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This object exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Plane! It's me, Tails! Remember all the good times we had together?

Miles "Tails" Prower, "Dr. Eggman's Tomato Sauce"

Tails' Plane[2] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a yellow aeroplane belonging to Tails and is his own creation, unlike the Tornado.[3] It serves as Team Sonic's go-to vehicle. Always tinkering with it, the plane is Tails' pride and joy, which he affectionately refers to as a female and his "baby".[4]



The bobblehead onboard Tails' Plane.

Tails' Plane is a single-engine propeller-powered yellow airplane about seven meters long, with a single cockpit that contain a passenger seat at the back. The cockpit possesses no carbine, instead only having a windshield on the front. Its main body is rectangular with a dark grey segment on the bottom, and on the front is a black engine with a two-bladed propeller (which resembles Tails' twin-tails) and two smaller lights below it. Its two wings curve up at the tips and are equipped with handles for passengers to hold onto, and turnable jet engines. Its rear is emblazoned with Tails' symbol. It also has a bobblehead of a fox air captain in the cockpit.

Features and abilities

In addition to being fairly fast, Tails' Plane is highly maneuverable, like Moth Bot, being capable of making sharp turns in close spaces. When needed for stationary flight, the plane can adjust the two jet engines on its wings into a vertical position to keep it fixed in midair.[5] Alternatively, the plane can use these engines to take off from a vertical position.[6] The plane also has an on-board computer system with wireless networking for detection and various analyses.[5][7][8] In addition, it possesses a laser targeting system for attachable weapons.[9] It also features a cooling system and a highly advanced (albeit not infallible) autopilot system.[8][10][11]

Tails' Plane possesses a surprisingly high modular design, being able to use different forms of gadgets and armaments, such as a grabbling claw and Tails' Unbolterizer.[9] The bottom of the plane also features a storage compartment for dropping various forms of aerial bombs.[12][13] A more novel function is a sound system built into the wings.[4]



Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, Tails' Plane was used by Team Sonic to travel between the islands during their investigation of the deadly weather patterns caused by Dr. Eggman.

TV series

Season one

Tails with his plane on a mission.

Built by himself, Tails took his place into usage after the loss of the Tornado, though he would accidentally place a Manufacturer's Warranty on it despite being the manufacturer himself (even giving himself a receipt).[1]

One time, Team Sonic used Tails' Plane to head to Dr. Eggman's lair to save it from Obliterator Bot.[14] Later, Tails used his plane to fly to Eggman's lair and negotiate with Dave the Intern, who had locked himself in the lair.[5] Sonic and Tails later flew to Eggman's lair in Tails' plane to warn Eggman that Cowbot was coming for him.[15] During a battle with Octopus Bot later on, Tails tried using his untested Unbolterizer from his plane, but it malfunctioned, got him knocked down, and endangered his team. As such, he flew home in his plane to fix his invention. After fixing the Unbolterizer, Tails used his plane and his Unbolterizer to save his team from T.W. Barker's Circus of Wonders after they were caught by T.W. Barker.[9] Later on, Tails used his plane to make a sand sculpture with his friends, though he had to clean sand out of its gaskets afterwards.[16]

During Moth Bot's attack, Tails had his plane drop mothballs on the robot, staggering it long enough for Sonic to defeat it.[12] Eventually, while Tails worked on his plane, his friends thought he spent too much time on it and got him to take a break. Weeks later though, Tails began having mechanical trouble with it due to the robotic cans for Eggman's Tomato Sauce infecting it. Soon, the plane went rogue and attacked Team Sonic. Lacking the heart to destroy his plane, Tails decided to reason with it instead. Eventually, he managed to get the attention of his plane and jump into it, thus allowing him to hotwire his plane and get it back under control. He then flew it to Eggman's lair to help his team defeat Eggman's latest scheme.[4]

Tails' Plane after taking a hit from a rock monster.

While out in his plane, Tails found a Granifer Giganticus whom Sonic and Knuckles awoke. Tails tried to fight Rocky, but his plane was heavily damaged, leaving Tails to repair it while Sonic, Knuckles and Amy used another method to reach Sticks on a peak.[1] Then, when Eggman's systems were taken over by Nominatus, Tails' Plane was remotely controlled by Orbot and Cubot when they used a digital version of it in cyberspace. As such, Tails' Plane flew around haphazardly until Nominatus was stopped.[7] Later, as Team Sonic was called to arms to defend Chez Amy, Tails used his plane for a bombardment of the invading Badniks.[13] Another time, the plane was used by Sonic, Amy and Sticks alone to reach Eggman's lair and save an alternate Knuckles.[17] The plane was also used by Tails to help keep the villagers safe from Octopus Bot, which Dave the Intern was using, until Sonic stopped the robot.[18]

Tails' Plane with Team Sonic hanging by Enerbeams.

After being used for Sonic and Knuckles' wheelbarrow race, Tails used his plane for a battle with Decimator Bot, but was too distracted by Zooey to pull off the Speeding Swing Surprise, and eventually landed it close to Zooey. When Eggman's Giant Robot later caught Zooey, Tails save her and destroy the robot with the Unbolterizer using his plane.[19] Tails' Plane was also used to take Team Sonic into a battle with Obliterator Bot, the majority of the team hanging from it by Enerbeams.[20] Coming under attack by Eggman's league of villains dubbed Team Eggman later on, Tails used his plane to survey for his team when Willy Walrus attacked in Moth Bot. After a close aerial battle, Tails and his plane got Willy to crash into a mountain.[21]

Season two

One time, Tails used his plane to bring Sticks to Eggman's lair for an investigation, only to leave it to itself to save Sticks when she spontaneously jumped out of the aircraft.[11] The plane was later take out to sea by Team Sonic to investigate some seismic activity. Discovering Eggman's Wave Machine, the team would return in the plane with diving equipment. Tails himself guided the team from his plane and even donated its hose to save Sonic, before taking his team home with his plane after they beat Eggman.[8] Dimwitted Tails clones would later take the plane for a ride through the Village Center, making it much harder for Amy to catch the clones.[22] Tails later used his plane for scouting while his team fought the Egg Tank, during which it took a few nasty hits.[23]

Tails' Plane having been landed by Dave.

One time, Tails' Plane was used by Sticks and Dave the Intern (the latter acting as its pilot) to reach Meh Burger when it got sent towards space by Eggman with all its visitors (including Sticks' team). After helping evacuate the visitors and make Meh Burger fall back down, Sticks and Dave picked Team Sonic up in Tails' Plane just before Meh Burger hit the ground, although the plane had a rough landing afterwards.[24] During Eggman's attempted theft of the Fregosi Sapphire, Tails used his plane to save Sonic when he fell of a cliff and dodge the Eggmobile's lasers.[25] Sonic and Tails later tried reaching the airborne Morristown with Tails' Plane, only to come under attack by the city's spaceship sentries. In the ensuring dogfight between Tails' Plane and the sentries, Sonic and Tails managed to bring all the ships down and use one to sneak past Morristown's defenses.[26]

When Eggman lured Team Sonic into a trap, Tails flew his plane and its Unbolterizer into battle against Eggman's robots. Despite some technical issues with Tails' Plane, Team Sonic pulled off another victory, and Tails flew his team home in his plane.[6] Later, when a crazy Cubot began taking innocent people towards space using the Anti Gravity Ray, Sonic and Tails used the plane to reach Cubot in the atmosphere. Armed with the control knob for the Anti Gravity Ray, which was given to them by Orbot, Sonic used the plane and his Enerbeam to reach Cubot and reverse the Anti Gravity Ray. As everyone began descending, Sonic and Tails used the plane to get down to earth.[27] When later babysitting baby Chumley, Tails took him out for a ride in his plane, which Chumley enjoyed immensely.[28] Tails soon after returned to working on his plane until he broke one its bolts, which he promptly replaced using his Build-it Box.[29] When Team Sonic later accidentally fired one of Eggman's missiles, the crew used Tails' Plane to catch up to the missile, thereby allowing three of them to board the missile and divert it into the mountains.[30] Sticks later used Tails' Plane to search for Dr. Eggman and his inter-dimensional doppelganger in order to prevent the end of the world.[31]

Archie Comics

Tails, Amy and Knuckles arriving in Tails' Plane, from Sonic Boom #7.

When Sonic was attacked by Dr. Eggman's Spider-Kart during the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix, Tails' Plane was used by Tails, Knuckles and Amy in a successful attempt to both distract and damage Eggman's vehicle, enabling Sonic to win the race. After some trouble finding a parking spot for the plane, the team joined the attack.[32]


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