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TailsTube #1 (feat. Sonic)

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This is the transcript for the TailsTube episode, "TailsTube #1 (feat. Sonic)".

[Two closed metal doors are seen facing the viewer through the Miles Electric, against a blue background with circuitry. A chat panel is present on the right, attached to the device via cords.]

[Several noises are heard, such as banging and electric zaps]
Tails: [Grunts] Got it! I think this goes here.
[Tails pops his head up from the bottom of the screen. The doors open to reveal Tails' desktop.]
Tails: Uh, did it work? Are we live? Oh, hey there, old friends and new! And! My very own streaming channel where I can do anything I want!
["Instrumental Believe In Myself" from Sonic Adventure 2 starts playing. Tails clicks on an icon on his desktop resembling a piece of film with his logo on it. Footage of Tails flying around the Mystic Ruins in Sonic Adventure plays off to the left.]
Tails: I can share news, [Tails clicks the icon again and a picture of him as a news announcer reporting on Big the Cat seemingly finding Froggy shows up to the top-right of the window with the Sonic Adventure footage.] at-home airplane repair tips, [Tails clicks the icon again and a window of him piloting the Tornado appears to the bottom-right of the news window.] or, you know...just "chill". [Tails puts on dark blue sunglasses, but quickly takes them off.]
Tails: But today, I've got an extra-special show plan for you! [Tails minimizes all the windows on his desktop.] And an extra special guest, my best blue bud, Sonic the Hedgehog!
[Tails clicks an icon on his desktop resembling a Ring against a red background, and a window of Sonic in Emerald Coast opens up in the top-left.]
Sonic: Hey buddy, it's been a while! Watcha' been up to lately?
Tails: Oh, not much. [The blue sunglasses appear again on Tails' face.] Chillin'.
Sonic: [Laughs] Cool, man! Nice shades!
Tails: [Laughs] Thanks! [The sunglasses fly offscreen.] But that's not why I brought you here. I've been getting swamped with questions from fans, [Tails clicks on an icon resembling a television with the word "TailsTube" on it. A picture of Cream the Rabbit and Cheese asking him questions shows up in a window.] and I could use some help answering them all!
Sonic: Wait, you're coming to me for answers? My, my, how the tables have turned.
Tails: So do you think you can stick around and help me take questions from the chat?
Sonic: Anything for you, pal! Let's do it to it!
[Tails closes the window of him, Cream, and Cheese.]
Tails: Cool! [Tails clicks an icon resembling a white silhouette of a Flicky against a blue background. A chirping sound is heard, and a post box from a user with the username "KingMotorPapa" and a Dodon Pa profile picture shows up.] This one comes from KingMotorPapa. "Your planet strikes me as especially odd. Care to explain yourselves?"
Sonic: Explain your whole, I'm glad we're starting out light.
[Tails closes the post box, and opens up another window showing Earth seen from space in Sonic Unleashed.]
Tails: Our world is a pretty crazy place. We've got checker-pattern soil, [Tails clicks the "TailsTube icon, and a screenshot of Sonic in Seaside Hill from Sonic Generations appears in a new window.] floating islands of various sizes, [Tails clicks the icon twice, and two windows open up, the first with footage of Angel Island rising from Sonic Adventure, and the second with footage of Babylon Garden from Sonic Riders.] and natural loop-de-loop rock formations! [Tails clicks the icon again, and a new window opens up, showing Sonic Boosting through a loop and Corkscrew in Green Hill act 2 from Sonic Generations. The window of Seaside Hill also cuts to footage of Sonic on the checkered soil of Green Hill Act 2.]
Sonic: Ah, the twisty, bouncy beauty of nature! What more could an adventure-hungry hedgehog need?
[Tails closes all the opened windows, apart from Sonic's and the one of Earth from space.]
Tails: From orbit you can see these massive continents, right? [Tails clicks the movie icon, and footage of Sonic and Chip in Chun-nan's hub from Sonic Unleashed plays in a new window.] They're full of fascinating countries, [Tails clicks the movie icon again, and the previous window closes and is replaced by footage of Sonic running around Station Square in Sonic Adventure, holding the burger shop statue.] each with their own unique cultures and people! [Tails clicks the movie icon again, and the previous window closes and is replaced by footage of Sonic buying chili dogs at the Counter of Dreams 2 in Sonic Unleashed.] I particularly enjoy sampling all the regional dishes!
Sonic: Mmm-mmmh! Me too!
[The footage cuts to Sonic buying chili dogs at Treeshade.]
Tails: Yeah, each different culture's take on chili dogs!
[The footage cuts to Sonic buying chili dogs at Josef's, then Ursule's Trading Post.]
Sonic: I like to consider myself...a connoisseur.
[Tails closes the window and opens up two more, the first of which shows a whale-shaped island from Sonic Generations' Seaside Hill, and the second of which shows South Island from Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit).]
Tails: What you can't see from orbit are all the islands dotting the oceans. There's a bajillion of 'em! [Tails opens up a window showcasing West Side Island.] I'm originally from West Side Island, which is where Sonic and I first met! [Tails opens up two windows showcasing scenes from Sonic Forces, the first of which depicts Knuckles the Echidna and the Resistance in the Resistance HQ, while the second depicts members of the Resistance cheering after their victory nearby the Eggman Empire Fortress.] Folks like us...usually live on these kind of islands, while people like this [Tails opens up a window showcasing Franco, Shadi, Professor Pickle's Assistant, Li'l Kate, Robert, Professor Pickle, Marketa, and an unknown character.] live in the bigger countries.
Sonic: Wow, you really covered it, buddy. You...sure you need me here for this?
[Tails closes all the opened windows, apart from Sonic's.]
Tails: Haha! Sorry, I get excited. Here, you take this one.
[Tails clicks the Flicky icon, and a comment box posted by a user titled "SonicFan4Eva" with a Tangle the Lemur profile picture appears in a new window.]
Sonic: This question comes from SonicFan4Eva...Oh, so I guess Knuckles wrote this one.
Tails: [Laughs]
[Footage of Sonic in his Speed Star racing Shadow in his Dark Reaper in Wisp Circuit from Team Sonic Racing appears in a new window.]
Sonic: "If you can run so fast, why do I see you in a racecar sometimes?"....'Cause it's cool...Next question.
[Tails closes the footage window, and clicks the Flicky icon to open up another comment box from a user titled "I <3 Jewels" with a Rouge the Bat profile picture.]
Tails: This next one comes from "I Heart Jewels". "Be and dear and tell me everything you know about the Chaos Emeralds. Where did they come from? Maybe some tips on how to find them?" [Tails opens up seven windows, each of which contains an image depicting a Chaos Emerald. The Chaos Emerald jingle is heard.]
Sonic: Uh well, actually...I don't know where the emeralds come from, or where they are now. I usually don't go looking for them unless I need to stop Eggman [Tails opens up an window depicting Eggman. The sound effect of a Trap Spring is heard.] from getting them first.
Tails: Even though we see them pretty often, a lot is still unknown about the Chaos Emeralds. [Tails closes all the windows apart from Sonic's, and opens up a new one depicting Sonic and Shadow harnessing the power of the Chaos Emeralds in Cannon's Core from Sonic Adventure 2.] The seven emeralds grant unlimited power. [Tails closes the previous window, and opens up another depicting Sonic and Chip using a Gaia Temple to restore the power of the green Chaos Emerald in Sonic Unleashed.] But even one can be dangerous in the wrong hands. [Tails opens up another window of the Eclipse Cannon from Sonic Adventure 2.] They can be used to power deadly machines, [Tails opens up another window of the Time Eater attacking Sonic's birthday party from Sonic Generations.] or even warp time and space! [Tails closes all the opened windows, apart from Sonic's.] Bad news if Eggman gets ahold of 'em. [Tails opens up a window of Sonic transforming into Super Sonic to fight against Eggman in Sonic Unleashed.]
Sonic: Yeah, but when I get 'em all, I can turn into Super Sonic! I'm all gold, and super-fast, and flying, and who-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Tails: Man, I wish I was that cool.
Sonic: Uh, dude! [Tails closes the previous window, and opens up one of him flying in Wave Ocean from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).] You can fly anytime you want! [Tails opens up another window of him using Ascending Flight to lift Sonic and Knuckles in Power Plant from Sonic Heroes.] And you're also like a super-genius! [Tails opens up another window of him testing the Tornado's propeller in Windy Hill from Sonic Lost World.] You're basically the coolest guy I know!
Tails: [quietly] Aw, c'mon... [Tails closes all the windows, apart from Sonic's.] A-ah...let's get one more question in before we wrap it up! [Tails clicks the Flicky icon to open up another comment box from a user titled "Spiral Hill Fan Club" with a profile picture of a cutscene character from Sonic Adventure 2.] This one comes from the Spiral Hill Fan Club! "Settle a debate for us. That pink hedgehog we always see with you, is that your sister, or your girlfriend?
Sonic: Do they mean "Amy Rose"?
[Tails opens up a window showcasing Amy.]
Tails: How many other pink hedgehogs do you know?
Sonic: Hey, I'm a popular guy. But yeah, Amy's not my sister. She's just a really good friend.
["Event: The Beginning" from Sonic Adventure 2 starts playing.]
[Tails opens up a window of a edited scene from Sonic Generations of Amy trying to hug Sonic.]
Tails: Uh-huh.
Sonic: [nervous laugh] Anyway, she may have started out as my number one fan, [Tails opens up a window of Amy holding Birdie in the burger shop from Sonic Adventure. The window quickly shifts to footage of observing the Animals in Sonic Lost World.] but now, she's an important member of our crew. [Tails opens up a window showcasing footage of Amy running through Chaos Angel from Sonic Advance 3. The first window cuts to footage of Amy talking to Professor Pickle in Sonic Unleashed.] She'll always go out of her way to help others in need, and that makes her a real hero!
[The first window cuts to footage of Amy and Birdie imprisoned in the Egg Carrier.]
Tails: You know, I'd love to get Amy on the show sometime. Hm... [Tails closes all the windows, apart from Sonic's.] Maybe I can make this a regular segment! Just...Hang in with Tails answering questions. I could call it..."Questions for Miles"! [Tails opens up a window showing a sketch of him flying while holding two envelopes.] Or..."The Prower Hour"!
Sonic: How about..."The Sonic Scoop"?
Tails: Hm. I love it! [Tails closes the previous window and opens up another showing an animation of him happily dancing.] Well then TailsTubers, we'll see you next time on The Sonic Scoop! [The doors slide closed over the desktop. Tails moves down off-screen.]
Sonic: [muffled] It really rolls of the tongue, doesn't it?