Tails Sky Adventure

Tails Sky Adventure is a handheld LCD game that was released as a McDonald's Happy Meal give away toy offered for a limited time in 2005. In the European release, this game was replaced by Tails Soccer.


Piloting his trusty plane, the Tornado 2, Tails must shoot down as many enemies as possible. After destroying fifteen enemies, Tails will advance to the next level. Should five enemies pass by in one level, the game will end.

Instruction Card Transcript

Sega TAILS SKY ADVENTURE Bring down the enemy ships. Good Luck!

  1. ON/OFF switch on the back side of the game
  2. Push any button to start game.
  3. Move left and right to position your ship in front of enemy ships. Press button to bring down the enemy.
  4. Eliminate fifteen ships to advance a level.
  5. If you collide with an enemy ship, you lose a play. If five ships pass you in a level, you lose a play. If you lose all of your plays, the game is over.
  6. After you complete all the levels, you win the game. The character and strikes will flash, and a winning sound will play. To play again, press any button.


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