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Tails' cloning machine is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a device invented by Miles "Tails" Prower to make copies of himself.



The machine features two doors on the ends, with the entrance on the left and the exit on the right. Inside is an area where the cloning is done, as the people inside can be seen in silhouette through a green window on the side. There is also a control panel near the entrance, and it has a knob that can be set to two options.

Features and abilities

The cloning machine has two functions. The first one can split a person into five copies, while the second one fuses all the copies back into one, reversing the process. The former process, however, has a flaw: when split, the sum of the user's brain power is divided evenly between the copies, leaving each copy with only one fifth of the original's intelligence.[1]


TV series

Season two

After his Dome-pocalypse backfired, Tails built the machine to create a "brain trust" consisting of copies of himself. When Tails split himself into five copies however, the copies only retained a fraction of his intelligence. Team Sonic tried reversing the cloning process, but created more copies instead. When all the Tails copies were re-gathered, the team had Dr. Eggman figure out how to configure the machine, allowing all of the Tails copies to be merged back into one.[1]


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