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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Tails' Workshop[2] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is the home of Miles "Tails" Prower, and where the fox cub conducts his various projects.


Tails' Workshop is a quaint purplish-gray stone brick house with a brown roof and a fundament that it sits on. Its main building consists of a typical house section with another one behind that sits along the length. The house has two stories, with dormers on the roof; one dormer in particular on the front house section resembles a fox ear, namely in the way it points towards the front side of Tails' Workshop. Also, on the front of the workshop is a rounded and brown front door with a similar window on each side, as well as a window in the corner of the roof. Also, a wooden beam carrying a lamp protrudes from above the front door.

On the side of the workshop is a running waterwheel with various gears and bolts next to it. Also, behind the workshop is a stone silo with green creepers sporting yellow flowers on it. Inside the workshop are various advanced devices used by Tails.



While working on the Tornado in his workshop, Tails received a letter that came out of nowhere, which foreshadowed Dr. Eggman's return. This prompted Tails to seek out Sonic.[3]

Sonic later came to Tails' Workshop to after he had been infected with the Metal Virus. While Tails tested Sonic, Tangle came to tell them about her latest adventure. While Tangle waited for her friends to finish, Tails concluded that Sonic could not infect inorganic matter and that he had driven the virus into remission with his speed. Sonic then told a curious Tangle about Eggman's recent activities. As Tails then realized that they had to warn everyone about the Zombots to avoid attacks like those on Spiral Hill Village, Tangle told her friends her stories. Afterward, the heroes' went over their next course of action: find the Faceship Eggman planned to distribute the Metal Virus with. However, Sonic soon noticed that his infection had resurfaced, and Tails realize that Sonic could only keep it in check. Before Tails could run more tests though, Sonic left to find Eggman's Faceship. Tangle, however, assured Tails that he could find a cure.[2]

Tangle & Whisper

Tangle came by Tails' Workshop with Whisper the Wolf and the captive Mimic; they wished for Tails to create a device that would act as a cell for him. Tails built the Test Chamber, a contraption that could run models through all sorts of artificial climate and atmospheric conditions, rendering Mimic's escape impossible. Mimic still claimed that he would escape but Tangle and Whisper warned him against doing so. Tails promised the girls that he would have the cell transported to the nearest jail as soon as he could. Following this, Tails said his goodbyes to the girls as they left his workshop.[4]

Chao Races and Badnik Bases

Cream and Cheese playing with Clutch's former Chao.

A disassembled Omega and his parts were later brought to Tails in his workshop by Amy and Rouge, with the latter giving Tails Omega's encoded blueprints straight from Dr. Eggman's personal files. After reviewing the task of rebuilding Omega, Sonic and Tails decided to go to an abandoned Eggman base near Windmill Village to decipher Omega's blueprints. Meanwhile, Amy and Rouge took Omega's head, Cream and Cheese with them to White Park Grand Chateau to trade some E-100 Series spare parts from Clutch by competing in the White Park Chao Racing Circuit.[5]

Later, after acquiring the needed parts, the group returned to Tails' workshop with their new friend Belle and some Chao they had rescued from Clutch. While Cream played outside with the Chao, Tails and Belle finally repaired Omega along with Gemerl. At that moment, Vanilla arrived to pick up Cream, and when she learned of her daughter's perilous adventure, Rouge hurriedly left the workshop, much to Amy's dismay. While Belle swept the floor, Tails noted the ease with which she deciphered Omega's blueprints and wondered if Eggman created her, which she denied once more.[6]

Trial by Fire

After Amy, Belle and Tangle's adventure at the Forest Ridge Zone Campground, the trio came to Tails' Workshop. There, Tails fixed Belle's damaged hand before deciding to take a look at a friendly Motobug Belle had brought along in hopes of figuring out if they could make other lesser Badniks defy their programming like it had. Meanwhile, after telling Sonic about their adventure, Tangle revealed that she had decided to seek out Whisper and go traveling with her. After Tangle left, Sonic and Amy had a playful conversation before Sonic began to ponder if the recent forest fire at the Forest Ridge Zone Campground was a fluke or not.[7]

Sonic, Tails, and Belle later began conducting an experiment on lesser Badniks that they had gathered at Tails' Workshop. With the group having isolated Motobud's nonaggression subroutines, Belle would transfer them wirelessly to the other Badniks, which made them docile in the presence of Sonic after Tails unveiled him to them. Their experiment a success, Belle hoped to save other Badniks this way, but Tails tried to ease her excitement. Furthermore, he was worried about Eggman being behind the recent chaotic incidents. Regardless, Sonic assured him that they would be able to handle whatever was coming, before heading into the workshop while Belle stayed outside and cuddled with Motobud. Later at night, however, Belle and Motobud received a beacon signal that compelled them to head to a certain location. When Sonic and Tails then awoke to find Motobud and Belle try to escape the workshop before becoming hostile, Sonic would keep them at bay while Tails went to work fixing this. When Belle and Motobud managed to pin down Sonic however, Tails returned with a prototype Zeti Zapper that broke the signal's hold on Belle. Recovering, Belle told her friends that the signal was summoning an army of Badniks. With Belle unable to tell where they were supposed to be heading however, she, Sonic and Tails resorted to letting Motobud loose in front of the workshop and following it to the signal's source.[8]

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