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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Tails Prevails

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Tails Prevails is the thirty-ninth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the thirty-ninth episode, it aired as the thirty-fourth episode during the show's original run.





Sonic's Disguises

  • A Fireman


During a normal sunset in the desert, Sonic and Tails are running faster than the night when Sonic stops and realizes that his birthday is only three days away. He decides to head to Sky City since they have the best parties there. However, Tails is worried since he did not buy Sonic a present. Arriving at Sky City, Tails figures he should earn some money in order to buy Sonic a birthday present. However, during both of his jobs (raking leaves, and delivering newspapers), he ends up causing trouble while attempting to use his tails to speed things up with Sonic having to bail him out. Lost in thought, Tails wonders what to do when he comes across a junkyard and begins to tinker.

At the party, Sonic is thrilled to see all the presents, mainly Tails'. Scratch and Grounder spy on the event. Upset that they were not invited, the two release the swipper-nappers in order to catch all the guests and throw them into Dr. Robotnik's dungeon. Sonic uses a giant magnet to get rid of all the swipper-nappers and turn them on the two Badniks. Once the ordeal is over, Sonic unwraps Tails' gift first which turns out to be a hoverbike. When asked where he got it, Tails replies he built it from scrap from the junkyard, impressing Sonic and the other guests. Scratch and Grounder overhear this from a tree and decide to tell Robotnik about it. At Robotnik's fortress, he is impressed with Tails' smarts and decides to exploit that. Knowing that Tails will not work for Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder ask him how he will do so, to which the doctor responds that he has a plan.

Back at Sky City, Sonic brings Tails to Professor Von Schlemmer to help him finish making the Robotnik Nabber, a machine capable of defeating Robotnik for good. Eavesdropping nearby in his sky fortress, Robotnik sees an opportunity to act and orders Scratch and Grounder to make a distraction to lure Sonic out. The two respond by accidentally falling off the fortress and crash into a movie theater prompting Sonic to step in. As Tails and Von Schlemmer cheer for Sonic, Robotnik takes a picture of the professor and uses the photo to disguise himself as a duplicate and heads toward the lab in a jet pack. Meanwhile at the theater, Sonic tricks Scratch and Grounder to catch him, only for the duo to fall off of a cliff.

At the lab, Schlemmer is conducting more experiments when the disguised Robotnik gets in and the professor sees him. Initially thinking him to be a mirror, Schlemmer messes up Robotnik's hair until Robotnik ties him up and stuffs him in the closet. When Tails arrives, Robotnik pretends to be Schlemmer and tells him to start working on the machine. On the ground, Sonic is waiting for the rope ladder so he can get back to the lab when Robotnik drops an anvil in order to crush him. After Sonic avoids it, he believes something is up and uses the hoverbike to get to the lab. He narrowly avoids the defense systems and jumps into an air vent where he almost falls to the ground if the vent had not caught his quills.

In the lab, Robotnik convinces Tails to convert the machine so it will catch a certain fast someone much to Tails' confusion. Jumping across the sides, Sonic reaches a shut window which grabs Tails' attention. After he opens it, Sonic asks Tails to grab a rope just as Robotnik from an upper level throws a barbell at him causing him to lose his grip. Right then, Tails sees through Robotnik's disguise and is captured by him, while Sonic (who managed to hold on by a pipe) enters the lab through a pipe, eventually ending up in the bathroom.

After Tails gets free, Robotnik activates the machine, using it to catch Sonic. As the machine chases them through the lab, Sonic makes it crash through a wall causing it to fall. However, Tails reveals he installed a propeller on it, allowing it to fly. Eventually heading outside, the machine manages to catch Tails as Robotnik and the captured Schlemmer hitch a ride while Sonic chases them on his hoverbike. In an attempt to shoot down Sonic, Robotnik fires a missile but sends it back where it hits Scratch and Grounder who were attempt to get to Robotnik. Eventually Robotnik threatens Tails to speed the machine up when the professor tricks Robotnik into pressing the super speed button. Unfortunately the machine goes too fast, causing Tails and Schlemmer to jump off. Sonic manages to catch them with his hoverbike. The machine along with its three passengers speeds off.

On the ground, Tails apologizes for being tricked by Robotnik but Sonic accepts it and says he had a great birthday. Tails also decides to stick with Sonic so that they will be ready for Robotnik when he comes back. Meanwhile at the North Pole, the Robotnik Nabber has crashed as Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder are shivering in the snow with Robotnik muttering "I hate that hedgehog."

Sonic Says

Sonic teaches Tails to cure his boredom by using his imagination.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Quand Tails s'emmêle When Tails gets tangled up
German Sonic's Geburtstag 1 Sonic's Birthday 1st
Italian Scheggia il chiaroveggente Tails the clairvoyant
Portuguese (Portugal) Um Tails Robótico A Robotic Tails
Spanish (Spain) Tails triunfa Tails triumphs
Spanish (Latin America) Los inventos de Colitas The Inventions of Tails


  • After going into the pipe and out of the bathroom, Sonic breaks the fourth wall when he points at the camera and says "Don't even ask..."
  • After Robotnik placed the pipe into the vent, Sonic's mouth does not move when he is screaming. This error was later seen again when Sonic moaned and said, "You only live once, but I live fast".
  • When Robotnik chews out Scratch & Grounder, he calls them the "Bungling Bros. Burnout & Bailing Circus", a pun on "Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus".
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