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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Tails Prevails

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This is the Transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Tails Prevails".

[The episode begins in the desert as the sun sets. The sky grows dark, and Sonic is seen outrunning the giant shadow, with Tails flying behind him.]

Sonic: Yeah, faster than the speed of night!
Tails: Whee! It's still today!
Sonic: Hey!

[Sonic screeches to a halt, and Tails lands next to him.]

Sonic: I just realized! My birthday's this tuesday!
Tails: That's only three days away!

[The sky grows dark, and crickets chirp as Sonic looks up in confusion.]

Tails: Well, two days away now!
Sonic: Wow, I can hardly wait!

[As Sonic talks to Tails, he gears up to run and points upwards with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Let's head for Sky city! They really know how to throw a party; music, food, and tons of presents!

[Sonic runs away.]

Tails: Presents? Oh, no! What am I gonna get Sonic?

[Before Tails can think of anything, Sonic runs back and grabs Tails' right arm with his left hand.]

Sonic: Let's speed, keed!

[Sonic runs away, pulling Tails along.]

Tails: Whoa!

[A zoom-in is used at a transition to the next scene, which shows an overhead view of Sky City, which is revealed to be many floating cubes connected to each other by bridges, with buildings and trees atop them. A pink, one-eyed, three-legged creature is seen reading a newspaper as he stands next to a grey human in a white shirt and blue pants near a bus stop sign. The camera moves over to Tails, who is walking across the sidewalk with both his hands behind his back.]

Tails: It's almost Sonic's birthday, and I don't have a present for him yet!

[Tails looks inside the window next to him, which is revealed to have a toy car, a jack-in-the-box, a toy robot, a toy rocket, and a toy van with missiles atop it.]

Tails: Sonic's my best buddy, too! He deserves something great! Somehow I gotta get some money!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Tails is in the front yard of a green house, raking leaves.]

Tails: If I get this yard cleaned, Mr. Bradley will pay me ten Mobiums. I can buy Sonic a real great present with that!

[Tails rakes the leaves into a pile, then begins to sweat.]

Tails: This is hot work!

[Tails wipes the sweat off his head with his right hand. He then snaps the fingers on that same hand.]

Tails: But I know how to make it a breeze!

[Tails walks over to the other side of the leaves and tosses the rake aside. He spins his tails and blows the leaves away, like a leaf blower.]

Tails: Nothing to it!

[The leaves fly into the yard of a Stork Citizen.]

Stork Citizen: Hey, you kid!

[Tails turns his attention to the Stork Citizen.]

Tails: Huh?

[The Stork Citizen points to the leaves in his front yard with his left thumb.

Stork Citizen: I spent all morning raking them leaves off my lawn! Get em' off!
Tails: Uh, yes, Sir. Now I have two lawns to do. Oh, well! I guess I'm just gonna have to blow them harder!

[Tails spins his tails again, this time faster.]

Tails: Faster! I gotta go faster!

[Wind from Tails' tails blows at the Stork Citizen, and leaves fly by him, one of which hits him in the face. Suddenly, Tails has created a tornado from his tails.]

Tails: Oh, no! I can't stop!

[The camera moves up to the top of the tornado, which spins towards the Stork Citizen and sucks him up.]

Stork Citizen: Hey, put me down! Ho ho! Help!

[Tails is now revealed to be caught in his own tornado.]

Tails: Help, Sonic!

[The tornado spins out of control. Sonic is at a hot dog stand that says, Chili! and is run by a Turtle Vendor. Sonic is holding a chili dog in his left hand and is about to eat it, but before he can, he turns his attention to Tails.]

Sonic: Wha?

[Sonic sees the tornado Tails created.]

Sonic: Uh-oh! Tornado!

[Sonic runs away, leaving the chili dog behind. The Turtle Vendor catches the chili dog with the tongs he is holding in his right hand and eats it. Sonic runs towards Tails' tornado.]

Sonic: Gotta create a counter-force!

[Sonic runs up to the tornado and spins in the opposite of its direction, causing the tornado to die down. Tails and the Stork Citizen grunt as they land on the ground. Sonic then walks up to Tails and glares at him angrily. Tails hides his right hand behind his back and holds out his left one.]

Tails: I didn't do it on purpose, Sonic! Honest! I was just trying to make some money!
Sonic: Money? What for?

[Tails now has both his hands behind his back.]

Tails: Something personal. I can't tell you!
Sonic: Look, I could loan you some money.

[Tails holds out both his hands like stop signs.]

Tails: No, that wouldn't be right!

[Tails hides both his hands behind his back again.]

Tails: You gotta let me do this, Sonic!

[Sonic points at Tails with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Okay, but be careful, you hear me?

[Tails' tails swipe across the screen, transitioning to the next scene, where Tails is walking across the street with a mail bag in his right arm, and a newspaper in his right hand.]

Tails: A paper route! I don't know why I didn't think of this before!

[As Tails continues talking, he tosses the newspaper near the front door of a house he passes by.]

Tails: This should be no trouble! Just to the end of the street and I... whoa!

[Tails turns the street corner, and the camera moves over to the other side of the street.]

Tails: This is gonna take forever! It's not fair! Sonic would do this in a second! Hey, that gives me an idea!

[Tails flies into the air, and reaches into the mail bag with both his hands. He tosses newspapers out of it to the houses on each side.]

Tails: It's hard to aim at this speed! Oops!

[Tails tosses two newspapers at the same time.]

Tails: Oh, no!

[Both newspapers crash through separate windows. Another one crashes through an upstairs window of a purple house. The camera moves down to the Rat Citizen below, who growls. The other citizens walk angrily up to Tails and grumble unintelligibly.]

Male Citizen: Okay,
Female Citizen: What's going on here?

[Tails looks back at the angry citizens.]

Tails: Uh-oh! Better put this speed to good use!

[Tails flies away, leaving his mail bag behind. Sonic is now at the same hot dog stand and is about to eat another chili dog he is holding in his right hand, when Tails flies away, with an angry mob chasing him and grumbling unintelligibly.]

Sonic: Uh-oh! Not again!

[Sonic runs away, once agan leaving the chili dog he was about to eat behind. The Turtle Vendor catches the chili dog and eats it. Tails gasps, then grunts as he bumps into a billboard that says, Sky Cola in cursive letters. As he falls down, Sonic grabs him by his right hand with his own right hand.]

Sonic: Surf's up, slow-mos! Gotta blow!

[An orange citizen in a teal sweater with a purple ring around his head shakes his right fist angrily. Sonic stops at a street corner and set Tails down.

Sonic: What on Mobius was all that about, Tails?

[Tails hides both his hands behind his back again.]

Tails: I'm sorry, Sonic! It won't happen again! I promise!

[Tails points down with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Are you trying to make some money to do something for me?
Tails: Uh...
Sonic: Look, doing something for a pal doesn't need money.

[As Sonic continues talking to Tails, he puts his right hand over his back.]

Sonic: What I really want is to have you safe.

[Sonic runs away. Tails puts both his hands behind his back and walks away sadly in the opposite direction.]

Tails: Maybe Sonic's right. But how am I gonna get a present for free?

[Tails stops when he reaches the Sky City Dump.]

Tails: City dump, huh? Hmmm.... maybe!

[Tails runs into the dump, and the camera cuts to the top of a pile of junk. It then moves down to the bottom, where Tails finds an old bicycle tire.]

Tails: Wheels! That's a good start, but what else!

[Tails pulls on the bicycle frame with both his hands, and when he gets it out, the pile of junk falls atop him. Tails pulls himself out of the pile and three birds can be seen flying around him, chirping.]

Tails [wearily]: Wings, that's it!

[Tails runs up to a pile of junk, carrying the bicycle frame in both his hands. He sets it down, then runs away. He is now revealed to be holding an eggbeater in his left hand and spinning it with his right. He then runs to another pile of junk and picks up an umbrella with both his hands. He opens it, and it folds in. He then runs up to the other pile of junk and puts the umbrella in it. He then runs away, then back to it, holding a brake pedal in his right hand, which he sets down in the pile. He then runs up to a tire and picks it up with his right hand. He then runs away again, and the sound of drilling and sawing can be heard as the camera zooms in on the junk pile. Tails is now holding blueprints in both his hands and looks over them.

Tails: Now, let's see.

[A drawing of a hover-hanglider is shown, and Tails' name is written three times. Sonic's name is written under a drawing of him.]

Tails: Now, I connected that to there, right, and I did that. Darn, it still doesn't look right!

[Tails' hover-hang glider is shown. Tails then rolls up the blueprints and carries them in his right arm.]

Tails: Oh, well. I hope Sonic likes it.

[Tails' tails swipe across the screen again, transitioning to the next scene, which takes place at Sonic's birthday party. Two citizens are seen holding balloons that say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC, and two more are seen hitting a piñata that resembles Dr. Robotnik. They all laugh as the camera moves over to Sonic and Tails, who are standing next to a giant cake and under a banner that says, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC!!.]

Sonic: Wow, Tails! You shouldn't have! What is it?
Tails: Wait and see!

[Sonic jumps excitedly.]

Sonic: Wait? Oh, I hate that!

[Scratch and Grounder are seen behind the bushes, with a silver box that has many buttons on it between them. Scratch points at Sonic with his right index finger.]

Scratch: Look, Grounder, Sonic's having a party, and he forgot to invite us!
Grounder: Oh, well, I guess we'll just have to crash it!
Scratch: Yeah, we'll give him the gift that keeps on giving; an all-expense-paid trip to Robotnik's dungeons! Activate the Swipper Nappers!

[Scratch and Grounder press various buttons on the box with the former's left index finger, and the latter's right drill. The box opens and its lid hits Grounder on his head.]

Grounder: Ow!

[Many Swipper Nappers fly out. The citizens stare at them and scream. A citizen in a white shirt and blue pants runs away, and screams as one of the Swipper Nappers picks him up by the back of his shirt. Three more chase another citizen in a red shirt and blue pants. Another citizen with red hair, glasses, and a green shirt and pants, screams as another Swipper Napper chases him, bites him on the butt, and flies away. Two more citizens scream as an army of flying chattering teeth chase them. Sonic points up with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Hey! I didn't order any false teeth for this party!
Tails: Sonic, look out!

[Tails points up with his right index finger. A Swipper Napper flies towards him and Sonic. Sonic jumps up to it and spins, breaking it to pieces. He then grabs the propeller with his right hand.]

Sonic: Next time, chopper, don't be so quick to snap at Sonic the hedgehog!

[A citizen in a yellow party hat and blue overalls screams as an army of Swipper Nappers chases him and one bites him on his butt. Sonic tosses the propeller at the Swipper Napper, slicing the propellers off them. Sonic lands, and the camera moves over to two Swipper Nappers, who frighten a citizen with blone hair wearing a pink shirt and purple pants. She screams in fear.]

Female Citizen: No! No!

[Sonic reaches behind his back with his right hand and pulls out a giant magnet. The Female Citizen screams again, until the magnet pulls the two Swipper Nappers away.]

Female Citizen: Phew!

[The two Swipper Nappers follow Sonic, who is holding the giant magnet in both his hands. Scratch then hides behind Grounder and puts both his hands on his shoulder's.]

Scratch: That hedgehog's gonna use the Swipper Nappers against us!

[Scratch puts both his hands on his head.]

Grounder: Let's do the brave thing.

[Scratch and Grounder turn around and gear up to run away.]

Scratch and Grounder: Run away!

[Sonic tosses the giant magnet at Scratch and Grounder with his left hand. It catches them, and they scream in fear. The two Swipper Nappers catch up to them and carry them away.]

Grounder: I think I'm gonna be sick to my stomach.
Scratch: D'oh, we don't have stomachs, you dim-bot!
Grounder: Then I'm gonna be sick to my transmission.

[Sonic is now back to where Tails is.]

Tails: That was great, Sonic!
Sonic: Yeah, it was! Hey, and great heroes deserve a reward! I want to open my present!

[Sonic runs around Tails' present, tearing open the wrapping paper, and revealing the hover-hangglider underneath. He stands atop the driver's seat.]

Sonic: Wow, Tails! Where did you find this awesome thing?

[Sonic puts both his hands on the handlebars.

Tails: I made it!
Sonic: You made it? How does it work?
Tails: I don't know. Give it a try!

[Sonic runs on the hover-hangglider, powering it up.]

Sonic: Yahoo!

[Tails runs after Sonic, waving both his arms in panic.]

Tails: Sonic! Wait! Look out for the...

[Sonic rides the hover-hangglider off a cliff and falls.]

Sonic: Yahoo!

[Tails holds out his right hand in fear.]

Tails: Sonic! Oh, no!

[Tails covers his eyes with both his hands.]

Tails: He's a goner!

[Sonic flies the hover-hangglider back up.]

Sonic: This thing is great! It's a hover-hangglider! Let's go, little bro!

[Sonic pulls Tails up by his left arm with his left hand and sits him down in the passenger seat. They fly above the citizens.]

Sonic: Hey, everyone! Look at my awesome birthday present, made by my own genius buddy, Tails!

[Scratch and Grounder, who are still trapped in the giant magnet, are in a tree branch.]

Scratch: Did you hear that? That little fox brat's a genius at makin' stuff!

[The branch breaks and Scratch and Grounder scream as they fall and grunt as they land with a crash.]

Scratch: We've got to tell Dr. Robotnik!
Grounder: Why? We fall out of trees all the time!
Scratch: D'oh, no, you bolt-brain!

[Scratch smacks Grounder's head with his right hand.]

Grounder: Ouch!
Scratch: About Tails!

[An apple falls, and Grounder grunts as it bounces off his head and lands in Scratch's beak. The screen transitions to a view outside Dr. Robotnik's fortress. Inside, Robotnik is standing next to a podium as he talks to Scratch and Grounder, who are still trapped in the giant magnet.]

Dr. Robotnik: Well, if it isn't the Bungling Bros. Burn-out and Bailing Circus!
Grounder: Oh, boy! The circus! W-wow! W-where? Where?
Robotnik: Never mind! Well, what have you got to report?
Scratch: That fox, Tails, just built Sonic a functional flying machine!
Grounder: Yeah, it even worked, too!

[Scratch stares in shock.]

Robotnik: Really? That's a lot more than I can say for you two!

[Robotnik presses a button on the podium next to him with his right index finger. Scratch and Grounder scream as the launch pad they're standing on ejects them into the air. They grunt as they hit the ceiling, then the giant magnet lands in a hook on a wall, holding them by their heads. Robotnik walks up to them.]

Robotnik: So, Sonic's little friend has a talent for machinery, mmm? Perhaps he could be... useful.
Scratch: But, but how are you gonna get Tails to help you?
Grounder: Yeah! Tails may be a genius, but he's not stupid!
Robotnik: I'll find a way! I'll make him cooperate of his own free will, even if I have to force him!

[Robotnik laughs evilly, and the screen fades to black. The second act begins with a view outside Professor Von Schlemmer's fortress as the camera zooms in on it. In the next scene, which takes place inside the fortress, Sonic is seen talking to Professor Von Schlemmer. Tails, who is now wearing a lab coat, is standing next to him.]

Sonic: Tails gave me a great birthday gift, but it would also be great to have Robotnik on a silver platter!
Tails: Ah, so that's why you want us to build this thing!

[As Professor Von Schlemmer talks to Sonic and Tails, he taps the Robotnik Nabber machine next to him with his left hand twice.]

Professor Von Schlemmer: The Robotnik Nabber will smash through that Nasty's fortress and scoop him right up, ending his reign of terror, once and for some times!

[A view through a telescope of Sonic, Tails, and Von Schlemmer is shown.]

Sonic: And with my genius buddy, Tails helping to build it, there's no way it can fail!

[A view outside Robotnik's Sky Fortress, which is revealed to be a big, grey cube with many satellite dishes, a giant ear, a giant nose, and a telescope sticking out of it, is now shown. The camera zooms in on it, and in the next scene, Robotnik is revealed to be looking out the other end.]

Robotnik: Aha! They've got the little brat holed up in there with that bumbling quack, Professor Von Schlemmer! You two!

[Robotnik points at Scratch and Grounder with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: Make a distraction!
Scratch and Grounder: Aye aye, your sneakiness!

[Scratch and Grounder hit their heads with their right hand and drill, respectively. Scratch loses his balance and he and Grounder scream as they fall out the doorway. They continue screaming as they fall towards a movie theater. Inside, the citizens are watching a movie involving Robotnik and Scratch. The former is holding a laser in his right hand and fires at a building, until Scratch and Grounder fall through the theater and land with a crash. The citizens scream and run out of the theater in fear. Sonic has witnessed this from a window in Von Schlemmer's fortress.]

Sonic: Whoops! Looks like those two badniks just don't know when to quit! I'd better remind them!

[In the next scene, Von Schlemmer is seen standing next to a trap door and holding the lever that opens it in his right hand. Sonic walks up to the trap door.]

Von Schlemmer: Here you are, a direct route down!

[Sonic looks down and Tails walks up to Von Schlemmer.]

Sonic: Great! Way faster than an elevator!

[A rope ladder unrolls to the ground below.]

Tails: Go get em', Sonic!
Sonic: You betcha! Gotta speed, keed!

[Sonic runs down the rope ladder. Robotnik has witnessed this through the telescope in his fortress.]

Robotnik: That gets rid of that pesky hedgehog! Now then, a bit of disguise!

[A view through Robotnik's telescope of Von Schlemmer and Tails, the former of whom is waving both his arms, is shown. Robotnik presses the button on the telescope with his right hand, revealing it to be a camera, as it dispenses a photo of Von Schlemmer. Robotnik then takes the photo out of the dispenser with his right hand.]

Robotnik: I always knew this camera scope would come in handy one day!

[Robotnik steps on the photo with his right foot, then his left. He grunts as he uses both his hands and feet to stretch the photo out to his size, until it somehow disguises him as Von Schlemmer.]

Robotnik: Aha! Now, with my Rocket Pack, I'll zoom over there and grab that ladder!

[Robotnik picks up his rocket pack with his left hand and puts it on his back with both hands. He presses the red button on the left thruster with his right index finger, starting it up. He flies towards Von Schlemmer's fortress and grabs the rope ladder, which swings him about and smacks him against the ceiling.]

Robotnik: Ow!

[In the next scene, smoke emits from the movie theater as Scratch and Grounder walk out of it, coughing and sneezing violently. Sonic, who is wearing a fire helmet and holding a siren in his right hand, which he blares with his left, runs up to them.]

Sonic: Clear the area! Clear the area! This zone is too hot for bots!

[Grounder gasps and points at Sonic with his left drill.]

Grounder: It's the hedgehog!

[Scratch points at Sonic with his right index finger.]

Scratch: Grab him!

[Scratch and Grounder pounce at Sonic, who moves out of the way. Scratch and Grounder grunt as they swat at the air, then Scratch looks down and squawks.]

Scratch: Not agai-a-aha-ain!

[Scratch and Grounder scream as they fall to the ground below.]

Sonic: Awww, wittwe wobots faww down, go boom!

[Scratch and Grounder try to pull themselves out of the crater below.]

Grounder: Hey, get off, you're standing on my radiator!
Scratch: D'oh, I can't move! Your gearbox is in my crank shaft!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place in Von Schlemmer's fortress. Von Schlemmer is holding an empty test tube in his left hand and one with a purple liquid in his right. He pours the liquid into the empty test tube as Robotnik reaches the top of the trap door. As soon as he climbs out, Von Schlemmer turns around and screams when he sees him.]

Von Schlemmer: Oh, heh, it's only a mirror.

[Von Schlemmer puts both his hands on his hair.]

Von Schlemmer: Oh! I look awful!

[Von Schlemmer grabs Robotnik's wig with both his hands and messes it about.]

Von Schlemmer: Ah, that's better.

[Robotnik reaches into his right pocket with his right hand and pulls out a gun.]

Robotnik: Ah! Enough games!

[Robotnik fires a rope at Von Schlemmer.]

Robotnik: Now I'm going to lock you in a closet and take your place!

[Von Schlemmer is revealed to be tied up in the rope.]

Von Schlemmer: Ha! I don't have a closet!
Robotnik: Then I guess I'll have to push you out the ladder hole!

[Von Schlemmer jumps upon hearing this.]

Von Schlemmer: Oh, wait! Heh heh.

[Von Schlemmer turns to face the closet behind him.]

Von Schlemmer: You mean this closet.

[Von Schlemmer opens the door with his left hand. Robotnik walks up to him and Von Schlemmer is about to walk into the closet, but Robotnik pushes him in with his right hand and shuts the door with the same hand. He then reaches into his right pocket with the same hand, pulls out a key, and locks the door with it. Robotnik is now at the trap door and pulls the rope ladder out with both his hands. Tails is now holding a box of machine parts in both his hands.]

Tails: Professor, I found the dinglehoppers you wanted! Hey, you've gained weight!
Robotnik [in a faux accent]: Eh, it's simply your imagination, my dear boy. Now let's see what we have here.

[Robotnik walks up to the Robotnik Nabber machine. Tails follows behind him, holding a piece of paper in both his hands.]

Robotnik [in a faux accent]: Aha! No good at all! We need more weapons, more aggressiveness, lasers, stun gas, nets, and above all, more speed!

[Tails looks at his piece of paper, then at the Robotnik Nabber. He then runs up to Robotnik.]

Tails: Professor, do you feel okay? You look all bloated and ugly!

Robotnik [in a faux accent]: No time for chatter, boy! Fetch me two dozen whatsits, and a matrix wrench, now! [Tails nods his head, "Yes", then walks away. Robotnik then rubs his right hand with his left.]

Robotnik: This machine will be the perfect tool to nail Sonic with, and best of all, his own little friend will help me do it!

[Robotnik laughs evilly. Meanwhile, Sonic walks back up to where the other end of the rope ladder would normally be.]

Sonic: Hey, where's the ladder? Hey! How bout' a lift?

[The camera moves up to Von Schlemmer's fortress. Robotnik peers out of one of the windows, holding an electric anvil in both his hands.]

Robotnik [in a faux accent]: No, how bout' a drop?

[Robotnik drops the electric anvil, which's shadow looms over Sonic. Sonic moves out of the way, dodging it before it hits the ground.]

Sonic: Hmmm. The Professor would never waste a piece of expensive machinery! Somethin's up, and I'm gonna get to the bottom of it!

[Sonic runs away, and in the next scene, he is revealed to be riding his hover-hangglider.]

Sonic: Or maybe I should get to the top of it! Tails' new invention is really useful!

[Sonic flies his hover-hangglider towards Von Schlemmer's fortress, when a cannon appears from it and shoots green slime at him.]

Sonic: Yikes!

[Sonic flies his hover-hangglider under the slime, dodging it.]

Sonic: Someone's activated the Professor's security system! I'm goin' in!

[Sonic reaches down with his right hand. He picks up a red helmet and puts it on his head, then he flies his hover-hangglider down towards the roof of Von Schlemmer's fortress, in a nod to a scene from Star Wars Episode IV. He dodges the green slime that fires at him.]

Sonic: Whoa!

[Sonic presses the red button on his hover-hangglider with his left index finger.]

Sonic: "There's the air gate! Autopilot engaged! Fire away!

[Sonic jumps off his hover-hangglider and into the air gate.]

Sonic: Whoa!

[A view of the pipes is shown as Robotnik is revealed to be holding one and positions it to the air vent. Sonic can now be seen falling through the pipe.]

Sonic: Whoa!

[Sonic falls out of the air vent and flaps his arms in panic.]

Sonic: Whoa!

[Sonic leans back and his quills get caught in the air grate.]

Sonic: Ow! Phew! Being a hedgehog has its points.

[Sonic jumps onto the platform above. In the next scene, Tails and Robotnik are standing next to the new and improved Robotnik Nabber.]

Robotnik [in a faux accent]: And now, we'll add a tractor ray, to slow down his blasted little fast feet!
Tails: Are you kidding? Robotnik's not fast! He's a slow, stinky old watermelon!

[Robotnik turns purple with offense.]

Robotnik [in a faux accent]: Let me just test this here.

[Robotnik presees a button on the Robotnik Nabber with his left index finger. Tails gasps as the Robotnik Nabber's left arm grabs him.]

Tails [wearily]: It works fine, professor!
Robotnik: Good!

[Back outside the fortress, Sonic jumps onto another platform and sighs angrily as he taps his right foot impatiently. He then runs and jumps across more platforms.]

Sonic: You only live once, and I live fast!

[Sonic reaches the window shutters and grabs them with both his hands, but they don't budge.]

Sonic: I thought this would be an open and shut job!

[Tails walks up to the other side of the window shutters. Sonic knocks on them, and Tails notices this.]

Sonic: Hey, open up in there!
Tails: Sonic?

[Tails walks up to the window shutters and pushes them open with both his hands.]

Sonic: Oof!

[Tails looks around, then down. The camera moves down to Sonic, who is hanging from a ledge by his left hand with a bruised nose.]

Sonic: Ouch.
Tails: Sonic,

[Sonic looks up and stares angrily at Tails.]

Tails: What are you hangin' around there for?
Sonic: Never mind! Just get me a rope before...

[Sonic looks up and screams as his eyes pop out of his head. Tails screams as he sees Robotnik drop a barbell. It falls past Sonic, causing him to lose his grip on the ledge and fall. Sonic screams as he falls, then Tails looks up.]

Tails: Hey, you're not the Professor!

[Robotnik is revealed to be in the window above and he removes his disguise with his left hand.]

Robotnik: Brilliant deduction, you shrimpy Sherlock!

[Robotnik slides down the ladder, and Tails turns around to face him. Robotnik pokes his head through the ladder at Tails.]

Tails: Oh, no! Help, Sonic!

[Sonic is revealed to be hanging onto a pipe below by his left hand.]

Sonic: My little buddy's in trouble! time to get this pipe a-smokin'!

[Sonic climbs up to the pipe and runs through it. In the next scene, a view of a door that says, GENTLEMEN is shown. Squishing noises can be heard from inside as the camera zooms in on the door. Sonic, who is now covered in green slime, pushes the door open with his right hand and pants heavily. He then looks at the camera.]

Sonic [to the viewers]: Don't even ask!

[Sonic runs away.Robotnik, who is now in his normal attire, is holding Tails, who is no longer wearing his lab coat, by his tails with his left hand. The camera moves over to a door, which Sonic pushes open with his right hand, then he uses the index finger from that same hand to point at Robotnik.]

Sonic: Let him go, you egg-headed egomaniac!
Tails: Sonic?

[Tails grunts as Robotnik pulls him by his tails. Robotnik growls as Tails manages to break free and smacks him in the face with his tails, knocking him down.]

Robotnik: Oof!

[Robotnik is now standing next to a lever and he spits. He grabs the lever with his left hand.]

Robotnik: You're too late, Sonic! My, or should I say, Tails' machine, is ready to roll!

[Robotnik pulls the lever, starting the Robotnik Nabber up. The Robotnik Nabber pinches its claws. Sonic stares angrily at Tails.]

Tails: I didn't mean to help him, Sonic! I didn't know!
Sonic: Never mind that! We gotta scoot!

[Sonic grabs Tails' right hand with his own right hand, and Tails grunts as he pulls him away. Sonic runs away, with Tails in tow, and the Robotnik Nabber chases after them. Sonic runs through an open doorway, and the Robotnik Nabber crashes through it.]

Robotnik: Wait! Wait for me! I want to watch!

[Robotnik chases after the Robotnik Nabber. Sonic runs through another doorway, with Tails flying behind him, and the Robotnik Nabber chases after them and crashes through the doorway. Sonic turns to face Tails.]

Sonic: Do you remember how that thing turns off?
Tails: I spilled juice on that part of my diagram!

[Sonic turns his head around, and sees a dead end. He screeches to a halt. Tails lands next to him.]

Tails: It's a dead end!
Sonic: Hey, Sonic the Hedgehog never says, "Dead"!

[The Robotnik Nabber gets closer to Sonic and Tails.]

Sonic: Jump!

[Sonic and Tails jump high into the air, and the Robotnik Nabber crashes through the wall and falls to the ground below. Sonic lands, and Tails flies next to him.]

Sonic: Phew! That gets rid of that thing!
Tails: Not quite. I added a few optional features to it, like a back-up propeller and wings.

[The Robotnik Nabber flies back up. Sonic and Tails stare at it in shock and scream. Sonic runs out of the way and Tails flies out of the way as it crashes through the hole. Robotnik runs up to the Robotnik Nabber, and screams as he screeches to a halt. Sonic runs over him, and Tails flies behind him.]

Robotnik: Oof!

[The Robotnik Nabber chases after Sonic and Tails and runs over Robotnik.]

Robotnik: Oof!

[Sonic runs out an open window, and he and Tails fall.]

Sonic and Tails: Whoa!

[The Robotnik Nabber crashes through the window. Sonic reaches at Tails' right hand with his left, but the Robotnik Nabber grabs Tails in its right claw.]

Tails: Yeow!

[The Robotnik Nabber flies away with Tails. Sonic puts his right index finger and thumb in his mouth and whistles. His Hover-Hangglider flies below him and he lands in the driver's seat. He then flies it towards the Robotnik Nabber.]

Sonic: No renegade robot runs off with my pal!

[In the hole where the window used to be, Robotnik is standing with Von Schlemmer, who is still tied up in the rope. Robotnik has his left hand on Von Schlemmer's back as the Robotnik nabber flies up to him.]

Robotnik: Time to take off, Professor!

[Robotnik jumps onto the Robotnik Nabber, with Von Schlemmer in tow. Tails pokes his head out from the basket.]

Tails: Robotnik!
Von Schlemmer: Tails!
Tails: Professor!
Robotnik: Quiet!

[Robotnik presses a button on the control panel with his right index finger. The Robotnik Nabber flies towards Sonic and his hover-hangglider and fires lasers at it, missing. As the Robotnik Nabber gets closer to Sonic, Robotnik watches in delight and the Robotnik Nabber fires more lasers at Sonic. Sonic is now wearing a flight helmet and scarf and puts the goggles on with his left hand. Sonic then holds up the same hand angrily at Robotnik and imitates machine gun firing as he points both his index fingers at Robotnik. Robotnik screams and ducks as four lasers have somehow fired from Sonic's fingers. Robotnik then pokes his head out in confusion.]

Robotnik: Hey, how'd he do that?

[Sonic flies his hower-hangglider towards Robotnik, who now has an evil grin on his face as he looks through a telescope with his right eye. A view through crosshair is now shown as Robotnik aims at Sonic's hover-hangglider.

Robotnik [in a Darth Vader-esque Accent]: I have you now!

[Robotnik presses a button with his right index finger, and a missile fires at Sonic. Sonic catches up to the missile and flies his hover-hangglider upside down.]

Sonic: Up, over...

[Sonic grabs the missile with his left hand and flies his hover-hangglider right-side-up again.]

Sonic: And gone home to papa!

[Sonic lets go of the missile, which flies towards the Robotnik Nabber. Robotnik sees this and holds both his hands out like stop signs.]

Robotnik: Duck! Whoa! No!

[Scratch and Grounder float up to Robotnik on a bunch of balloons Scratch is holding in his left hand.]

Scratch: We'll save you, Dr. Robotnik!

[Scratch and Grounder stare in shock at the missile.]

Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho!

[The missile hits Scratch and Grounder and explodes, creating a cloud of grey dust. When the dust clears, the balloons Scratch was holding are revealed to have popped, and Scratch and Grounder fall towards Robotnik.]

Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho!
Grounder: Whoa!

[Robotnik stares in shock as Scratch and Grounder fall towards him. They grunt as they land on him.]

Grounder: Oh! Thanks for breaking our fall, your vileness!
Robotnik: That's not all I'll break! Get off me!

[Scratch and Grounder stare in shock at Robotnik, then run away. They land on top of the Robotnik Nabber and shudder in fear. Robotnik picks up Tails, who is now tied up in a rope with his left hand and points at him with his right index finger.]

Robotnik: You! Make this thing go faster! I need more power!
Tails [in a Mr. Scoot-esque accent]: I've given her all she's got, captain!
Von Schlemmer: Don't tell him about the red button! It'll give him super speed!
Robotnik: Ah!

[Robotnik drops tails and presses a red button labelled, SUPER SPEED with his right fist.]

Tails: Jump, Professor!

[Tails and Von Schlemmer jump as the Robotnik Nabber flies faster, and past Sonic's hover-hangglider. Robotnik is hanging onto it for his life by both his hands.]

Robotnik: Oh, no!

[Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all scream as the Robotnik Nabber flies even faster. Meanwhile, Tails and Von Schlemmer continue falling.]

Tails: Sonic!

[Sonic flies his hover-hangglider under Tails and Von Schlemmer, and they land in the passenger seat.]

Tails: Great flying, Sonic!
Von Schlemmer: Oh, dingle-doggle! What a flier!
Sonic: Thank you, thank you. We hope you have all enjoyed your flight on Sonic Airways. Our business may be up and down, but we're no fly-by-night outfit!

[Sonic lands his hover-hangglider on the ground below. He then jumps out of it and turns to face Tails and Von Schlemmer, with a smug grin on his face.]

Tails: Aw, Sonic, I'm sorry the Robotnik Nabber didn't work!
Sonic: Hey, no worries, kiddo! I had a great birthday!

[Tails runs up to Sonic, and they hug each other.]

Sonic: A little light on the chili dogs, though.
Von Schlemmer: So, Tails, will you be staying around to help me with my inventions?
Tails: No. Being an inventor was fun, but I have to help Sonic in his adventures!
Sonic: Sure thing! We gotta be ready for Robotnik when he gets back from wherever he ended up.
Tails: He's probably at the North Pole by now!
Sonic: Cool!

[Sonic, Tails, and Von Schlemmer all laugh. The screen transitions to a view at the North Pole, with a big red sign pointing to it. The camera moves over to the wreckage of the Robotnik Nabber. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder are seen in front of it, shivering miserably. Robotnik growls.]

Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog!

[The screen irises out on Robotnik, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Sonic and Tails are at a tree. Tails is sitting unhappily on a tire swing.]

Tails: I'm bored, Sonic. There's nothing to do!
Sonic: You gotta create your own fun, little bud! Use your imagination! Build something! Gotta speed, keed!

[Sonic runs away. As Tails thinks, a thought cloud with a light bulb appears above him. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Tails is wearing a red helmet as he swings on the tire swing, holding onto the rope with both hands. Sonic walks up to him.]

Sonic: Great swing, Tails!
Tails: That's Astronaut Tails to you, Sonic!

[Sonic runs up to the camera to speak to the viewers.]

Sonic [to the viewers]: When you use your imagination, there's no limit to the places you can go, and things you can do!