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The Tails Save is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a type of power-up akin to 1-Ups.


Tails Saves are large balloons that resemble Tails' head. Unlike the real Tails though, the Tails Saves are rounder with shorter hair bangs and black-colored eyes, being closer in resemblance to Classic Tails.


In Sonic Colors: Ultimate, Tails Saves appear as collectable items in the game's Acts. In gameplay, they serve as a replacement of the original game's life system. The counter for the amount of Tails Saves the player is presented in the upper left corner of the HUD, replacing the life counter in a place of a Sonic icon from Sonic Colors. A Tails Save is automatically spent whenever the player falls into a bottomless pit. When a Tails Save is used, rather than respawning from the beginning of an Act, starting over from last Star Post touched, or getting a game over, Tails will come in, pick up Sonic and put him back in his last known location.[1]

Worth noting is that, when a Tails Save is used, the player will retain all their Rings and Red Star Rings, though both of these, along with Wisp Capsules, will still respawn in the Act, even if they have been collected before. This allows the player to easily farm points, as they can collect Rings and Red Star Rings, lose a Tails Save, and repeat the process.

Tails Saves do not work if the player loses a try by taking damage. In addition, they do not work if Sonic loses a try near a respawn point or at certain sections, such as the roller coasters in the Asteroid Coaster. In these cases, the player will not spend Tails Saves and will instead respawn at the start of the Act or at the last Star Post touched. Also worth noting is that, when the player runs out of Tails Saves, Sonic will respawn at the aforementioned sections, regardless of whether or not he fell into a bottomless pit.


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