Tails and the Music Maker has eight prototype editions was released for the Sega Pico and were released by drx during the 23 February 2008 proto release.

Prototype List

  • 0601 - Dated 3 June 1994
  • 0608 - Dated 8 June 1994
  • 0623 - Dated 24 June 1994
  • 701B - Dated 2 July 1994
  • 0722 - Dated 22 July 1994
  • 0725 - Dated 26 June 1994
  • 0927 - Dated 27 September 1994
  • 1004 - Dated 5 October 1994
  • Prototype 0608

General Differences

  • No music and no Tails flying on the Pico screen.
  • The title screen has instruments instead of music notes.
  • There is a sound test on the title screen; pressing up and changes the music and pressing left and right changes the sound effects (up to 10 then silent).
  • Some of the music is work in progress such as the firstst page has a telephone style ring on the track and missing instruments on Canon in D.
  • There is a bug on the first page that if Tails moves towards the absolute left or right of the ground and keeps moving, he can moonwalk.
  • Different music on the Stop command in the Green Hill Zone. Also the music doesn't start straight away when you start the level.
  • The Wall of Music minigame (the Breakout clone) starts with four lines instead of one.
  • The musical chairs mini game is only a test with one frog and Tails hopping with a number counter on how many hops have been done.
  • Different Sonic sprite and completely different music on the fifth page instead of reusing the title theme.

Prototype 1004

Boots at 50hz, most likely the European final or a Euro prototype version due to no dump for confirmation.

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