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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Tails' Tale

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"Tails' Tale" is the fifty-ninth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the fifty-ninth episode, it aired as the sixty-third episode during the show's original run.






Sonic and Tails witness Scratch and Grounder hit Captain William Le Duck's plane with sleeping powder during a dog fight. Tails flies up and steers the plain to a safe landing. Tails tries to introduce Le Duck to Sonic, but Sonic is missing. Le Duck agrees to help Tails find him. Tails takes him to Professor Von Schlemmer who joins them with his Sonic Sonar. The Sonic Sonar leads them to a spot where they hear Sonic's voice talking to them, but they can't see him. Sonic says to wait until dark.

At dark the Temple of Komometz appears. Professor Von Schlemmer and Le Duck are scared to go in, but Tails is determined to save Sonic so he goes in alone where he is chased through a maze by giant bats into a tomb room. Scratch and Grounder are in the tomb room, and they catch Tails, and hold him as their prisoner.

Meanwhile Dr. Robotnik is with King Kommamachs making a deal to pay him to keep Sonic trapped in his temple.

Le Duck goes in the temple to find Tails. He finds himself in the tomb room with Tails, Scratch and Grounder. Tails and Le Duck escape. They find Sonic chained up in a cage. They find a key to the cage, which is also a saw that they use to release Sonic from his chains. King Kommamachs blocks their exit, but Sonic runs past them with his friends. Sonic comes back and tells the King that he was paid with counterfeit money. King Kommamachs, furious that He was tricked, tears up the fake cash and places a curse on Robotnik, which makes a tornado carry him, Scratch and Grounder back to his fortress which continuously disappears -and reappears- before their eyes. Sonic, Tails and Von Schlemmer say good bye to Le Duck as he drives away in his new wheeled plane that Von Schlemmer modified for him.

Sonic Says

Sonic tells Tails to take his time learning how to use computers.


  • When Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder are sent back to their now cursed fortress, Scratch's face is colored yellow like his beak when he says "Look, your blubberness!"

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Le Temple maudit The Temple of Doom
German Im verhexten Tempel von Cocomatz In the bewitched temple of Cocomatz
Italian Il tempio di Comomatz The Comomatz temple
Spanish (Spain) El cuento de Tails Tails tale
Spanish (Latin America) El cuento de Colitas Tails tale


  • Both Tails' first and last names (Miles Prower) and Robotnik's first and last names (Ivo Robotnik) are said in this episode.