/upgrading them a little less confusion by add the character's name to "Hero Shards"? Such as "Amy's Hero Shards", "Sonic's Hero Shards", and the such? FredCat 13:40, December 1, 2018 (UTC)

New Info

Hiya, I joined to help build information about SEGA Heroes.  I have the information for Skills, Enhancements, and Levels.  I also have the icons for Heroes since a few are needed.  However, my tables on Player Levels and specific Skill Levels are partially complete.  I prefer Discord better.  You can find me there at Ме́филес#9198. Мефилес3 (talk) 23:20, January 22, 2019 (UTC)

Hey there, man. I'll gladly talk about the game with you on Discord. Thanks for your cooperation. DeCool99 (talk) 23:45, January 22, 2019 (UTC)

Hero Level Tables

Can we add the amounts of gold required to increase each hero level?

YoniArousement (talk) 19:53, March 7, 2019 (UTC)

Can we just put all charts and tables that would use the 70 levels in one table.  I would rather not have the page be obtusely long because of seeing the same 70 levels being used for just one more feature in another chart.Мефилес3 (talk) 21:29, March 21, 2019 (UTC)

The reason why I made them separate is because one is for Player Level and the other is for Hero Level. While Player Level enables Hero Level, it does not guarantee skills to be immediately available once that Player Level is reached. Sonic Hog Speed (talk) 14:12, March 22, 2019 (UTC)
Can that not be just put in the description of the table ?  Some tables are long enough as is.  Could also specify Hero Levels needed for Skill  Upgrades in the description if one things that no one will see the increase in Daily Quest Completion Chests.  Мефилес3 (talk) 20:47, March 23, 2019 (UTC)

Skill Descriptions

Does anyone wish for actually in-game Skill Descriptions to be put up ?  I have the data to put it up and seems to be heading in that direction.  This would go for enemies and heroes.  Also to avoid clutter, I believe it best to just put the formula for Power up for that is what is used to calculate Health and Damage per tile.  Then list each Hero's Health to Power Ratio.  Мефилес3 (talk) 08:42, March 13, 2019 (UTC)

Well, I think that would be okay. I can help clean up if it's needed. DeCool99 (talk) 22:55, March 21, 2019 (UTC)

SEGA Heroes wikia?

I just recently know that someone made a wikia. Do we need to link?

Worra Mait Kosit (talk) 09:41, June 20, 2019 (UTC)

The difference really is this page sonic.fandom which I think would generally have less content.  You can ask DeCool about it.  I should bring together the two massive Level Tables and fill in gaps. Мефилес3 (talk) 20:22, December 3, 2019 (UTC)

Announcement Reddit Post

The Sega_Heroes Subreddit was recently set to Private. I might have an archived copy of the Reddit post of the important announcement, though. YoniArousement (talk) 03:58, June 2, 2020 (UTC)

That would be helpful. DECOOL! (talk) 12:05, June 2, 2020 (UTC)
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