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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Tails in Charge

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"Tails in Charge" is the twenty-fourth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the twenty-fourth episode, it aired as the twenty-sixth episode during the show's original run.





Sonic costumes

  • Chili Dog Inspector
  • Mobius Policeman (used by Tails, but the source of his nickname gave him away)
  • Plumber


The episode starts with Doctor Robotnik completing a machine and proclaiming that he should be given an award for supreme excellency. Scratch asks him if he got that award the week before. Robotnik tells Scratch to think of a better one. He introduces the machine as the "Super Supreme Stopper Zapper". Scratch and Grounder say, "It looks super!", then Robotnik yells at them. He tests the machine on Scratch who changes to stone. Grounder has some fun with him, fiddling around with his parts and tickling his nose. Robotnik unfreezes Scratch (who sneezes because of Grounder tickling his nose), jumps around holding his head (because Grounder hit him on the head) and dripping water (because Grounder squirted him with water). He wonders what happened and Grounder tells him that it was a bad dream. Robotnik literally throws them into the machine, telling them to fetch Sonic by suppertime. They fly out the building through the wall, and Scratch calls Grounder dumb.

Outside, Grounder and Scratch set a trap that includes a sign with a Chili dog on it. Sonic the Hedgehog runs by with Tails, who is on his skateboard. They stop at the sign and Sonic inquires that he has to check it out. Grounder prepares to launch the rock, but an Elvis bird lands on it and begins to dance. Grounder lets go of the slingshot and chases it away, whilst the rock is launched with Grounder on it. Tails and Sonic jump to avoid it, while Grounder crashes into a bigger rock and explodes. Upon smashing into the rock, The Super Supreme Stopper-Zapper starts to fire. Tails warns Sonic to watch out, where Sonic turns and dodges just in time. As the Zapper continues to shoot, Sonic grabs Tails and they fly off. They dodge all the beams and leave the scene. Scratch and Grounder emerge, cursing Sonic. Grounder's phone rings, and the two Badniks answer it, where Robotnik appears on the line. They say that they almost had Sonic, and Robotnik explodes with anger. Scratch inquires that they will do another plan his way. Robotnik threatens to melt them down if they don't catch Sonic.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails begin to hunger, until Tails spots a sign saying "All you can eat Chili Dogs". Tails is excited, but Sonic says its a trap. Tails gets disappointed, but Sonic tells him that he wants the danger, and they head off to the apparent cookout.

Meanwhile, Grounder (who is wearing an "I love Robotnik" apron) listens to Scratch as he explains his plan to zap Sonic. Grounder doesn't understand, to a point where Scratch yells at him that he's as dumb as a rock. Grounder asks, "Metamorphic, Igneous, or Sedimentary?". Scratch names him a made-up rock, and smacks him with it.

Sonic and Tails approach, where the hedgehog orders Tails to stay put. Tails tells him to be careful, but Sonic retorts, and says that he's too fast for them. They high five, and Sonic rushes off. He disguises himself as a chili dog inspector to check the level of chili in their chili dogs, while Scratch and Grounder fall for it. Sonic tells Grounder that his chili isn't hot enough and he will have to close them up. Grounder protests, so Sonic gives him a tin of "Very Hot Chili" that Grounder pours in. He dips a chili dog in and gives it to Sonic. However, Sonic tells him that he's the cook, so he should taste it first. Grounder eats it, and his cheeks inflate and explode with from spiciness. He begins to blow up, while Sonic grabs two normal chili dogs and runs off. Grounder blasts off like a rocket, flies high into the sky, falls back down, and crashes into the ground, leaving a Grounder-shaped hole. He jumps out and rolls away, chased by Scratch on the Super Supreme Stopper-Zapper. It begins to shoot again, so Grounder yells at him to shut it off, to which Scratch says, "I can't! It's stuck!". It continues to shoot at Grounder.

Sonic returns to Tails and gives him a chili dog. Just as Tails is about to eat it, he gives a shout and points behind Sonic. The Zapper is coming right towards them. Sonic and Tails both fly away without the skateboard. Tails pulls free and goes after it, leading Sonic to run after him. Tails grabs his skateboard, and Sonic pushes him away just as the Zapper shoots him, changing him to stone. Tails runs back and tries to save him, but Sonic simply falls over. Tails starts to cry, where Grounder gloats over him, until Scratch joins him. Tails tries to push Sonic away, but Scratch grabs him and tosses him away. The two Badniks fight over who will get their credit. They then begin to do tug-of-war with him. Tails gets to the Zapper, and grabs their attention. Grounder tries to escape, promptly being blasted and changes to stone, but then (due to a mistake of Tails') changes back. Scratch and Grounder chase Tails, who tries to blast them, though he keeps missing. Tails hops on his skateboard, drives over, and picks up Sonic, to the anger of the Badniks. Grounder's phone rings again, and they answer Robotnik again, rather slowly. However, too scared to speak of their mistake, they pass the phone to each other without saying anything into it, to a point where Robotnik is infuriated.

Tails, panting, has pushed Sonic the whole way to the top of a hill. He turns and looks down the hill, and sees that the Badniks are still chasing him. He pushes over a pile of logs that roll down the hill and chase the two Badniks. They get squished while Tails escapes with the still-frozen Sonic.

Robotnik appears and floats over Tails. Using a megaphone, he demands Tails to give him Sonic, which Tails ignores. He jumps through a vent, in which Robotnik attempts to follow through. However, due to his obesity, he is unable to do so.

Inside, Tails pushes Sonic on the skateboard around Robotnik's fortress, still being chased by the Badniks. He runs into a dead end down an alley, which the Badniks run right past. Tails spots a door and pulls it open, running through and closing it without the Badniks noticing. Inside, Tails wheels Sonic to an office. He stares sadly at Sonic, and attempts to wake him. It doesn't work, and Tails says that he will do anything to wake him up again. Sonic only falls down, and Tails walks towards the door, peeking outside. He looks out, only to see the Badniks right there; Tails slams the door shut again, leading Scratch and Grounder to crash into the door. They push against the door, but Tails holds fast, refusing to give up. Tails runs over to Sonic, and the Badniks go quiet, returning in a tank attempting to bust the door down. The whole place shakes, and Tails pulls Sonic over to a wardrobe to hide in, until he gets an idea. The Badniks crash down the door and a few machines as well, flying out and hitting the opposite wall. Tails comes over dressed as a police officer. It fools both, but Scratch sees through it after noticing the apparent officers' two tails. Grounder objects to Scratch picking up an officer, and the two argue, giving Tails time to escape. The fox hides again, giving the two Badniks a plan to trap him. Tails follows Grounder around until he has a plan of his own. Grounder creates a chili-dog trap and hides with Scratch. Tails gets the trap to backfire on them while he steals the chili dog they used as bait and escapes. Seeing as his foot is stuck in the trap, Scratch orders Grounder to chase Tails. Grounder does so, but is trapped as well. They lie there for a few moments, until they try and grab Tails again, who activates the second part of his trap. The two Badniks get dumped on a stationary conveyer belt. They refuse to give up just as Grounder's phone rings. They once again inform Robotnik that they still haven't caught Sonic, but will freeze Tails with the Zapper.

Tails fetches Sonic on the skateboard and gets another idea. He polishes up a mirror laying around, where Scratch and Grounder arrive with the Zapper and shoot at a reflection of Tails. The beam hits Sonic, and he changes back, confused of what had happened. Scratch and Grounder are amazed that Sonic's out of the petrification. The hedgehog speeds about too fast for the Badniks to zap him. Sonic bends the Zapper lens to point at itself, because as soon as the Badniks use it, it changes itself to stone. Grounder hits it, making it explode and sending the two flying. Robotnik comes storming in at that moment, where the Badniks land on him. Tails activates a claw that picks up all three of them. He releases them over a crate of Quick-Drying Cement that gets wet from the fire sprinklers due to the Badniks' short circuiting form the cement's dust. They plunge into the cement, and start to splash all around. Sonic and Tails leave the fortress as Robotnik screams, "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!"

Sonic tells Tails that he's proud of him for his actions and they high-five.

Sonic Sez

Scratch and Grounder call at Tails' house, and pretend to sell pizza. Sonic warns Tails never to open the door to strangers. Scratch and Grounder then pretend to be a policeman but get taken away by a real police officer. Tails says he heard them knocking but they can't enter the house.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Le Renard et les Robots The Fox and the Robots
German Der Kälteschlaf The Cold Sleep
Italian Scheggia alla riscossa Tails to the Rescue
Japanese 行きましょう!テックス Let's go! Tails
Persian سونیک سنگی Sonic Stone
Portuguese (Portugal) O Tails Salva O Dia Tails Saves The Day
Spanish (Spain) Tails al mando Tails in command
Spanish (Latin America) Colitas se hace cargo Tails takes over


  • The episode's name is a reference to the 1980s sitcom Charles in Charge.
  • Tails' intelligence is hinted at when he made an elaborate trap.
  • In this episode, Sonic was turned to stone. The same thing happened in the previous episode "Grounder the Genius" though in the previous episode he was rather trapped in stone while here, his molecules are frozen and then he is turned to stone. This was later one of Coconut's spells sold by Wes Weasley in "The Magic Hassle", but in that episode Tails was also turned to stone due to high-fiving/touching Sonic when Coconuts turned him to stone. In this episode, Sonic wasn't aware of being stone, but in "The Magic Hassle", Sonic and Tails both were aware of this.
  • The way Tails propels himself forward on his skateboard is by rotating his twin tails, much like when flying, rather than kicking to push it forward, This is the same way Tails' video game counterpart speeds himself up.
  • The plot synopsis is similar to that of Quest for Pizza from the Super Mario Bros Super Show, another show produced by DIC Entertainment. Both episodes center around the secondary protagonist (Tails and Luigi respectively) as the main protagonists are knocked out or become unresponsive for the majority of the episode because of the villain's weapons (Sonic with the Stopper Zapper and Mario with a poisonous snake). Both of the objectives for the secondary protagonists is to keep their friend safe until they can cure them and involve traps set by the antagonists only to backfire on them completely.