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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Tails (born 3225) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is an anthropomorphic fox with two tails that allow him to fly, who is cared for by the Knothole Freedom Fighters. A young lad, Tails was initially kept from going on missions with the Freedom Fighters due to his age. However, after undergoing training with his friends, Tails would prove himself through resourcefulness and maturity, eventually earning a spot among the Freedom Fighters. His best friend and idol is Sonic the Hedgehog.

Concept and creation

According to an early pitch bible of the show, Tails was originally going to be a 4 year old fat baby fox who dressed up as a cowboy and spoke in a deep, gravely voice with a southern accent.[3][4][5]


Tails is a short anthropomorphic fox with a unique genetic mutation giving him two long and fluffy tails instead of one. He possesses burnt-orange fur and beige fur on his tail tips, muzzle, and belly, and has both cheek tuffs and three hair strands on his forehead. For attire, he wears red and white shoes and white gloves.


TV series


Tails was born about a year into Dr. Robotnik reign over Robotropolis. At some point, he lost his mother and was taken in by the Knothole Freedom Fighters.[2]

Season one

While out in the Great Forest, Tails was collecting flowers for Sally when a Buzz-Bomber attacked him. Fortunately, Tails was saved by Sonic, and they both returned to Knothole Village with Rotor. Soon after, Tails would fish a Power Ring out of the Lake of Rings for Sonic when the time came for the Power Ring to emerge. Tails later managed to persuade Sonic to let him come with him on a mission to Robotropolis, although on the condition that Tails stayed in Sonic's backpack. However, Tails had been sneezing for some time and when he did it in Robotropolis, a Swat-Bot patrol detected Sonic and began to chase them. Later, Tails and Sonic met Muttski, Sonic's roboticized dog. Although they tried to assume control over Muttski, they ultimately failed and they had to escape. Later, in an effort to hide from the Swat-Bots, Tails and Sonic hid inside an air duct leading past Dr. Robotnik's war room. From within the air duct, the two overheard Robotnik's latest plan to find Knothole. Unfortunately, Tails soon sneezed so hard that he and Sonic fell out of the air duct and in front of Robotnik. Sonic was then caught, but he managed to escape. When later cornered by Robotnik and his forces, Tails gave Sonic the Power Ring. With the Power Ring boosting his power, Sonic was able to escape from Robotropolis with Tails. The next day, Tails was on the lookout with binoculars when a swarm of Buzz-Bombers began approaching the Great Forest. During the attack, Bomber-One started chasing Tails, but it was eventually forced to retreat after the Freedom Fighters began pelting it with water balloons. Tails then cheered in honor of Sonic and Sally, who had managed to defend Knothole.[6]

Tails waits for "Sally" to tell him a bedtime story.

Some time later, Tails was waiting by the Lake of Rings for a new Power Ring to emerge with Rotor and Sonic. Later, he welcomed Sonic and Sally back to Knothole after they returned from Robotropolis. Tails wanted Sally to kiss him on the nose, but the latter did not seem to remember the habit, which made Tails suspicious. Later at night, Tails wanted Sally to tell him a bedtime story, but she did not remember where they left off, and she did not tell him the story in the funny voices as usual. While in bed, Tails would later spot Sally outside his window and see red scintillating light come out of Sally's eyes, making him realized that this was not Sally. The next day, Tails accompanied Bunnie, who noticed that the carrots in her garden had died out. Afterward, before Sonic and Sally went to Robotropolis, Tails warned Sonic that Sally could be a robot. Sonic, however, did not believe Tails' story, although Tails' assumptions were soon proven to be correct. Sadden, Tails retreated to the Lake of Rings, but when the real Sally came back, she kissed him on the nose and improved Tails' mood.[7] Later, Tails helped Bunnie stop Sonic during his run through the Great Forest so they could show him the Freedom Stormer, a plane he and the Knothole Freedom Fighters had built.[8] Tails and other Knothole Freedom Fighters would later watch Sonic's fight with the Shredder. After Sonic destroyed the robot, Tails listened enthusiastically to his story the following evening, but he was disgusted when Sonic and Sally began to kiss each other. Later, when Antoine told the story about how he saved Sonic from Dr. Robotnik, Tails would end up being the only one left who chose to stay and listen to Antoine's pompous story.[9]

Tails, Sonic and Sally later received information that said that Robotnik was organizing a race in Robotropolis. Reacting with enthusiasm, Tails was sure that Sonic would win this. Later at night, Bunnie told Tails a bedtime story. Noticing however that Sally was worried about Sonic and his participation in Robotnik's race tomorrow, Tails comforted her by telling her that Sonic would be fine since he is the fastest one there is.[10] Some time after, Tails and the other Freedom Fighters were awoken in the middle of the night when a rocket booster crashed near Knothole. Tails wanted to touch it, but Rotor pulled him away because the booster was still hot. Later, after helping turn the rocket booster into a rocket ship so that Sonic and Rotor could reach the Sky Spy, Tails had the honor of helping Sally turn on the rocket's engine, allowing Sonic and Rotor to fly into space. The next day, Tails was accompanying Sally when they saw Sonic and Rotor crash near Knothole in a Hover Unit. After the Sky Spy was destroyed, Tails would cheer for Sonic and Rotor as thanks for all their efforts in bringing down the Sky Spy.[11] A while afterwards, Tails saw Sally with the helmet of a Swat-Bot on her head. Thinking that she was a real robot, Tails got scared and ran away.[12] After some time had passed, Tails and Antoine brought some fertilizer, which they were supposed to use to fertilize the dying trees in their garden. When Sonic later arrived, Tails was fascinated by his story about how he tried to catch a big fish. Tails then saw Sonic shake some green water out of his ear that caused the plants in the garden to grow rapidly. Sonic, Sally, Antoine and Rotor thus left to get more of this water. After they returned, Tails accompanied them while they revived their plants with a gift from the Kraken.[13]

Tails and Baby T.

While playing dirt hockey with himself, Tails almost hit Bunnie with his hockey puck. Bunnie returned his hockey puck though, and Tails apologized. He then asked Sonic if he would like to play with him, but Sonic did not have time. Disappointed, Tails went into the Great Forest. There, he came across Baby T, a young Terapod, after knocking his hockey puck into a bush. After teaching Baby T how to play dirt hockey, Tails took him to Knothole to prepare food for the both of them. Baby T, however, ate all the ingredients and Tails got mad at him. This made Baby T sad and run away, prompting Tails to call Sonic for help. After Sonic, Sally, Rotor and Bunnie found Baby T, they said that he should return to his herd, but Tails did not want to part ways with Baby T. However, when Baby T's herd went past Knothole, Baby T joined them. Tails tried to run after Baby T, but he fell on the way. Fortunately, Sonic saved Tails from getting trampled by the Terapods. It later turned out that the Terapods, who were on their yearly migration to Boulder Bay, were migrating in the wrong direction. Tails afterward joined Sonic, Sally, Rotor and Bunnie when the group decided to accompany the Terapods to Boulder Bay. Dr. Robotnik and his forces, however, were hot on their heels, so they fled to the Great Jungle. There, Tails noticed some Scorch Plants, which he tried to touch. Baby T pulled him away, however, and Momma T showed them the deadly corrosive nature of the Scorch Plants. Sonic was then unexpectedly grabbed around the leg by a vine which dragged him over a mud pool. In response, Tails and Baby T ran after Momma T, who saved Sonic. When Dr. Robotnik and his Stealthbots later began chasing the Terapods, Tails got on the back of Baby T and ran away with him, his friends, and Momma T. However, Robotnik trapped the heroes inside a force-field, which they could not break through. Sonic himself lost consciousness after he fell off Momma T when she collided with the force-field, but Tails and Rotor helped him wake up. Sonic then rescued Momma T, whom Robotnik tried to kidnap, before creating a hole in Robotnik's force-field though which Tails and his friends were able to escape. After the heroes lost Robotnik, the Terapods reached Boulder Bay , where they were safe from Robotnik. However, Tails was saddened by the fact that he had to say goodbye to Baby T. To facilitate their separation, Sally gave Baby T a translator, which translated his speech. Baby T offered Tails to go with him and his herd, but Tails knew he had to stay with the Knothole Freedom Fighters.[2]

Season two

While out in the swamps, Tails and Dulcy watched the area through binoculars for the Knothole Freedom Fighters while the latter scavenged ruined Robotnik technology for useful parts. While on duty, Antoine tried reciting his poem for Sally to them. Tails, however, asked Antoine to stop because his poem was making him hungry. Eventually though, Tails informed Sonic that he saw two Swat-Bots chase a guy named Ari. Tails subsequently stayed with Sally, who prepared a magnetic field generator that attracted the Swat-Bots and destroyed them. Later at night, Tails listened to the story Ari, who revealed that Dr. Robotnik had kidnapped his Freedom Fighters. The next day Tails, Sally and Antoine flew back to Rotor on Dulcy with one of the Swat-Bots' heads while Sonic stayed to help Ari. There, Rotor managed to hack the Swat-Bot's system. Tails and co. then learned from the Swat-Bot head that Ari was being used to lure Sonic into a trap.[14] Later, Tails wanted to enter Rotor's workshop, but was kept out by Dulcy, who was following Sally's orders. Afterwards, Tails would wait for the Lake of Rings to produce a new Power Ring with Sonic. When a Power Ring emerged from the water, Tails put it in Sonic's backpack. After Uncle Chuck was de-roboticized later on, Tails brought him and Antoine a sandwich. However, Uncle Chuck soon turned into a Worker-Bot again and kidnapped Tails and Antoine. While escaping Knothole however, Chuck stopped up in the swamps, where he tied up Tails and Antoine, intending to use them as bait for Sonic. When Sonic later came running to the rescue, Sonic fell into a pool of Mega Muck, and Chuck took Tails and Antoine with him to Robotropolis. Fortunately, Sonic soon caught up with them and managed to restore Chuck's free will. When the Shriek-Bot then arrived, Chuck hid Tails and Antoine in a flying vehicle. After the Shriek-Bot had been dealt with, Tails, Sonic and Antoine returned to Knothole. Noticing that Tails and Sonic were sad over Chuck's decision to remain in Robotropolis and act as the Freedom Fighters' spy, Sally sat down with them. There, Tails and Sally helped cheer Sonic up by reminding him that Chuck was on their side now.[15]

Tails after getting a Power Ring for Sally and Chuck.

While on watch out duty in the Great Forest, Tails saw Sonic come running through his binoculars. Upon meeting up with Tails, Sonic offered him a race back to Knothole, which Tails agreed to. Ultimately, Tails arrived first, although only because Sonic wanted him to lead him to Knothole. Tails then noticed that Sonic was behaving strangely because he could not remember which hut belonged to him. He was also surprised to hear that Sonic would be taking a nap because he had never done it before. When Tails later met Sally and Dulcy, they explained to him that Sonic had lost his memory after being hit by a Memory Scrambler, and that Snively was using Sonic to locate Knothole. When Sonic later went searching for the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Tails hid with the others in an underground shelter. Uncle Chuck soon after came to them and said that a Power Ring could restore Sonic's memory. However, the next Power Ring was due to emerge in two minutes, which was too little time for them reach the Lake of Rings in time. Tails, however, offered to go to the lake, and he managed to get the Power Ring in time, which earned him a kiss from Sally. Tails then lured Sonic to Sally and Chuck, who handed the Power Ring over to him. With his memory restored, Sonic was able to save Knothole from Snively's invasion.[16]

Tails would later find Sonic and Sally and tell them that Rosie had made dinner. At the same time, Tails was surprised that Sonic behaved as if Rosie had never been to Knothole, not realizing that Sonic and Sally had just been on a time travel-escapade and changed history so that Rosie was never roboticized.[17] Tails would afterward practice martial arts under the supervision of Bunnie. Later, he helped his friends search for Antoine, who had gone missing. Eventually, Tails found Antoine's footprints that emitted the smell of his perfume. When Antoine later came home, Tails listened to his story about his fight against the Nasty Hyenas.[18]

Tails and Sonic out camping in the woods.

Sometime later, Sonic took Tails out to train him to become a Freedom Fighter. As a part of his lesson, Sonic taught Tails tracking. Although Tails' assignment was to find Antoine, Antoine revealed himself when he fell down a slope. In his defense, Antoine claimed to have seen a ghost, which made Tails nervous. Tails, however, calmed down when Sonic assured him that there were no such thing as ghosts. At night, the heroes camped out, and Sonic told Tails scary stories about the Gopher Highwayman and the Evil Duck. When Tails fell asleep though, he began dreaming about ghosts. Tails soon woke up screaming, only to see a glowing ghost walking between the trees. After Tails woke up Sonic, the two discovered that Antoine had disappeared too. Tails proceeded to help Sonic track Antoine. When they came across the ghost though, Sonic told Tails to return to the camp. Although he tried doing as Sonic told him, Tails soon fell into a bush and went into a cave full of bats. After making it out of the cave though, Tails got scared by an owl. When Tails eventually saw Sonic again, he saw that Sonic was communicating with the ghost, making Tails believe that the ghost had brainwashed Sonic. Making his escape, Tails ended up in front of the ghost. However, Tails soon realized that the ghost was Antoine, and Sonic arrived to explain that Antoine had just gotten covered in glowing moss while sleepwalking. The next day, while extinguishing the camp fire, Tails got scared when he saw the Gopher Highwayman's medal on the ground. Hearing ghostly mourns afterward, Sonic took Tails and Antoine and escaped this part of the forest with them.[19] Not long after, Tails witnessed the birth of a baby dragon in Knothole.[20] Later, during the winter, Tails, Sally and Bunnie escaped from their huts after they saw Dulcy come crashing towards them. Ultimately, Dulcy destroyed the huts, and Tails asked Sally where they would sleep now. Later, Tails and the other Freedom Fighters gathered around Antoine's hut after hearing Antoine's deranged screams and yells coming out of it. Shortly thereafter, the heroes saw a huge tree collapse on top of Antoine's hut.[21]

Sonic, Sally and Dulcy cheer in honor of Tails.

Tails and Sonic were later taking a relaxing break at some hot springs in the Great Unknown when one of Robotnik's frigates flew over their heads. Deciding to follow it, Tails and Sonic soon reached Drood Henge, where excavations were being carried out by Snively. When a Surveillance Orb neared them however, Tails crippled it by pulling back and releasing a branch. Following Sally's lessons, Tails then disconnected the Surveillance Orb's red cable, turning it off completely. When Sonic then decided to check the excavation out up close, Tails wanted to come with Sonic, but Sonic told him to stay hidden. After Sonic left though, Tails noticed that Swat-Bots were sneaking up on Sonic from behind. Tails thus flew over and began to warn Sonic, but was caught by a passing Swat-Bot. While Tails was being taken to Snively, he saw a Swat-Bot carrying a mysterious chest. After being brought before Snively though, Tails was rescued by Sonic when the hedgehog caught Snively and forced him to release Tails and send the Swat-Bots away. The heroes then took Snively to the excavation's power generator to make him turn it off. When Snively refused to cooperate however, Tails managed to deciphered the generator's terminal and turn the power off. Leaving Snively to himself afterward, Tails and Sonic returned to the Great Forest. There, Tails and Sonic met up with Sally, who revealed that Robotnik was looking for the Deep Power Stones to power his Doomsday Project. When Nicole later displayed info on the Deep Power Stones, Tails recognized one of the chests that contained a scroll detailing the whereabouts of one of the Deep Power Stones, making the heroes realize that Robotnik already had one of the stones. As the heroes sought to secure the other Deep Power Stone, Tails came up with the idea to use a fake Deep Power Stone to secure the real one. After disclosing his idea to Sonic, Tails brought Sonic a fake Deep Power Stone that Rotor had made. Tails then wanted to take part in the mission, but Sally refused to let him come along until Sonic convinced her. Arriving at Drood Henge Tails lured one of the Surveillance Orbs into seeing him run around with a chest containing a scroll. Tails then met up with Sonic, whom he transferred the scroll to. After "translating" the scroll, Sonic dug underground and pretended to have found the Deep Power Stone, which was actually the fake one. Tails then hid with Sally while Sonic lured Robotnik to the Great Unknown. After Sonic destroyed the fake Deep Power Stone in front of Robotnik, who believed it to be the genuine article, Sally and Tails flew in on Dulcy and saved Sonic from Robotnik's forces. Returning to Drood Henge, the heroes retrieved the real Deep Power Stone. Sonic revealed afterward that it was Tails' idea to use a fake stone to fool Robotnik. Sally and Dulcy thus cheered for Tails, who was made an official Freedom Fighter by Sally.[1]

During the Doomsday Project, Tails is with Sally, Antoine, Dulcy and Chuck in Great Unknown. When Sonic arrived, Tails asked him if he had destroyed the Doomsday Machine. After Sonic revealed that he had failed in that endeavor, Chuck suggested that they got the second Deep Power Stone that Robotnik had so they could use the two Deep Power Stone together to destroy the Doomsday Machine. After Dr. Robotnik was defeated, Tails was present at a great ceremony held in Knothole where the residents celebrated the end of Robotnik's tyranny.[22]


Tails is very innocent, friendly, and childlike. He sees all the other Freedom Fighters as his family, and he looks up to Sonic in every way. Even though he is often being told that he is too young to go on missions, Tails has a deep desire to get involved in the fight against Dr. Robotnik.

Despite his age, Tails has a very intelligent and perceptive mind; when Dr. Robotnik made a robotic copy of Sally, Tails immediately recognized it as a fake.[7] He similarly guessed that something was wrong with Sonic after he had been affected by the Memory Scrambler.[16] His biggest contribution to the Freedom Fighters, however, was when he helped them secure one of the Deep Power Stones and devised a plan to trick Robotnik with a fake stone.[1] Because of his eagerness to participate in missions, Tails is somewhat reckless and can occasionally jump into situations too fast without careful consideration. However, he has a huge heart for everyone he meets.[2]

Powers and abilities

Tails possesses two large, fluffy tails that can twirl together. By twirling his twin tails around like rotary blades, Tails is able to lift himself off the ground and fly around like a helicopter. While in flight, Tails can move around with enough speed to keep up with even Sonic.[1]

Under Sally's tutelage, Tails has also learned a little about technology and is able to sabotage a variety of Robotnik's machines.[1]





  • Tails' fur color is based off his Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog counterpart rather than his game counterpart.
    • What's more, Tails' artwork is nearly identical to that of his Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog counterpart, albeit with a brighter coloration and more detailed shading.
  • In Season one, Tails wore sneakers similar to Sonic's, except they were white with red stripes with red or white socks (red socks in the pilot) that are also always shown in the intro sequence. However in Season two, he wore his traditional red and white sneakers.
  • According to Ben Hurst, if the third season had been produced, Tails would have played a much larger part in the show, because his character would be significantly developed, and would show his rebellious side.
  • In the Hispanic American version of Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails is a female character, and his name is "Colitas" (Spanish for "Little Tails"). He shares this error with his Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog counterpart.

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