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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Tails' Workshop[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a large building next to Tails' House on Seaside Coast that serves as the working quarters of Miles "Tails" Prower. It is where Tails builds the inventions furnishing his mind to not only give his team an edge but also make life easier.


The interior of Tails' workshop.

Tails' Workshop is a two-story tall, rectangular wooden barn with a curved black tin roof. It has several entrances, including sliding doors and a first-story door on the front and doorways on the side, each with a tin overhang. These doors were clearly built for people around the height of Tails and his friends, as Dr. Eggman has to bend over in order to fit through them. On the side is an annex that appears to be a garage. On top of the roof is a platform with a large windmill and a chimney. Supposedly, the workshop also has a defense system consisting of cages and lasers.

The interior of Tails' Workshop houses a number of things, including a workbench, a forge, shelves with different mechanical parts and video games, panels with tools, a dryer, an industrial strength lab kiln, and a small toilet. It is large enough to host Tails' Plane[2][3][4] should it need maintanance. The workshop also has a security camera for surveillance.[5] Because of all the tools lying around, the workshop can be a pretty dangerous place.[6]


TV series

Season one

Eggman bothering Tails in his workshop.

While occasionally tinkering in his workshop, Tails would be disturbed by the likes of Dr. Eggman when he bunked with him in his house.[7] Later on, he would also be disturbed in his workshop by Buster.[8] When later testing his Reverse Polarizer with Sonic in his workshop, Orbot came and had Tails reassemble Cubot. Soon after, Sonic and Tails detected two Doomsday Devices' signals from Dr. Eggman's lair in the workshop, prompting them to head out and stop them.[2]

Further trouble arose in Tails' Workshop when one of Tails' robots went berserk. Calling in Sonic, he and Tails subdued it. Soon after, Sonic returned to the workshop to get some of Tails' genetic material.[9] Tails later retreated to his workshop after nearly killing his team with his faulty Unbolterizer until he got his weapon fixed.[10] While Tails was tinkering with his plane in his workshop later on, Sonic came by for a race after growing bored with the extended time of peace, only to mess up Tails' papers.[11] In an attempt to help Sticks pick beige berries, Tails went to his workshop and created a berry picking machine with Sonic's help.[12]

Team Sonic analyzing Eggman's tomato sauce.

Having discovered Eggman's Tomato Sauce, Team Sonic would analyze it in Tails' Workshop, but found nothing. The team later came back to have Tails fix their mysteriously malfunctioning electrical appliances, but since Tails had the same troubles too, they went for lunch instead. While gone, the robot can for Eggman's sauce began turning Tails' machines into robots for Eggman's army, but the plot was ultimately foiled by Team Sonic.[13] On a trip to Tails' Workshop, Sonic began creating a terrible noise while running, prompting Tails to examine Sonic in his workshop. Unable to find anything however, Tails advised Sonic to not run at all.[14]

Following Sticks' abduction by a rock monster, the remainder of Team Sonic regrouped at Tails' Workshop after fruitlessly scouring the island for her. There, while Tails was repairing his plane, his Disasterometer picked up Sticks' horrible singing, allowing the group to pinpoint her location for a rescue.[15] Later, Tails, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot retreated to Tails' Workshop when the computer virus Nominatus took control of Eggman's army to destroy the world. Unable to neutralize Nominatus remotely from his workshop, Tails sent Orbot and Cubot into cyberspace from his workshop using his laptop, from where the robot duo managed to stop Nominatus.[16] Busying himself in his workshop at one point, Tails found Sonic and Knuckles playing with his equipment and Tailsmobile, though it was cut short when Sonic had to return a book.[3]

Sonic vs Swifty in Tails' Workshop.

Tails later invited Swifty the Shrew to his workshop to hang out, infuriating an envious Sonic. Manipulating Sonic, Swifty challenged him to a race, with the loser getting banished from the Village, while Team Sonic watched. Disgusted by Swifty, Team Sonic made him leave the workshop.[17] Sonic soon after came to the workshop to complain to Tails over the script for the movie he was helping Eggman with. Tails thus helped Sonic re-edit Eggman's script.[18] When tinkering in the workshop later on, Tails detected an Eggman attack and called Team Sonic to arms.[19]

Deducing the origin of an alternate dimension Knuckles, Team Sonic went to Tails' Workshop to find a way to send the other Knuckles home. However, this Knuckles quickly left to get the solution from Eggman. When Knuckles began flickering however, Tails concluded in his workshop that having two Knuckles in one dimension would destroy both universes. Getting alternate Knuckles back, along with the equipment they needed, Tails constructed a device in his workshop that sent the alternate Knuckles back to his dimension.[20] While later tinkering with his Auto Adjuster 3000 in his workshop, Tails discovered his tools were missing, prompting him to call in Sonic to help him find them.[21]

Tails working in his workshop.

To break the hypnotic suggestions in Justin Beaver's music, Tails took Sonic and Knuckles to his workshop where he made a Measure-o-meter which could help them break the mind control at Justin's next concert.[22] Tails later installed a new defense system in his workshop. When Sonic, Knuckles, Perci and Amy entered it to fix Perci's bike however, the defense system malfunctioned, setting the workshop on fire. Arriving as the fire died down, Tails listened to everyone's different recounts of the events leading up to this, which led to him concluding that his new defense system must have triggered the fire. After that, Tails would fix Perci's bike in his workshop.[4] Later on, Tails tried busying himself with his inventions in his workshop, only for Knuckles, who had taken up inventing, to annoy him with his harebrained ideas. Soon after, Eggman took control of Tails' Hypnobot and used it to steal Tails' inventions from his workshop. However, his plan was eventually stopped.[23]

Season two

When Tails was in his workshop, Sonic came to vent his frustrations over Tommy Thunder, a method actor following him to study his heroics. However, they soon had to leave to stop a robbery.[24] Later, when an asteroid was about to threaten the planet, Tails worked in his workshop on how to knock the asteroid off its course until he came up with his Solar Convergence Device after seeing Sonic admire his reflection. The workshop also served as Team Sonic's control center when Knuckles went into space to use the SCD. There, the team heard Knuckles shattered the asteroid instead, prompting Sonic to race across Seaside Island to deflect the falling debris.[25]

Team Sonic running experiments in the workshop.

Tails' Workshop was later where Team Sonic remotely coordinated Tails' test of his Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier on Sonic until Sonic vanished into another plane of existence after pushing the device too far. Unable to perceive anyone, Sonic looked for his friends at Tails' Workshop in vain.[26] Tails soon after built a cloning machine in his workshop to form a "brain trust" made up of his clones, but got instead split into five dimwitted clones. Discovering this, Team Sonic brought the clones to the workshop, but made more clones that ran away after they tried merging them. Rounding the clones up in the workshop with Eggman's aid, Team Sonic had Eggman set the cloning machine, allowing them to reassemble Tails.[27]

While working on his latest invention, Tails left his workshop to investigate a nearby explosion caused by Orbot. Orbot then snuck into the workshop unnoticed and stole Tails' invention.[28] Sonic later brought Og to Tails' Workshop so Tails could watch Og. While Tails showed Og around however, he would get annoyed by Og's criticism of his inventions and pass him onto Knuckles.[29] A series of events later led to Tails allowing Knuckles to keep his new lamp in his workshop. Knuckles would thus spent a night over with it in the workshop.[30] Sticks would also come by Tails' Workshop to pick up some gear to help her team and the villagers out of a situation.[31] When Amy later adopted Bea the Bee, Tails would conduct repairs on Bea in his workshop while in the company of his friends whenever Bea got damaged.[32] Soon after, Beth the Shrew came to Tails' Workshop to observe Tails, having won this privilege at the Science Fair Awards. While Tails showed Beth his science projects though, he had to go stop an Eggman attack. Because his workshop was dangerous however, he took Beth with him.[6]

Tails showing his improved invention.

After Knuckles hid some sea bass in the workshop (which attracted wildlife), Tails showed his team his improved Build-it Box there, which made them a new pet. Taming this pet, the team left to save the Village after getting a call. Meanwhile, Eggman came by the workshop to prank Tails. Nominatus, Beta and Retro later emerged from the Build-it Box, but had to travel across the workshop to the machine's controls while menaced by animals to rescale themselves after the machine shrunk them. Upon returning, Team Sonic learned from the workshop's surveillance that Nominatus' gang had subsequently stolen the Build-it Box, prompting the team to investigate this.[5] Tails was later working in his workshop when Morpho (in the guise of Sonic) dropped by and told him Team Sonic should disband. Not believing this could be Sonic, Tails pretended to buy this and left to investigate. Morpho then assumed Tails' form and persuaded Sonic from reconnecting with the team when he came by the workshop.[33]

Gathering in Tails' Workshop to review their intel on the newcomers Mighton and Bolts, Team Sonic were visited by Orbot and Cubot, who told them that Eggman held Mighton and Bolts captive, prompting Team Sonic to rescue them.[34] Tails soon after returned to the workshop to repair some odd-acting Cubot prototypes. Just as Sonic and Tails discovered the prototypes had been infected by malware though, the two had to leave to save the Village. At the same time, the Cubot prototypes began attacking Sonic and Tails, so the duo trapped them in the workshop, although they soon broke out.[35] Seeking later to plant FleaBots on Tails, Orbot and Cubot threw some of these robots into the workshop through its vent so they landed on Tails while he was working on a project.[36] Sonic and Tails soon after dropped by the workshop to gear up for a trip into the sky to save the local villagers from a gravity-controlling Cubot.[37] When later babysitting Chumley, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles used Tails' Workshop as a safe zone while they changed Chumley's diapers.[38] Most of Team Sonic would some time after wait for Tails in the workshop while he finished tuning his plane. Upon seeing Tails use his Build-it Box to make a measly bolt though, the group convinced him to make a bigger Build-it Box so they could make larger and more fun stuff.[39]

Tails having finished his Matter Transporter.

While working on his Matter Transporter in his workshop, Tails got attacked by Bee Bots. After getting rid of them, Tails used himself to test his finished Matter Transporter. However, a Bee Bot joined Tails when his invention was activated, causing them to be merged into a cyborg. Although Team Sonic went to the workshop to work on a way to restore Tails to normal, Tails put that on hold when he wanted to remain as he was. When Tails went rogue due to his transformation however, Sonic brought Eggman to the workshop and had him reconfigure the Matter Transporter so it could make Tails normal again. Team Sonic soon after got Tails back into the workshop where they returned him to normal.[40] Tails later worked in his workshop with D-Fekt until his Trans-seismic Marco Accelerator got broken, prompting Tails to send D-Fekt to town for new parts. Upon seeing D-Fekt return with their friends and a pile of junk though, Tails realized the mute D-Fekt needed a voice, and gave him a voice chip. This allowed D-Fekt to express a desire for purpose in his life.[41]

After receiving a beating from Shadow, Team Sonic regrouped at the workshop. There, they were visited by Lord Eggman, Dr. Eggman's counterpart from another dimension, who was out to get Sonic. However, Sonic and Lord Eggman's fight got interrupted by Shadow, who mistook Lord Eggman for the real Eggman, whom Shadow sought to eliminate. Lord Eggman promptly provided Shadow with a portal leading to Dr. Eggman, only for Sonic to put him into his team's custody when he followed Shadow through the portal. Tails later brought a broken Metal Sonic to his workshop and repaired him so they could use him to find Dr. Eggman and Lord Eggman, and stop an abnormality that was destroying the universe.[42]

Archie Comics

Boom Shaka-laka

Tails' Workshop, from Sonic Boom #11.

Having devised Dance Instructor Bot, Tails went to work on it in his workshop, during which Sonic visited to get advice on how to get Kyle the Gorilla out of his shack.[43] When Tails finished his robot, he had a dance lesson with it in the workshop, unaware that Eggman spied on him.[44]

Game appearances

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Tails' Workshop, from Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal.

In Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Tails' Workshop is one of the locations that can be visited on the World Map of Seaside Coast. It becomes available after clearing Seaside Beach. In the workshop, the player can bring the Blueprint pieces collected from the adventure levels and assemble them to unlock various upgrades. Assembling a full Blueprint will automatically unlock a new ability for the characters or feature in the game which the player can activate or disable from Tails' Workshop.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Tails' Workshop, from Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, Tails' Workshop is one of the locations that can be visited on the World Map of Seaside Island. In this game however, it looks like Tails' House, and instead of Tails, Knuckles can be found there. It becomes available after clearing Sand Drift. In the workshop, the player can deposit the Trading Card pieces collected from the levels and assemble them. Assembling a full Trading Card will unlock a new Rival Race track on Thunder Island for the Bot Racing minigame.[45][46]

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