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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Tails' Tale

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Tails' Tale".

[The episode begins with a view of a road path near some trees. The camera moves over to the left side of the screen, where Sonic and Tails are asleep at a campsite. They awaken when the shadows of both a plane and two conjoined Egg-O-Matic hovercrafts loom over them. Sonic looks up and sees Scratch and Grounder driving the conjoined Egg-O-Matics, then ducks as the plane flies directly over him.]

Sonic: Yikes!

[Tails stands up, yawns, stretches, and rubs his right eye with his right fist. The two conjoined Egg-O-Matics fly directly over him.]

Tails: What was that!

[Grounder is revealed to be driving the two conjoined Egg-O-Matics and firing a laser at the plane, while Scratch is sitting in the passenger seat. The camera moves down to Sonic, who points his right thumb up at them.]

Sonic: Dogfight!

[Scratch, Grounder, and the plane fly past each other. A view of the crosshair of the two conjoined Egg-O-Matics is shown as Grounder fires the laser at the plane, then at Scratch. Scratch screams as he ducks his head into his body just in time as Grounder fires the laser at him. He pokes his right eye out, then his entire head. Grounder chuckles nervously.]

Grounder: Sorry!

[Grounder turns counter-clockwise and fires the laser at the plane. He and Scratch chase after it, and they begin to fly towards the ground.]

Scratch: Pilot to gunner! When you shoot, you're supposed to hit something!

[Grounder fires the laser, but the beam from it hits the cannon, destroying it. Grounder gasps as the cannon is destroyed, emitting fire and smoke.]

Grounder: Uh, gunner to pilot! I just did!

[Scratch groans in exasperation.]

Scratch: Okay. I guess that means we're supposed to try the sleeping gas bomb!

[Grounder flies the two conjoined Egg-O-Matics higher before they hit the ground.]

Scratch and Grounder: Whoa!

[Grounder's head opens, and a crosshair emerges from it. It aims over his right eye, and he stops the two conjoined Egg-O-Matics just above the plane.]

Grounder: Bombardier to pilot!

[Grounder pulls out the sleeping gas bomb, which he is holding in his left hand.]

Grounder: Target in range!

[Grounder drops the sleeping gas bomb.]

Grounder: Bomb away!

[The sleeping gas bomb hits the plane, emitting a cloud of yellow sleeping gas. A Red Bird flies past the plane, and a question mark and and exclamation point emit from him. The Red Bird flies into the cloud of yellow sleeping gas, and falls asleep, falling from the sky. Sonic and Tails look up at him, and Sonic catches him in both his hands.]

Sonic: Thought I recognized that yellow gunk! It's sleeping gas!

[Back at the plane, the cloud of yellow sleeping gas clears, revealing Captain Willian Le Duck, its pilot, to be asleep and snoring. His plane flies towards the ground, and Tails points his right index finger up to it.]

Tails: And that pilot's asleep at the stick!

[Sonic looks up at the plane and gasps. William continues to sleep and snore.]

Sonic: You gotta help him, little bro!

[Sonic looks over at Tails, who gears up to fly, and flies into the air.]

Tails: Rev it up, Tails! Rev it up!

[The volume of Sonic's voice awakens the Red Bird, who looks up at the plane and whistles. As William continues sleeping and snoring. Tails lands in the passenger seat and grunts. He pulls on the steering stick with both his hands and grunts. Sonic gasps and covers his face with both his hands, which still have the Red Bird, who squawks, in them. As William's plane gets closer to the ground, Tails grunts as he pulls on the steering stick again. As William's plane gets even closer to the ground, Tails screams. William's plane turns higher just in time, and the propeller slices through a tree. Tails sighs with relief as William's plane lands safely near Sonic. Sonic and the Red Bird look up at the plane.]

Tails: Phew! That was close!

[William awakens.]

William Le Duck: Sacre bleu! What am I doing on the ground?

[William climbs out of his plane, and screams as he falls. His parachute opens a little too late. William pulls his goggles up with his right hand, then stands up and dusts himself off with the same hand. Tails grabs the side of William's plane with his right hand and pokes his head out. William then blows the dust off his left hand and looks up at Tails.]

William: Aha! A passengair! Do you wish Capitan William Le Duck's special five-Mobium sight-seeing ride? Or the ten-Mobium round-trip special?
Tails: Wow!

[Tails jumps out of William's plane and lands near William. He points his left index finger at him.]

Tails: Are you really William Le Duck? The famous pilot? The soldier of fortune? The fearless archeologist?
William: You forget, also ze toast of duck society, and uh, who are you, mon ami?

[Tails points his left index finger at himself.]

Tails: I'm Miles Prower, but my friends call me "Tails"!

[William walks up to Tails. He grabs Tails' right tail with his left hand and his right tail with his left hand.]

William: I think I know ze reason!

[Tails pushes his tails way with both his hands.]

Tails: And speaking of friends, I want you to meet my best bud!

[Tails walks away from William, but he doesn't see Sonic.]

Tails: Sonic! Hey, Sonic!

[William walks up to Tails, and Tails turns to face him.]

Tails: I don't get it! Where did he go?

[The Red Bird whistles as he runs up to Tails and William. He points his right wing down at the ground.]

William: Ze little bird is trying to tell us something!

[William ducks down to the Red Bird. He then holds up his left index finger.]

William: Hmmm. I must conclude that your friend did not, uh... go! He was... taken!
Tails: What?

[William grabs Tails' nose with his left thumb and index finger, and pulls them down to the ground.]

William: Look! Here in ze dirt!

[William points his left index finger at the dirt.]

Willliam: Ze signs of a fierce struggle!

[The Red Bird walks up to Tails and William and whistes at them. It points his left wing at the ground and its right wing at the air.]

William: I think he is saying zey went in that direction!

[William points his left index finger at the sky.]

Tails: I've gotta go after him, Capitan Le Duck! I've gotta find him! Will you help!
William: Will it be dangerous? Will zere be great risk, evil villians, notorious bad guys? Will my life be at stake?
Tails: Could be!
William: Zen I will do it!

[William jumps into the passenger seat of his plane, and Tails jumps into the pilot's seat. The screen transitions to the next scene, where William's plane flies into the air, and Tails looks around for Sonic, but to no avail.]

William: Have you seen anything that looks like zis, uh, Sonic?
Tails: Not yet!
Willliam: And we have covered every corner of Mobius!
Tails: We could use some help, and I know just where to get it!

[Tails flies William's plane upside down and turns around. William is now hanging by the seatbelt of his plane.]

William: Sacre Bleu! I finally met ze pilot more daring than myself!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Tails, William, and Professor Von Schlemmer are all in Professor Von Schlemmer's laboratory as the camera zooms in on them. Von Schlemmer is holding William's right wrist in his left hand.]

Tails: Professor Von Schlemmer, I want you to meet the famous Capitan William Le Duck!

[Von Schlemmer walks up to William and grabs his right wrist with his left foot, then shakes his right hand with his right hand.]

Professor Von Schlemmer: This is indeed an honor, Sir! I have always wanted to meet Professor Von Schlemmer!

[Tails slaps his face with his right hand in exasperation.]

William: No no no no! I am Le Duck, and you are Von Schlemmer!

[Von Schlemmer holds up his left index finger.]

Von Schlemmer: Really? How interesting! That means I could have met me years ago!

[Von Schlemmer reaches offscreen with his right hand and pulls out a mirror, which he looks in, and waves his left hand at.]

William: Can this man be trusted?

[As Tails whispers to William, Von Schlemmer kisses his mirror.]

Tails: He's a little absent-minded, but he's a great inventor!
Von Schlemmer: If I am indeed Professor Von Schlemmer, I must be a great inventor!
Tails: That's what I was just telling him!

[Von Schlemmer points his left index finger at William.]

Von Schlemmer: Von Schlemmer?
William: No, Le Duck!
Von Schlemmer: Who is that? I don't believe I ever met him!

[An angry william pulls up his left sleeve with his right fist, and Tails walks up to Von Schlemmer.]

Tails: You do remember Sonic, don't you?
Von Schlemmer: Of course! My hedgehog friend is the fastest creature and the greatest hero on Mobius!
Tails: Well, he's missing, and you gotta build us somethin' so we can find him quick!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where William's plane is in the air again. Tails is in the driver's seat, William is in the passenger seat, and Von Schlemmer, who is holding the Sonic Sonar in his left hand, is in a chair taped to the left side of William's plane.]

Von Schlemmer: Turn left!

[Tails turns William's plane left.]

Von Schlemmer: No no no no no! Turn right!

[Tails turns William's plane right.]

Von Schlemmer: Fly higher!

[Tails flies William's plane higher, and Von Schlemmer screams.]

Von Schlemmer: Fly lower!

[Tails flies William's plane lower.]

Von Schlemmer: That's it! Hold it right there!

[A view of the Sonic Sonar is shown, and Von Schlemmer turns a knob counter-clockwise with his right thumb and index finger.]

Von Schlemmer: My Sonic Sonar is picking up a strong signal! Keep flying straight ahead!

[A view of the Mobius Jungle is shown.]

Tails: Look! We're heading straight for the Mobius Jungle!

[Tails flies William's plane towards the Mobius Jungle, and various sirens, horns, and flags emit from the Sonic Sonar. The siren blares.]

Von Schlemmer: I found him! I found Sonic!

[Tails turns to face Von Schlemmer.]

Tails: Where, Professor? Where?
Von Schlemmer: Twelve Moblometers straight ahead!

[A view of a clearing in the Mobius Jungle is shown as the camera zooms in on it.]

Tails: You mean, in that clearing up there?

[The Sonic Sonar beeps faster and more rapidly.]

Von Schlemmer: Yes, yes! Land, my boy! We found Sonic!

[Tails lands William's plane in the clearing. The screen transitions to the next scene, where the camera moves to the left side of the screen, where Tails, William, and Von Schlemmer are all standing around the Sonic Sonar. Von Schlemmer jumps excitedly.]

Von Schlemmer: Sonic's here! He's right here!

[Tails and William look at each other in confusion.]

Tails: He can't be, Professor!
Von Schlemmer: But he must! He must!

[Tails points his right index finger at Von Schlemmer.]

Tails: Look around! There's nobody here but us!

[Von Schlemmer puts his left hand over his eyes and looks around. He sees Tails, William, and William's plane, but not Sonic.]

Von Schlemmer: Something is wrong. Very wrong!
William: Oui, Monsieur. As we say in my country, your machine is Le Junk, and you are Le Nitwit!
Von Schlemmer: No, no! My machine is perfect!

[Von Schlemmer grabs the satellite of the Sonic Sonar with his left hand, which electrocutes him, and frizzes his hair.]

Von Schlemmer: I, on the other hand, may be a nitwit,

[Von Schlemmer smoothes out his hair with both his hands.]

Von Schlemmer: But I know for a scientific fact, Sonic the Hedgehog is standing right here!

[Von Schlemmer points his right index finger at the ground. Tails and William turn to face each other, and William turns his left index finger counter-clockwise around the left side of his head, indicating that he thinks Von Schlemmer is loopy. Tails sighs in disdain.]

Tails: Maybe the Capitan's right, Professor! Maybe your Sonic sonar just doesn't work!
Sonic: You're wrong, little bro!

[Tails gasps and turns his head to his left side.]

Sonic: I couldn't have found me faster myself!

[Tails, William, and Von Schlemmer all look around in confusion.]

Tails: Sonic, where are you?
Sonic: Right here!
Tails: But we can't see you!
Sonic: I know! But just wait by the edge of the clearing until dark, and you'll understand everything! And be careful! Uh-oh! The guard's comin'! Gotta chill!

[The sound of Sonic running away can be heard as Tails runs up to where he heard him.]

Tails: No, Sonic! Wait! Sonic! Boy, that was really spooky!
Von Schlemmer: Hmmm. "Wait until dark". Wonder why.

[The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place at night. Various red eyes flash in and out of the bushes, and the camera moves to the right side of the screen, where Tails, William, and Von Schlemmer are all waiting by William's plane. William stares in shock as a flash of light appears before him.]

William: Sacre Bleu!

[William falls over.]

William: What is that?

[The camera moves up to the night sky, where the Temple of Komometz appears.]

William: Fantastic!
Tails: This can't be happening!

[Von Schlemmer is now typing on his laptop with both his index fingers.]

Von Schlemmer: Of course! I should have remembered! This is the Temple of Komometz!
Tails: Komo-who?
Von Schlemmer: Komometz! The Cursed Temple of Komometz!
William: Curse-ed? Ze place is curse-ed?
Von Schlemmer: That is why it only comes out at night!

[William climbs onto his plane.]

William: Well, enough fascinating trivia! Now that we know this, we can go home!

[Willliam climbs into the pilot seat of his plane. Tails angrily points his right index finger at William.]

Tails: No way! That temple is right on the top of the place where we heard Sonic's voice!
William: Mon Dieu! Are you saying...
Tails: Yeah! He's gotta be in there, and we gotta get him out!
Von Schlemmer: That temple is filled with the most dangerous traps in all of Mobius!
Tails: I'm goin' in anyway!
Von Schlemmer: There's an additional curse! It says, "Those that are caught inside by dawn will vanish forever!

[Von Schlemmer ducks his head into his shirt.]

Tails: I still gotta go in!

[Tails points his right index finger at the Temple of Komometz.]

Tails: If that was me in there, Sonic wouldn't let anything scare him away!

[Von Schlemmer pokes his head out of his shirt.]

Von Schlemmer: Tails! No, wait! No one has ever returned from the Temple of Komometz!

[Tails flies away, and into the Temple of Komometz.]

Von Schlemmer: Never!

[The door to the Temple of Komometz closes, and vines grow around it.]

William: Sacre Bleu! It is too late! My new little friend is doomed!

[The screen irises out on William's plane. In the next scene, Tails is inside the Temple of Komometz, and he flies away just in time as a bang is heard, causing the stone to fall and block the exit to the temple. He lands and turns to face the stones.]

Tails: Oh, no! Now it's gonna be a lot harder getting out of here than it is to get in! Sonic! Where are you? (echoing) Sonic! Where are you?

[A trio of bats screech as they fly towards Tails, and he stares in shock at them.]

Tails: Yikes!

[Tails hides behind a boulder as the bats fly past him. The camera zooms in on the mouth of one of them, which is used as a transition to the next scene, where William and Von Schlemmer are outside the entrance to the temple. Von Schlemmer types on his laptop with both his index fingers.]

Von Schlemmer: According to my mathematical calculations, the odds against Tails finding Sonic all by himself are twelve zillion to zip!

[William turns to face Von Schlemmer and walks up to him.]

William: What does zis mean?
Von Schlemmer: Someone must go after him! I'd do it, but the Nutty Professor's Union does not permit daring rescues!

[William points his right index finger at himself.]

William: Are you saying I should go? In ze dark? Ze temple is curse-ed, no?
Von Schlemmer: The temple is curse-ed, yes!
William: Will zere be fiendish traps?

[William wimpers nervously.]

William: Will there be terrifying creatures?

[William wimpers nervously, and the camera cuts to a close-up of his face.]

William: Will I be trapped forever if I do not get out before ze dawn?

[William wimpers nervously, and trembles in fear.]

Von Schlemmer: All of ze... I mean, all of the above!
William: Zen I will do it!

[William runs up to the temple, then screeches to a halt.]

William: Unfortunately, zere is no way in. Oh, well. I tried.

[Von Schlemmer, who is now holding his Sonic Sonar in both his hands, walks past William.]

Von Schlemmer: No problem! I will adjust my Sonic Sonar device to search out an opening in ze temple wall!
William: Merci boku!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where William is walking behind Von Schlemmer. The siren on the Sonic Sonar blares.]

Von Schlemmer: Eureeka! We found a way inside!

[Sure enough, a way inside the temple is shown. Unfortunately, the Sonic Sonar explodes into pieces.]

Willliam: Mon Dieu! The machine has, as we say in my country, pooped out!

[Von Schlemmer picks up a piece of the Sonic Sonar with his left hand.]

Von Schlemmer: Too bad! It was the only way have of finding Sonic!

[William holds up his left index finger.]

William: Do not worry! Le Duck will first find Tails, and then he will find this, uh, Sonic person! Au Revoir!

[William walks into the hole in the wall and squeezes his way through it. He then pops out of the hole.]

William: Of course, it will take ze little while. I must keep ze eyes closed so I am not afraid of ze dark!

[William covers his eyes with both his hands, and ducks back into the hole. Von Schlemmer looks at the camera as the screen transitions to the next scene, where Tails peeks out from behind the boulder. He then walks away from it.]

Tails: Great! Those giant bats didn't even see me!

[The trio of bats hang from the doorway blocked off by stone. They all fly off it and screech.]

Tails: Now they do!

[Tails turns around and flies away, and the bats chase him. Tails flies through a doorway on the left side of the screen, but the bats follow him. They follow Tails through a maze of doorways, and Tails dodges a low-hanging stone. As the bats continue chasing Tails through the maze, Tails screams as he screeches to a halt and comes across a door. He lands, and as the bats fly towards him, he stumbles back and falls through the revolving door. The bats fly into it and land with a crash. On the other side of the door, Tails is revealed to be in a room with coffins.]

Tails: Oh, no! It's a tomb room!

[The camera moves to the left side of the screen, and as Tails tiptoes through the room, the coffin behind him creaks open. Tails turns around, stares in shock, and screams. Scratch pushes the coffin door open with his right hand and walks out.]

Scratch: Of course it's a tomb room! Exactly where the bats are supposed to chase you!

[Tails backs away nervously, until he reaches a ledge with a coffin on it. Grounder pushes the coffin door open with his right drill and climbs out. Tails turns to face him.]

Grounder: Yeah, so we can make sure you don't rescue Sonic!

[Tails tries to runs away. He screeches to a halt, but Scratch grabs him by his left wrist with his right hand.]

Scratch: Dr. Robotnik had us watch you ever since you landed! Bwahahaha!
Tails: I should have known Robuttnik was behind all of this!

[Grounder's phone rings. He opens his chest compartment with his left drill and pulls out his phone with his right.]

Grounder: Hello? Dr. Robuttnik... uh, uh, I mean, Robotnik? Good news!

[Robotnik is revealed to be sitting at a desk alongside King Kommamachs. He is holding the phone in his left hand, and a large stack of counterfeit Mobiums is shown on the desk.]

Dr. Robotnik: How many times have I told you not to interrupt when I'm cheating... uh, eh, when I'm doing business with a distinguished person like the ruler of this temple?

[Robotnik points his left hand at King Kommamachs.]

Grounder: But we got the fox brat!
Robotnik: That is good news! I'll be down in five minutes and tell you how to dispose of him!

[Robotnik hangs up the phone and turns to face King Kommamachs.]

Robotnik: Now, King Kommamachs, back to important things! I know I agreed to pay you three million Mobiums to keep Sonic prisoner in your temple, however...

[Before Robotnik can finish, King Kommamachs slams his right fist on the desk. He then points his right index finger at Robotnik.]

King Kommamachs: You said four million!

[Robotnik holds out both his hands like stop signs.]

Robotnik: Oh, please, let's not quibble! The point is, the temple disappears in daylight hours, so I should get half price!

[Robotnik pulls half the stack of counterfeit mobiums away with both his hands. King Kommamachs pulls it back with his right hand.]

King Kommamachs: Full price! Four million! Who else can guarantee that the hedgehog will never again be seen in Mobius?
Robotnik: Hmmm. Good point. Oh, all right! I'm just a generous old softie! Three million it is!

[Robotnik's mustache is used as a transition to the next scene, where Scratch is holding Tails by his left wrist with his right hand, while Grounder is holding him by his right wrist with his left drill. Scratch is also holding a stopwatch in his left hand.]

Scratch: Only thirteen more seconds, and Dr. Robotnik's gonna be here and tell us how we can get rid of you!

[Scratch tosses the stopwatch into Grounder's chest compartment, and it closes.]

Grounder: Yeah! Ha ha! I bet we get to throw you in the lava pit!
Scratch: No! Feed him to the piranhas!

[Grounder chuckles evilly.]

Grounder: He'd make better alligator bait!

[Scratch swats Grounder's head with his left hand.]

Scratch: Or dessert for the giant rats! Bwahahaha!

[William lands on Grounder, causing both his head and his left drill to fall off.]

Grounder: Ouch!

[William stands up and rubs his bottom with both his hands.]

William: Le ouch!
Grounder: Aw, I can't believe it! Another bad brain!

[William stops rubbing his bottom and opens his eyes.]

William: I think I have fallen into, uh... some place!

[Scratch walks up to William, who closes his eyes again. He drops Tails and grabs William by the seat of his pants with his right hand.]

Scratch: Hey! Who are you?

[William holds up his right index finger.]

William: Capitan William Le Duck, Monsieur! And uh, who are you?
Scratch: If you'd open your eyes, you could see who I was!

[As William talks to Scratch, Tails hides behind the ledge the coffin is on.]

William: Is it dark and scary in here?

[The camera zooms out on Tails.]

Tails: It's not so bad, Capitan Le Duck! Open your eyes!

[Tails walks out from behind the ledge, and William opens his eyes. He stares in shock at Scratch.]

William: Sacre Bleu! I should have kept my eyes closed! Uh, but Tails, Mon Petit Amis, at least I found you!

[Tails sneaks away.]

Scratch: Oh, la-di-da! A lot of good it did!

[Scratch points his left index finger at William's beak.]

William: Now you're our prisoner, too! Bwahahaha!

[Tails is now holding a cobweb in his left hand, and Grounder's left drill in his right hand. He pulls the cobweb back like a slingshot, with Grounder's left drill as a projectile.]

Tails: Not if I can help it!

[Tails launches Grounder's right drill, and it hits Scratch in the butt, causing him to lose his grip on William and launch him into the air..]

Scratch: Yeow-how-how-hoo!

[Scratch falls over. Tails flies up to William and grabs his right hand with his right hand.]

Tails: Hang on, Capitan!

[Tails flies through the door, with William in tow. The camera moves to the right side of the screen, where Robotnik walks through the door, and Grounder's disembodied head hops up to him.]

Robotnik: What's going on?
Grounder: Um, well, they kind of uh, escaped, your bloatedness!

[Robotnik stares in shock.]

Robotnik: They?
Grounder: Yeah! Tails and some... some daring-do duck helping him!

[Robotnik picks up Grounder's disembodied head with both his hands.]

Robotnik: Well, pull yourself together and go after them!

[Robotnik tosses Grounder's head with his right hand, and it lands with a crash. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Tails and William land outside a doorway.]

William: Sacre Bleu!

[The camera cuts to a view of a river of lava and zooms out on it.]

William: A rivair of ze boiling lava!

[Tails pants heavily.]

Tails: I'm afraid I'm too tired to carry you over it!
William: And I am afraid I'm too afraid to let you!

[Scratch and Grounder, the former of whom is holding a book of curses in both his hands, walk through the doorway. Scratch points his right index finger at Tails and William.]

Scratch: There they are!

[Tails and William look back at Scratch and Grounder.]

William: This is getting worse and worse!

[William covers his eyes with both his hands.]

William: I think I will close my eyes again!
Tails: No, Capitan, look down there!

[Tails points his right index finger at a bridge.]

Tails: A bridge! That's our way out!

[Tails and William run across the bridge, and Scratch and Grounder follow them.]

Grounder: Now what?
Scratch: Now we use this instructional manual on the operation of temple curses,

[The book of curses is revealed to have a picture of a ghost on the cover. Scratch opens the book with his right hand.]

Scratch: That Dr. Robotnik sneaked away from King... oh, what's-his-name!

[Grounder looks at the book.]

Scratch: Ahem! Stand on one leg and "re-pet" these words!

[Scratch stands on his right leg.]

Scratch: May your feet flop on the fickle "fond-ation" of "flimesy" nothingness!

[As Tails and William run halfway across the bridge, it begins to crumble, and they scream as they fall. Grounder stands on his right tread.]

Grounder: May flop be your fickle, the foundation of flimsy on!

[The bridge repairs itself, and Tails and William safely run across it.]

Scratch: D'oh, you dim-bot! You reversed the curse!

[Grounder gasps as he stares in shock at Scratch.]

Scratch: Now listen closely this time! May your feet flop on the fickle "fond-ation" of "flimesy" nothingness!

[The bridge crumbles again.]

Grounder: Uh, Scratch?
Scratch: Well, are you gonna say the words or not?

[Grounder stares in shock. He then points his left drill at the spot where the bridge was.]

Grounder: Not! You broke the bridge again!
Scratch: Oh, okay! So you say what you said before, and it'll be fixed!
Grounder: Oh! Uh, I forgot what I said!

[Scratch growls angrily, then points his left index finger at the spot where the bridge was..]

Scratch: You mean, they're over there, and we're trapped over here?

[As Grounder flinches, Scratch points his left index finger at the ground. Tails waves his right hand at Scratch and Grounder.]

Tails: See you later, slow-mos!
Scratch: You're not as smart as you think you are, brat!
Grounder: Yeah! You're heading the wrong way! You're never gonna find out that Sonic's hidden up on the very top floor!

[Tails and William stare happily.]

Tails: Top floor, here we come!

[Tails and William run through the doorway, and Scratch growls at Grounder, who sweats nervously.]

Grounder: Did I say something wrong, or did I say something out of order?
Scratch: Let me put it this way; when Dr. Robotnik finds out that we lost these guys, we won't just hear a book of curses, we're gonna hear a library full!

[Scratch tosses the book of curses at Grounder's head with both his hands. The screen transitions to a view outside the temple of Komometz as the camera zooms in on it.]

Tails: We gotta hurry! The sun will be up any minute!

[Tails and William run up the stairs.]

William: And if ze temple disappears, we will be trapped forever!

[At last, Tails and William reach the top of the stairs, to the cell where Sonic is being held prisoner. They look through the windows.]

Tails: Sonic!

[Inside the cell, Sonic is revealed to be wrapped in chains.]

Sonic: Thought you'd never get here, little bro! I was waiting!

[Sonic taps his left foot impatiently. Tails grunts as he and William pull on the bar blocking the doors with both their hands, but it won't budge.]

Tails: It won't budge!

[William climbs up to the window.]

William: So, you are ze brave Tails' best friend? It is an honor to meet you!

[William holds out his left hand. Tails then pokes his bottom with his right index finger.]

Tails: We don't have time for that, Capitan! We've gotta open that door!

[William climbs down.]

William: But how?
Sonic: Read those squiggly lines on the walls! That's what the guards do!

[Tails turns to face the hieroglyphics behind him.]

Tails: Huh?
William: Ah, oui! Very interesting!

[William walks up to the heiroglyphics.]

William: What we call in my country, ze hieroglyphs!

[William points his left index finger at the hieroglypics, and runs it through them, to the right side.]

William: In case of need to open door, use zis... uh, key!

[William grabs the key with his right hand. He uses it to unlock the bar blocking the doors to Sonic's cell.]

William: Voila!

[Tails and William push the bar away with both their hands. The doors open, and they run inside.]

Tails: But what about Sonic's chains?

[William holds the key behind his back, holds up his left index finger, and winks his left eye.]

William: Ze ancients were very clevair people! Ze key is also the saw!

[William uses the teeth on the right side of the key to saw through Sonic's chains. Meanwhile, Robotnik walks up the stairs to Sonic's cell, and Scratch and Grounder follow behind him.]

Robotnik: This time, there'll be no slip-ups! I am personally making sure Sonic stays in this temple for the next...

[Robotnik opens his chest compartment with his left hand and pulls out a stopwatch with his right.]

Robotnik: Twenty-six seconds,

[Robotnik growls evilly.]

Robotnik: Plus eternity!

[Sonic, Tails, and William all walk out of Sonic's cell. They stop when King Kommamachs' shadow looms over them.]

King Kommamachs: I, King Kommamachs, creator of curses and ruler of this temple, command you to stop!

[Tails gasps.]

Tails: We can't! We only have a few seconds to get out of here!

[Tails grabs Sonic's left wrist with his right hand.]

Tails: Come on, Sonic! I know the way!

[Sonic, Tails, and William all step forward.]

King Kommamachs: No one leaves the cursed temple of Kommamachs without my permission!

[Sonic points his right index finger at King Kommamachs.]

Sonic: Sorry, king pal, but I gotta get my buddies to safety while I still can!

[Sonic grabs Tails' right wrist with his left hand, and William's left wrist with his right hand. He runs away, with them in tow, and King Kommamachs looks around in amazement. Sonic then comes back alone and leans against the wall. He turns to face King Kommamachs.]

Sonic: Now, you were saying?
King Kommamachs: Why, you surprised me, Sonic the Hedgehog!

[King Kommamachs points his left index finger at Sonic.]

King Kommamachs: You put your own life in danger to help your friends?
Sonic: So what else is new?
King Kommamachs: But Dr. Robotnik told me you were despicable! Treacherous! Cruel, and... and also flaky! He said you must be imprisoned to protect the planet!
Sonic: Robuttnik lies a lot!

[Sonic walks up to King Kommamachs.]

Sonic: He probably paid you for all of this in counterfeit money!

[King Kommamachs reaches into his pocket with his right hand and pulls out one of the counterfeit Mobiums Robotnik paid him with. Robotnik's face on it blows a raspberry. King Kommamachs stares angrily at it and rips it in half.]

King Kommamachs: It's phony, all right!

[Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder reach the top of the stairs, and King Kommamachs turns to face them.]

Robotnik: Aha, King Kommamachs! I see you have captured our mutual enemy!

[King Kommamachs puts his left hand on Sonic's back.]

King Kommamachs: And thanks to Sonic, I see that you deserve a lesson for your evil ways!

[King Kommamachs points his right index finger at Robotnik.]

King Kommamachs: Dr. Ivo Robotnik, I place on your castle, the curse of Kommamachs!

[Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all stare in shock and scream as a tornado forms around them. The tornado carries them down the stairs.]

King Kommamachs: Version 2, rapid repeating.

[As Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder continue screaming, the screen transitions to the next scene, where the tornado carries them to Robotnik's fortress. The tornado drops them off outside it. Scratch looks up and points his right index finger at Robotnik's fortress]

Scratch: Look, your blubberness!

[Robotnik and Grounder look up.]

Grounder: Your fortress is disappearing!

[Sure enough, Robotnik's fortress does disappear. It then re-appears.]

Scratch: And re-appearing!

[Robotnik's fortress disappears again.]

Grounder: And disappearing!

[Robotnik stares in shock and screams.]

Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic, Tails, and Von Schlemmer are all standing near William's plane, which William is in the pilot's seat of. The camera zooms in on it.]

William: Ah, do not bothair to thank me, monsieurs! Being a great superhero is what I do for ze living!
Sonic: Well, thanks anyway! I never would have got out of that cell without you and Tails!

[Sonic points his right index finger at William, and puts his left hand on Tails' back.]

William: Sometime, mon ami, I will return, and we shall have more adventairs!
Tails: Great!
William: But now, I must go!
Tails: Are you sure you're not afraid to fly anymore?
William: Afraid? William Le Duck? Nevair! Besides, ze Professor has installed a new safety system!

[Von Schlemmer nods his head, "Yes".]

William: I can fly without leaving the ground!

[The legs to the landing gear of William's plane extend.]

William: Au revoir, Tails, my friend! Fly high! Fly strong!

[William's plane rolls away. Tails waves his left hand at it.]

Tails (in a faux French accent): I will do it!

[The screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Tails is in the forest, sitting near a beeping computer. The camera moves to the right side of the screen, where he is.]

Tails: Dumb computer! Stop beeping!

[Sonic runs up to Tails and grabs his left wrist with his right hand.]

Sonic: Hold on, Tails! Learning computers is a little like learning to read!

[Sonic types on the computer keyboard with his left index finger.]

Sonic: It's tough at first, but once you get it, you've got a world of information right at your fingertips!

[A view of the computer screen is shown. It has two headshots of Tails on it, and the words, TWO-TAILED FOX; MOBIUS VARIETY under them.]

Tails: Wow! That's cool!
Sonic (to the viewers): Take your time while learning to use a computer, and ask a teacher for help, cause' the more you know about computers, the more they can teach you!