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TailsTube #2 (feat. ???)

This is the transcript for the TailsTube episode, "TailsTube #2 (feat. ???)".

[Two closed metal doors are seen facing the viewer through the Miles Electric, against a blue background with circuitry. A chat panel is present on the right, attached to the device via cords.]

Sonic: [muffled] So I said, well, what you see is what you get. And then I wiped the floor with him. [snickers]
Tails: [muffled] Oh, oh we're starting!
Sonic: [muffled] Oh! Alright, I'm outta here, good luck bud!
[The metal doors open to reveal Tails' desktop, with a window open reading "The Sonic Scoop" with a logo. Tails pops up from the bottom of the screen.]
Tails: Welcome back to the Sonic Scoop, where you get up to speed on the coolest hedgehog ever, Sonic!
[While saying this, Tails clicks an icon resembling a piece of movie reel with his Tails on it. A window opens up showing footage of Sonic in Sonic Lost World. "EVENT: The Base" from Sonic Adventure 2 starts playing.]
Tails: I'm you're host, and Sonic's best friend ever, Tails! [Tails closes all windows, and clicks the icon twice, opening up three new windows showing Neo Metal Sonic and Dark Gaia respectively. He also opens up a third window showcasing trailer footage of Sonic Forces which depicts Shadow, Metal Sonic, Zavok, and Chaos.]
Tails: On today's episode, we're talking about some of the dangers Sonic has faced while saving the world. And no one's more dangerous than Dr. Eggman! [Tails opens up a window showcasing footage of Eggman in the opening cutscene of Sonic Unleashed.] To that end, I've go an unusual guest. Everyone, please welcome his number one flunky - Orbot! [Tails clicks an icon resembling a television with the word "TailsTube" on it, and a window opens up with Orbot in a vide call.]
Orbot: Hello everyone. I'm as surprised as you are.
Tails: We've gotten along in the past... sort of. [Tails opens up a window showing him repairing Cubot in Sonic Lost World.] But either way, I figured you would be the best source for some Eggman info. Or...should we call him by his real name, "Dr. Ivo Robotnik"? [In the background of Orbot's call, Cubot hovers by. Tails opens up a window showcasing footage of Eggman in the Mystic Ruins from Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.]
Orbot: Correct. "Eggman" is a name Sonic came up with to mock him. The boss got so fed up with it that he started calling himself "Eggman" just to steal Sonic's thunder, and he's stuck with it since.
[While Orbot says this, Tails closes the previous window, and opens up another one of Classic Sonic and Classic Tails confronting Classic Eggman in the Time Eater from Sonic Generations.]
Tails: Chalk up another win for Sonic! [Tails closes the previous window, and opens up a new one depicting Sonic finishing a stage in Sonic Generations with an "S" Rank.]
Orbot: Actually, I think it's rather empowering for the boss to own it.
Tails: Yeah, but you're biased.
Orbot: And you're not?
Tails: Touché [Tails closes the previously-opened window, and then opens up another one, showcasing Animals in Windy Hill from Sonic Lost World.] Anyway, Eggman likes to go around and kidnap all the little animals he can find, and use them as living batteries for his army of robots. [The footage cuts to animals being placed in Moto Bugs from the aforementioned game.]
Orbot: Indeed. Those robots are called "Badnik", and they can look like other animals, [Tails opens a window showcasing art of the Penguinator, Buzzer, Masher, Coconuts, and Newtron.] plants, [Tails opens up a window showcasing footage of him and Sonic fighting the Egg Serpentleaf in Sylvania Castle Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.] ...or more interpretive...things. [Tails opens up a window showcasing art of an Egg Typhoon.]
Tails: If that isn't bad enough, he uses them to try to conquer the world. But why? [Tails opens up a window showcasing trailer footage of Sonic Forces where Sonic faces multiple Death Egg Robots in a ruined city.]
Orbot: The end goal varies, but it's always about him being in control. [Tails closes the previous window, and opens up another one showcasing Eggmanland from Sonic Unleashed.] Whether it's looming over us all, or paving over cities to build tributes to himself, [Tails closes the previous window, and opens up another one showcasing Orbot and Cubot praising Eggman at Doctor Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park] he wants to be at the center of attention.
Tails: You'd think a guy of 300 IQ could read the room and realize he's not wanted. [Static and error effects begin appearing on both Tails and Orbot's screens.] I mean, what does this guy get out of those poor little-

[The entire screen is replaced with the symbol of the Eggman Empire against a crimson background, with two Egg Pawns present, each waving two flags. The words "EGGMAN" and "NO WAY?" can be seen moving around the bottom of the screen. Eggman can be heard laughing. E.G.G.M.A.N. from Sonic Adventure 2 starts playing.]

Eggman: That's enough out of you. Do not close your browser! Don't attempt to adjust your VPN. It is I, Dr. Eggman, the greatest scientific genius in the world! And I will be handling your questions from now on. [A message pops up from a user named "dontregisteryourownnamecubot", with a profile picture of Cubot.] The first question comes from "Don't register your own name Cubot." [sighs] First Orbot, now this. You just can't program good help these days. Eh, might as well get on with it. "Who is that other hedgehog you work with sometimes? Is that Dark Sonic?" [A window showcasing art of Shadow opens up.] No, that's Shadow, the so-called "ultimate life form". [A window showing an old photo of Gerald and Maria Robotnik opens up.] He was created by my grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik. Scientific genius runs in the family. [Another window showing Eggman freeing Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2 opens up.] I freed Shadow from the military bunker controlled by G.U.N. "G.U.N." stands for "Guardian Units of the Nations", by the way.
[All the windows close, and two more open up showing G.U.N.'s logo and footage of the intro from Shadow the Hedgehog respectively. Soon, a third window opens up showcasing the world map under control of Eggman in Sonic Forces.]
Eggman: I put them in their place, during my last campaign. [laughs] Anyway, Shadow's gone to become another thorn in my side. [The other windows close, and two more open up, showing the picture of Sonic and Shadow on the President's desk in Shadow the Hedgehog, and footage of Shadow's boss fight in Sonic Generations, respectively.] He's not one of Sonic's buddies, but he's still a problem all the same.
[A message pops up from a user named "SkyPatrol", with a profile picture of Tails.]
Eggman: This next question comes from SkyPatrol, who asks "Did you really think you could hijack my stream?" [The audio begins to distort] What does that even mean? No, no wait! I'm not done yet!

[The screen returns to normal.]

["EVENT: The Base" from Sonic Adventure 2 continues playing.]
Tails: And....we're back! Sorry about that, Eggman has a way of ruining a good time. Either way, I hope we were able to drop a little knowledge on you today.
Orbot: Remember: Knowledge is power, and Eggman being a genius, is very powerful. [Tails opens up a window showcasing Eggman in the intro cutscene of Sonic Unleashed.]
Tails: Not so powerful that we can't handle him! [Eggman can be heard laughing. A red no symbol appears on his face in the window, which quickly changes to a screenshot from Sonic Lost World. Eggman can be heard making a grunting sound.]
Tails: And if you wanna help fight the Eggman Empire, be sure to like, [Tails closes the window of Eggman, and opens up another one showing a short animation of himself punching.] comment, and subscribe! Until next time, TailsTubers, take care! [Tails closes the previous window.]
Orbot: Goodbye, everyone! Have me back whenever you like, and feel free to ask me questions about myself next time! [Tails moves down off-screen, and the doors shut.]