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This object exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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The Tailsmobile,[1] also referred to as the Hovercraft,[2] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is the personal hovervehicle of Miles "Tails" Prower and a very treasured creation of his.



The Tailsmobile is very similar to an airboat. A two-seater vehicle, the Tailsmobile has a rectangular and thick black outer rim, a yellow metal coachwork with a single light on the front and a large vertical arch on the rear containing a metal cage with a propeller resembling Tails' twin-tails. The instrument board is made of wood with a couple of measuring needles and a joystick for direction controls. Forming the framework of a canopy over the seats are wooden sticks bound together. For feet, the Tailsmobile has two metal stilts.

Features and abilities

The Tailsmobile's instrument panel.

The Tailsmobile is capable of hovering in midair and can be used for high-speed travel on both the sea and in midair. It also comes equipped with a miniature milkshake automate. While it can be commandeered manually, the Tailsmobile has been fitted with voice-activated controls, although this system has some kinks that cause it to glitch. For example, it has a tendency to pick up incomprehensible vocalizations such as screams and treat them like commands.[3]

In terms of armaments, the Tailsmobile comes equipped with a net cannon which can shoot large nets (complete with suction cups for sticking to surfaces) to trap foes.[4] The Tailsmobile can also be fitted with blasters, enabling it to shoot lasers.[2] Its rear propeller can also be used offensively by producing gusts strong enough to blow enemies away.[5]



Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, the Tailsmobile was used by Tails to brave ice-covered water segments in order to retrieve lost Trading Cards.

TV series

Season one

When it was discovered that Sonic and Eggman had switched brains, Tails used the Tailsmobile to bring the meteor responsible for this to them to reverse the process.[6] The vehicle was later used by Tails when he dropped by Sticks while she was picking beige berries. In an attempt to help Sticks, Tails returned to his workshop in the Tailsmobile to make a baerry harvester.[7] Another time, Tails demonstrated the Tailsmobile's new voice-activated controls to Sonic, only for to drenched the latter in a chocolate shake when it malfunction while trying to fulfill his request for a drink. As Tails then heard a deafening sound when Sonic left to get some towels, his yelp made the Tailsmobile go out of control and drive into a volcano. Fortunately, Sonic got back in time to knock both Tails and the Tailsmobile back on solid ground.[3]

Sonic and Knuckles fooling around with the Tailsmobile.

While goofing off, Sonic and Knuckles used the Tailsmobile's propeller as a high-speed carousel until Sonic had to go return a book. A few minutes later, the Tailsmobile was used by Tails to defeat Eggman's robots when they attacked Sonic.[5] The Tailsmobile was later used in an unorthodox manner by Team Sonic during a heatwave. Using its propeller as a fan, the team hoped to cool down Tails' House with it. Though its fan would blow around everything and everyone inside the house, Team Sonic ultimately found it enjoyable.[8]

Season two

The Tailsmobile was taken for a ride by Tails when Vacuum Bot attacked him and Sonic. Though Vacuum Bot kept the vehicle in place, the robot was soon destroyed by Sonic.[9] Tails later tried using the Tailsmobile's net cannon to capture some Froglodytes in the Unnamed Village, but the toads proved too slippery for the vehicle's net to hold them.[4]

Game appearances

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

The Tailsmobile, from Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, the Tailsmobile (referred to as the Hovercraft) appears in a bonus level on each of the six first islands in the game. Here, the player takes control of a Tailsmobile equipped with blasters that must be sailed to the end of a straight iceberg passage in order to collect a Trading Card before time runs out. Along this passage however, are various obstacles. These include ice bergs that float in different directions and can be destroyed with the Hovercraft's blasters, indestructible mines that will detonate after a short while when approached, and whirlpools that swallow up both obstacles and power-ups and slow down the player.

The remaining time to complete these levels is displayed by the gauge in the top right corner of the screen, and taking damage when hitting obstacles drains it faster. However, the time limit can be increased by collecting power-ups in the form of watches. In gameplay, use the Circle Pad to steer the Tailsmobile, press Snnwiidsxbuttondisco.png to shoot its lasers, and press the R Button to boost its speed.


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