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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Tails' New Home

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Tails' New Home".

[The episode begins with Tails flying worriedly across the hills of Mobius. He stops, then looks back.]

Tails: He's gonna get me!

[Right behind Tails is Grounder, who has a propeller in his right arm, large metal snapping jaws in his left, and jet engines where his treads would normally be. Tails stares in shock at him.]

Tails: [screams]

[Tails pulls his head, legs, and tails into his body, then pulls them out the other way. He flies away just in time to avoid being caught by Grounder's jaws.]

Grounder: Your high-tailing days are over, brat!

[Tails flies away, with his hands on the sides of his head.]

Tails: I should have listened to Sonic.

[Tails runs into Scratch, who has a grappling gun.]

Tails: Oh, no! I really should have listened!

[Tails flies away in an upper-left direction.]

Scratch: In case you hadn't noticed, fuzz face, you're trapped!

[Scratch fires his grappling gun at Tails, but falls over in the process.]

Scratch: Oh!

[The hands of the grappling gun grab Tails by his legs.]

Tails: Ow!

[Soon, the rope comes to an end.]

Tails: Ugh!

[Tails tries flying up, but falls down.]

Tails: Ugh! Ugh! [screams]

[Tails flies up to a tree and stands on its branch.]

Tails: Help!

[At the other end of the rope, Scratch climbs up the hill, grunting]

Scratch: Who says chickens are stupid? I just outfoxed a fox! Bwahaha!

[Just then, Sonic spins up the hill and the rope, knocking over Scratch, who screams in pain. Sonic then reaches the tree, where Tails is.]

Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: What's the prob, kid? These Robotskis pickin' on you?

[Tails nods his head, "Yes".]

Tails: Sonic, look out!

[Grounder, who now has his propeller and jaws in the opposite arms, flies towards Sonic and Tails.]

Grounder: Ha ha! Now we got you both!

[Sonic jumps towards Grounder, then grabs his left arm and spins on it.]

Grounder: Hey! What are you trying to do? G-get off of me!

[Sonic lands on Grounder's back. He then opens Grounder's back compartment.]

Sonic: I'll take the chicken, please.

[Sonic pulls out a tray with a chicken leg and a glass of orange juice and sets it on Grounder's head. He then pulls out a white checkered bib and ties it around his neck. He then picks up the chicken leg with his left hand and puts it in his mouth, only to find out it tastes terrible.]

Sonic: Ugh!

[Sonic pulls down a giant white curtain, so as not to show the viewers him spitting out the chicken leg.]

Sonic: Ew, yuck!

[Sonic, who is no longer wearing the bib, pulls the curtain back up.]

Sonic: I hate airline food!

[Sonic tosses the tray aside. He then pulls a pair of headphones out of Grounder's back compartment and puts them on his head. He then leans back.]

Sonic: I wonder what the movie is on this flight.
Grounder: I don't have a movie!

[Sonic is no longer wearing the headphones.]

Sonic: What? No movie? That's no way to treat a first class passenger!

[Sonic puts his hands over Grounder's eyes.]

Grounder: Stop that! I... I can't see!

[Sure enough, Grounder starts to fly out of control. During the next few scenes, Grounder's propeller and jaws are in the opposite arms again.]

Sonic: Yee-haw! Whoa!
Grounder: We're gonna crash!

[Grounder screams in terror]

Sonic: All right! Ha-ha! Yeah! Listen to me. Just fly straight for two seconds and then turn left.
Grounder: Oh, yeah, sure. Like I'm gonna trust you? I think I'll turn right!

[Grounder does turn right, heading straight for a grain tower. Sonic jumps off just in time. Grounder opens his eyes, and sees he's about to crash.]

Grounder: Right....

[Grounder crashes into the grain tower. His drills and treads are now back. Sonic looks down at him.]

Grounder: Into this grain tower. Oh!
Sonic: Rough flight, huh? You'll feel better when you land.

[Sonic jumps off the grain tower just as Grounder begins to fall off it. Sonic is now at the bottom of the tower, tapping his right foot.]

Sonic: I'm waiting!

[Grounder appears to be falling on top of Sonic, but fortunately, Sonic backs away just in time to avoid getting hit as Grounder literally falls to pieces.]

Sonic: Sad, isn't it? Breaking up is so hard to do.
Tails [heard offscreen]: Sonic, help!

[Sonic runs towards Tails, and as soon as he's offscreen, he tosses a bunch of dirt and a flower to bury Grounder under. Grounder pokes his head out from under the flower. Meanwhile, Tails is struggling to stay in the air as Scratch is reeling him in with a winch.]

Scratch: Gonna get you, gonna get you!

[As Scratch grunts heavily while reeling Tails in, Sonic runs up to the middle of the rope. He spin jumps and cuts the rope, setting Tails free. Scratch reels in what remains of his end of the rope, which now causes the winch to spin out of control and launch Scratch into the air.]

Scratch: Yeow-how-how! Whoa!

[Tails flies up to the tree and stands on the branch, panting heavily. Scratch flies into the tree, causing Tails to fall.]

Tails: Yeow!

[Tails lands on his head at the bottom of the tree. Sonic runs up to him and picks up his head with both hands.]

Sonic:Tails! You okay, little buddy?
Tails [wearily]: Uh, I don't feel so good.
Sonic: That's it! That's the last time I'm gonna let this happen!

[Sonic holds up his right arm, and spins it clockwise to create a transition to the next scene, which takes place in the same hills.]

Tails [heard offscreen]: I'm fine, Sonic! I can helitail myself! Honest!
Sonic [heard offscreen]: I don't think so!

[Sonic walks around one of the hills, revealing he is pulling a wagon that Tails, who is now wrapped in bandages, is riding in.]

Tails: At least, could we go a little faster?
Sonic: Too risky, pal. I don't want you to get hurt again, ever!
Tails: I won't! I promise!
Sonic: You sure won't, cause I'm gonna make sure of it!

[Sometime after Tails' recovery, Sonic and Tails are standing outside a house.]

Tails: What are we doing here?
Sonic: It's your new home!

[Inside the house, Sonic and Tails meet a married Stork couple.]

Mr. Stork: We've never had our own baby,
Mrs. Stork: So we told the agency we'd adopt anybody.

[Sonic sniffs as a trail of grey smoke forms above him and Tails.]

Sonic: Is something burning?
Mrs. Stork: No, I'm just baking cookies for our new little boy.

[In the kitchen, a huge fire breaks out, and also breaks down the door.]

Sonic: Excuse me.

[Sonic runs away, then comes back, wearing a fireman's hat and holding a fire extinguisher in his right hand.]

Sonic: Stand back!

[Sonic runs up to the fire. In the next scene, he is wearing fire-fighting gloves and boots as he puts out the fire. Mrs. Stork walks up to him and pats him on the head with her right hand.]

Mrs. Stork: Thank you, young man. That's the second time today I've turned the oven up too high.

[Meanwhile, Mr. Stork is showing Tails around the house.]

Mr. Stork: Come on, Tails, I'll show you around. We want our home to be your home.

[Mr. Stork steps on a rug and slips.]

Mr. Stork: Whoops!

[Mr. Stork slides toward a table where their pet Goldfish is in a bowl is. The Goldfish stares in shock, then pulls out a piece of paper and a fishbone pen, which he uses to write his will. The paper says in cursive letters, LAST WILLIOMY TESTAMENT, ALL MY U,, and TO XXX in red letters. The Goldfish then crumples the paper into a ball, puts it in his mouth, and swallows it. Mr. Stork slides into the table, causing the Goldfish and its bowl to fly into the air.]

Goldfish: [yells]

[Sonic catches the bowl and runs up to the Goldfish, catching him in the bowl. The Goldfish sighs in relief. Mrs. Stork walks up to Sonic, who is now holding the bowl in his left hand, and picks up the bowl with her left hand. The Goldfish trembles in fear as Mrs. Stork talks to Sonic.]

Mrs. Stork: Thank you again. That happened so many times last week, our old Goldfish moved away.

[The Goldfish is now begging.]

Goldfish: Oh, I don't want to die! No, please! I don't want to die! I can't...

[Sonic scratches his head with his left index finger. A splash can be heard in the background, and it is revealed that Mrs. Stork put the bowl on Mr. Stork's head. Mrs. Stork pats Tails on his head with her left hand.]

Mrs. Stork: Come on, sweetie. Let's go upstairs, and I'll show you your room.

[Mr. Stork scratches the bowl with his left index finger as the Goldfish swims around his head. Upstairs, Mrs. Stork is showing Sonic and Tails the bathroom.]

Mrs. Stork: Guess what? When you live with us, you'll have your very own bathroom!

[Mrs. Stork opens the bathroom door, revealing a huge flood of water behind it, which sprays onto her, Sonic, and Tails and carries them across the hall.]

Mrs. Stork: Hmmm. I wonder if I forgot to turn off the shower.

[Meanwhile, Mr. Stork is grunting as he pushes the Goldfish bowl off his head with his feet. He manages to get it off, and the Goldfish jumps out of his left ear. The Goldfish then pulls out a suitcase in his right hand and a hat in his left, which he puts on his head and walks angrily away. Mr. Stork stares in shock at the flood and tries to run away from it, but it catches up to him. Mr. and Mrs. Stork are now flooded out of their house. They sit up, and as Mrs. Stork talks to Mr. Stork, she wrings out his hat and hands it to him.]

Mrs. Stork: George, remember the last time this happened? It made the pilot light go out on the gas heater.
Mr. Stork: I remember.
Mrs. Stork: And then the electrical system started sparking.
Mr. Stork: I remember.
Mrs. Stork: And then weren't we in for a big surprise!
Mr. Stork: I wish I could forget.

[Mr. Stork pulls on his tie. Just then, Mr. and Mrs. Stork's house explodes. Meanwhile, Sonic is now pulling the wagon that Tails is riding in again.]

Tails: I think I'd be safer living with Robotnik.
Sonic: Okay, so they weren't the safest family on Mobius. But I'm still gonna find you a good home!

[In the next scene, Sonic and Tails are standing outside Sergeant Doberman's house.]

Sonic: Well, this is it, Tails. You'll be safe here. Before he retired, Sergeant Doberman was one of Mobius' bravest soldiers.

[Sergeant Doberman drives his two-cannoned tank up to Sonic and Tails. He then rises from the hatch.]

Sergeant Doberman: Troops, fall in.

[Sonic and Tails look behind themselves.]

Sgt. Doberman: Ten-hut!
Sonic and Tails: [both scream]

[Sonic and Tails run frantically, then stand up. Sergeant Doberman jumps out of his tank, then walks up to them.]

Sgt. Doberman: Which one of you yardbirds is a new recruit?
Sonic: I think you got it wrong, Sarge. Tails here is looking to join your family.
Sgt. Doberman: Then pull in your guts, stick out your chest, keep those tails at attention!

[Tails pulls in his guts, then pulls on his chest with his right hand, then salutes with his right tail while his left one forms an American flag.]

Sgt. Doberman: Down on the ground, give me fifty!

[Sonic and Tails do some push-ups.]

Sgt. Doberman: One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two!

[Sonic stops, panting heavily.]

Sonic: Can I... [pant] ...ask a... [pant] ...question?

[Sergeant Doberman presses his head up against Sonic's.]

Sgt Doberman: No! Do what you're told! Run in place, one, two, one two!

[Sonic and Tails run in place]

Sgt Doberman: Move out!

[Sonic and Tails run, with Sergeant Doberman following them the entire time.]

Sgt. Doberman: One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two!

[Sonic and Tails are now panting heavily, with sweat rolling down from their heads.]

Tails: Sonic... [pant] ...I don't like this... [pant] ...guy.
Sonic: They say... ...his wife's... ...real nice.
Sgt. Doberman: One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two!

[Just then, a huge explosion, complete with the word, BAM! fills up the screen. It launches Sonic, Tails, and Sergeant Doberman into the air, causing them to fall.]

Sonic and Tails: Ugh!
Sonic: Hey, what was that?

[Several explosions can be seen and heard in the distance. Sergeant Doberman walks up to see the explosions in the distance. He then walks up to Sonic and Tails.]

Sgt. Doberman: Oh, it's the Missus. I assigned her to the artillery range for target practice.

[An explosion, complete with the word, BAM can be seen and heard in the distance. This explosion causes Sergeant Doberman's helmet to fly into the air, then land on his head.]

Sgt. Doberman: Hmmm. Probably should have waited till' she got her new glasses. Didn't I order you rookies to do your exercises?

[Sergeant Doberman looks down and finds Sonic and Tails are no longer there. Sonic and Tails wave to him in the distance.]

Sonic: Right, Sarge! We are! We're taking a hike, double time! We're up, over, and gone!

[Sonic spins and grabs Tails by his left arm with his right hand. He then spins away, just in time, as several cannisters are fired at him and Tails. The screen irises out, then in the next scene, Sonic and Tails are cooking chili dogs in a stewpot. Specifically, they are roasting their hot dogs over the fire.]

Tails: Sonic, can't we just forget this whole idea?
Sonic: No way! I'm finding you a family!

[Tails pulls his hot dog off his stick with his left hand. Sonic grabs a spoon with his right hand and scoops up some of the chili in the stewpot with it, which he pours on Tails' chili dog.]

Sonic: So we made a couple of bad choices. We'll find you the right spot. Mobius is full of nice people.

[In the next scene, Sonic and Tails are back at the hills. A bird flies past them as they walk across the path.]

Tails: Come on, Sonic. Do we have to meet another family?
Sonic: Yep! We're gonna keep meeting families till' we find the one that's perfect for you!"

[In the next scene, Grounder is revealed to have been spying on Sonic and Tails, looking through a telescope in his right arm.]

Grounder: Aha! Here they come!

[Grounder turns his telescope back into his drill. He then rolls up to a bush and hits it with his left arm. Scratch is revealed to be hiding in that bush.]

Scratch: [yells]

[Scratch stands up from inside the bush. Grounder pulls out a bush of his own to hide in.]

Grounder: You ready?
Scratch: Let me test it.

[Scratch pulls out a microphone, which he is now holding in his left hand.]

Scratch: Ahem. Friends, Mobians, fellow evil robots,

[The microphone is revealed to be wired to a sign. The sign has eyes and a mouth, as well as a picture of Baby Tails (wearing a bonnet) next to the words, HAVE YOU SEEN ME?.]

Scratch: A funny thing happened to me on the way to conquering your planet. Bwahaha! Have you seen this missing child?

[Sonic and Tails walk up to the sign. Tails stops when he sees his baby picture on the sign and grabs Sonic's right arm with his right hand, pulling him back, and pointing to the sign with his left index finger]

Tails: Sonic! Look! That's me!
Scratch: If you know this little cutie's whereabouts,

[The picture of Baby Tails turns into a picture of what appears to be his two parents. However, it is still very clear they're imposters. A tear rolls down from the fake mother's eye.]

Scratch: His poor, unhappy, miserbale, sad, and lonely real parents would like to hear from you!

[The sign sprouts a right arm, and points to Sonic and Tails with its right index finger]

Tails: Did you hear that? My real parents!
Sonic: Yeah, but where are they?
Scratch: To reach this missing child's parents, go to 113 Mobius View Drive.

[A picture of the house is shown on the sign. The gate in front of the house says, IDYLL.]

Tails: Come on, Sonic! You wanted me to find a family, and this is my real one!
Sonic: A Mom? A Dad? A picket fence?
Tails: Yeah!

[Tails flies away.]

Tails: I'll see you there!

[Sonic scratches his head with his right hand and walks after Tails. At 113 Mobius View Drive, Tails' Fake Parents are seen talking to Tails, who is surrounded by presents.]

Tails' Fake Father: He just wandered away, and we've looked everywhere. He was too young to remember us.

[Tails' Fake Mother walks up to Tails, carrying a boxed train set.]

Tails' Fake Mother: This here is your train set, Tails.

[Tails' Fake Mother drops the boxed train set on Tails. Tails, who now has a piece of railroad track over his eyes, pokes his head out of the box and blows rings of grey smoke, sounding like a train whistle. Tails' Fake Father tosses a baseball mitt, which lands on Tails.]

Tails' Fake Father: And a great mitt, so we can play catch.

[Tails' Fake Father tosses a baseball at the mitt.]

Tails' Fake Father: And there's your video game library.

[At the TV, Tails' Fake Mother is holding a pot with what appears to be butterscotch pudding in her left hand and a spoon in her right, which she is stirring with.]

Tails' Fake Mother: And you can have anything you want for dinner tonight, with two desserts!

[Tails' Fake Mother points to Tails with the spoon. Tails eats the pudding, then licks his lips.]

Tails' Fake Father: Tails belongs with his own kind.

[Sonic looks back at Tails.]

Tails' Fake Mother: He'll get regular meals,

[Tails can now be seen sitting in his Fake Mother's lap as they hold each other's hands.]

Tails' Fake Mother: Go to the best schools, and we'll make sure he'll never be in danger.
Tails: Sounds really great, huh, Sonic?
Sonic [sadly]: I guess.

[Tails runs up to Sonic.]

Tails: It's just what you wanted for me, wasn't it? Huh?
Sonic [sadly]: Yeah.

[A tear rolls down from Sonic's right eye. In the next scene, Tails is playing with his baseball mitt and ball in the front yard as Sonic is talking to Tails' Fake Parents.]

Sonic: Promise me one thing; don't ever let Robotnik find out he's here!
Tails' Fake Father: Of course not, Sonic. We'll take Tails to our place in the mountains, and Robotnik will never find him.

[Sonic sadly walks up to Tails and puts his left arm over his back.]

Sonic: Well, keed, gotta speed.
Tails: I'll miss you, Sonic.

[Sonic gives Tails a high-four with his right hand and Tails' left.]

Sonic: Hey, easy on the mush! There's only one way to handle good-byes. I'll miss...

[Sonic spins away.]


[Tails sadly waves good-bye to Sonic with his left hand. Tails' Fake Father walks angrily up to him. Wires can be seen sticking out of the back of his neck, a sign that he's a robot. Dr. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder can be seen in Robotnik's lair, spying on Tails on a monitor. Robotnik stares in awe as Tails' Fake Father walks up to Tails.]

Tails' Fake Father: The masquerade's over! We'll take back those presents!

[Tails' Fake Father takes Tails' baseball mitt from him.]

Tails: Huh?

[Tails' fake father removes his mask, revealing he is indeed a robot. Specifically, one resembling an ant.]

Tails: [screams] Sonic, help!

[Tails' Fake Mother has removed her mask, revealing she is also a robot, and like Tails' Fake Father, it is one resembling an ant.]

Tails' Fake Mother: It's too late, babyface! Your hedgehog hero's gone!

[A video camera can be seen in a tree, and it is revealed that that is whar Robotnik used to spy on Tails. Back at Robotnik's lair, Robotnik shuts off the monitor.]

Dr. Robotnik: Sonic fell for it! Tails is ours! I'll have to give myself a promotion!

[The word, PROMOTION appears above Robotnik in gold letters, which he pushes away with his left hand. He then uses the same hand to pin a badge on his chest.]

Scratch: Congratulations, your despicableness!

[Robotnik marches past Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: With Tails under my control, I can force Sonic to do anything I want!

[Grounder rolls up to Robotnik and points to his back with his left drill.]

Grounder: Could you have him scratch right there between my shoulder bolts? It really itches.

[Robotnik kicks Grounder away with his left foot. He then runs his right index finger through his mustache.]

Robotnik': Perhaps. When I get done with Sonic..."

[Robotnik laughs evilly.]

Robotnik: He'll be glad to shine your treads!

[Meanwhile, Sonic runs through the forest. He stops when he gets to a boulder and sits sadly down in front of it.]

Sonic: It was the only thing I could do. He's just a kid.

[Sonic kicks some pebbles in front of him with his left foot.]

Sonic: He belongs with his family.

[Sonic looks up, then jumps on top of the boulder]

Sonic: Yeah! It was the right thing!

[Sonic's muscles inflate, making him look very muscular. The sun rises up next to him, and Sonic and the sun both frown. The sun sets, then Sonic melts into a puddle and slides down the boulder, then forms back to normal]

Sonic: It's not gonna be the same without him. Never thought I'd say that after the uncool way we met.

[Sonic's flashback, which is done entirely in black, white, and blue colors, begins. In Sonic's flashback, Sonic runs past the hills of Mobius and stops when he gets to a tree. He dances, then does a pose as Baby Tails (wearing a diaper and a bonnet) falls on top of him headfirst.]

Sonic and Baby Tails: Oof!

[Sonic and Baby Tails both fall over, and a lump forms on Sonic's head.]

Baby Tails: Sorry, mister.

[Sonic stands up and looks down angrily at Baby Tails.]

Sonic: Hey, what's the big idea?

[A lump forms on Baby Tails' head as he points to the tree with his right index finger.]

Baby Tails: I just wanted to live with those guys, but they kicked me out!

[Sonic looks up at the tree. In the tree is a nest, where a Mother Bird and her two children look down angrily at Baby Tails. The Mother Bird then pulls down the leaves to cover her and her children.]

Sonic: Why'd you want to live with them? You're not a bird!

[Sonic picks up Baby Tails.]

Baby Tails: I'm not?
Sonic: No!

[Baby Tails stands up.]

Baby Tails: But I can fly! Maybe I'm a bug!
Sonic: You're a fox, and foxes don't fly!
Baby Tails: I do!

[Baby Tails flies around Sonic.]

Sonic: Hey! You've got two tails!
Baby Tails: Doesn't everyone?

[Baby Tails falls and lands in Sonic's arms.]

Baby Tails: Can I live with you?
Sonic: But don't you have a family?
Baby Tails: Nope. I've been lost for a long time, and I need somebody to live with.

[Sonic puts Baby Tails down.]

Sonic: Well, I can't slow down for stuff like that. Gotta juice, kid!

[Sonic runs away. As he runs along the path, Baby Tails flies up to him.]

Baby Tails: Wanna see me cry? Waaaah!

[Baby Tails' tears fill up the path and cause Sonic to slip.]

Sonic: Whoa! Yeow!

[Sonic crashes. Baby Tails stops crying when he notices this, and flies up to Sonic. In the next scene, Baby Tails is carrying Sonic by his tail with his mouth. Sonic looks up at Baby Tails.]

Sonic: Okay, okay, you can tag along for a while, and I'll think about it.

[As soon as Baby Tails talks, he lets go of Sonic's tail, causing Sonic to fall.]

Sonic: Whoa!
Baby Tails: Great! You can be my big brother!

[Sonic crashes again.]

Sonic: Oof!

[In the next scene, Sonic is being carried in a bindle by Baby Tails, as he is heavily injured. Specifically, he has a bandage on his forehead, a patch over his right eye, and his left arm in a cast and sling.]

Sonic: What's your name, squirt?
Baby Tails: Promise not to tell anyone? It's Miles.
Sonic: Miles?
Baby Tails: Yeah, I hate it.
Sonic: Okay, I'll call you something else. I'll call you "Tails"!

[Upon hearing this, Baby Tails starts to fly out of control, and he doesn't even notice the trouble he's getting Sonic into.]

Sonic: Huh?
Baby Tails: Wow! What a day!
Sonic: Whoa! Whoa!
Baby Tails: I find out, I'm not a bird, I'm not a bug!

[Sonic is now holding onto the back of the bindle for his life as Baby Tails flies away.]

Sonic: Yikes!
Baby Tails: I get a big brother and a new name, I'm Tails!

[Sonic's flashback ends. As Sonic is seen sitting in a spotlight, Tails' Fake Father appears in a circle on the right side of the screen.]

Tails' Fake Father: Tails belongs with his own kind.

[Sonic realizes something, then stands up.]

Sonic: Wait a sec! If those were his real parents, they'd have called him "Miles", not the name I gave him!

[The spotlight disappears.]

Sonic: Something smells, and I bathed this morning!

[Sonic runs away, creating a cloud of grey dust. Back at 113 Mobius View Drive, Robotnik kicks the house's door open with his left foot and marches inside. Tails is tied to a chair, with his mouth muffled, and Tails' Fake parents are surrounding him. Tails' Fake Father is holding a pitchfork in his right hand and Tails' Fake Mother is holding a rolling pin in her right hand. Robotnik marches up to Tails' Fake Father. They do a similar pose, and high-four each other with their right hands.]

Robotnik: Aha! Is the brat secure?
Tails' Fake Father: Secure, your nastiness.

[Tails struggles to get out, but to no avail. Robotnik sticks his tongue out at him, then turns to Scratch.]

Robotnik: Apply the test sneaker to the Magnetic Sneaker-Gripper Hedgehog-Trapper rug!

[Scratch salutes Robotnik with his right arm. He then uses his right hand to plug his beak as his left hand pulls out the test sneaker, which is tied to a rope. He then tosses it, and it lands on the Magnetic Sneaker-Gripper Hedgehog-Trapper rug. Robotnik turns the rug on, and Scratch pulls on the rope to try to pull the test sneaker off, but to no avail, as the rug is working perfectly. Scratch grunts heavily.]

Scratch: The Magnetic Sneaker-Gripper Hedgehog-Trapper rug is working perfectly. You can shut it off.

[Robotnik turns off the rug, causing it to let go of the test sneaker and Scratch to fly across the room as a result.]

Scratch: [yells]

[Scratch crashes.]

Robotnik: Test the Ceiling-Squasher Sonic-Smasher/Cruncher!

[Grounder, who now has a golden chest compartment, grumbles unintelligibly, then opens the chest compartment with his left drill. He reaches into it with the same drill, and in the next scene, is holding a remote control in his right drill and presses the button with his left. The Cieling-Squasher Sonic-Smasher/Cruncher lowers onto the rug.]

Grounder: Ceiling-Squasher Sonic-Smasher/Cruncher is A-okay!"
Robotnik: Now all we have to do is lure the hedgehog to his doom.

[Robotnik runs his left index finger through his mustache and pulls out a letter, which he hands to Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: I want you two to find Sonic and deliver this ransom note!
Scratch: We can do that.

[Scratch is about to grab the letter with his right hand, when he hears something.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: I'm sorry, you can't do that.

[Everyone turns their attention to Sonic, who is dressed like a postman. However, all that postman disguise consists of is a hat and a mail bag. Sonic walks up to Robotnik.]

Sonic: Only an official Mobius postman like me can deliver letters.

[Sonic grabs the letter from Robotnik with his right hand. He holds it with his left hand, and opens it with his right, then pulls out the ransom note with his right hand and tosses the envelope aside. He is quick to notice something written on the ransom note.]

Sonic: Oops! You're in trouble, doctor!

[Robotnik leans up to Sonic.]

Robotnik: I'm never in trouble! I make trouble!

[Sonic pushes Robotnik aside with his left hand, and points to the ransom note with the same hand.]

Sonic: You spelled "Kidnapped" with a "C"!

[Sure enough, the word, "Cidnapped" is shown on the ransom note.]

Robotnik: So? When I take total control of Mobius, that's the way everyone will spell it!
Sonic: And this is all wrong; "Get here immediately if you know what's good for your two-tailed friend!".
Scratch: Really? I kind of liked it.
Sonic: Everybody knows Sonic wouldn't get here immediately.

[Sonic tosses the ransom note aside.]

Sonic: He'd get here before immediately!

[Sonic removes his hat with his right hand and tosses it at Robotnik, who catches it with both hands.]

Scratch and Grounder: Hey!

[Sonic spins past Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder. He then spins up to Tails' Fake Parents and spins around them, then ties them to each other by their tails. Tails' Fake Parents scream in pain as they try to run away from each other, but their tails pull them back once, causing them to crash into each other, then again, turning them into a giant tin can that says, Antran APPLE SAUCE on the label. Sonic has now untied and unmuffled tails, and tosses the muffler aside.]

Sonic: Get out of here, Tails!
Tails: I want to stay and help!
Sonic: You get out of here now, or I'll tell everyone your real name is "Miles".
Tails: No! Not that!

[Tails flies away, and crashes through a wall.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: [screams]

[Tails has left a Tails-shaped hole in the wall as Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder are lying on the floor. Robotnik has a bulge in his left eye. He reaches for it with his left hand and pulls out a brick, which he tosses aside.]

Robotnik: Activate the Magnetic Sneaker-Gripper Hedgehog-Trapper Rug!

[Scratch runs up to the rug.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: Get him! Get that hedgehog!

[Sonic notices the test sneaker, still tied up in the rope, to his right side and jumps towards it. He picks it up with his left arm and spins towards Robotnik, who is jumping angrily and growling unintelligibly. Sonic spins around Robotnik, tying the rope with the test sneaker around him.]

Robotnik: [screams]
[Scratch turns on the rug.]
Scratch [heard offscreen]: Sneaker-Gripper, activated!

[The rug pulls Robotnik towards it by the test sneaker, and Robotnik flies across the room.]

Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog!

[Robotnik lands on the rug, which flattens him.]

Robotnik: It's your fault, you bumbling metal-heads! I never should have made you! You make me sick!"

[Robotnik growls unintelligibly as Scratch and Grounder look down at him.]

Grounder: Oooh. How do we get him off of there?
Scratch: We come back tuesday.
Grounder: Tuesday?
Scratch: Yeah! Maybe by that time, he'll have yelled so much, he'll have lost his voice!

[Scratch walks away, but Grounder reaches with his right arm and pulls Scratch back by his tail feathers with his right drill.]

Scratch: Ow-how-how!
Grounder: Hold it! It's our duty as shoe-licking yes-bots to stay here and catch Sonic!
Sonic [heard offscreen]: Excuse me.

[Sonic is revealed to be in his postman disguise again, and he is holding a letter in his left hand]

Sonic: That fake postman who was just here forgot this special delivery fan mail for Scratch and Grounder.
Scratch: Fan mail?
Grounder: For us? Aw, gee!
[Scratch and Grounder turn into snakes and wrap around each other. Sonic squeezes the envelope open and catches the letter with both hands.]
Sonic: Here's a nice one from Lulu Q. Besson of East Mobius. "Dear Grounder, you are my hero. Will you show me how to open your chest compartment?"

[Grounder sticks out his chest.]

Grounder: Sure, Lulu. Anything for a fan. It opens like this.
[Grounder opens his chest compartment with his right drill, and Sonic reaches in with his left hand. He pulls out the remote to the Ceiling-Squasher Sonic-Smasher/Cruncher, and is now bouncing it in his left hand while holding the letter in his right and reading over it.]
Sonic: "Dear Grounder and Scratch, now see how it feels to have the Ceiling-Squasher Sonic-Smasher/Cruncher fall on you."

[Sonic tosses the remote at Grounder, who catches it with both drills. He and Scratch look at each other, then Grounder presses the button with his left drill, activating the Ceiling-Squasher Sonic-Smasher/Cruncher. They look up when they hear it whirring.]

Scratch and Grounder: Uh-oh!

[The Ceiling-Squasher Sonic-Smasher/Cruncher falls on them, flattening them. Sonic runs away, then the Ceiling-Squasher Sonic-Smasher/Cruncher rises back up.]

Grounder: Dear Lulu, thanks for the letter. Why don't you take a long walk off a short pier? Fondly yours, Grounder.

[A spring springs out of Grounder's belly button. In the next scene, Sonic and Tails are walking across the hills of Mobius.]

Sonic: Sorry for all the trouble, squirt. I was just trying to find you a real family.
Tails: I got a real family! I got the best!
Sonic: Yeah? Where?
Tails: A family is just people who care about each other more than anyone else, right?
Sonic: Right.
Tails: You're it! You're my Mom, you're my Dad, and you're my picket fence!

[Tails is about to hug Sonic, but Sonic stops him by holding out his hands like Stop signs.]

Sonic: Whoa! You're not gonna use the "L" word, are you?

[Tails, dejected, turns away.]

Tails: Well...

[Sonic picks up Tails and starts carrying him and spinning him around]

Sonic: Then I will, cause it's a great word! I love you, little bro!

[Sonic puts Tails down.]

Sonic: Now, I've got something even more important to say, "Noogie time!"

[Tails giggles as Sonic gives him a noogie with his right hand. Sonic stops.]

Tails: Boy, it's really great to be home!

[Tails continues giggling as Sonic gives him another noogie with his right hand. The screen irises out, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Sonic is in the forest, when he sees Coconuts.]

Sonic: Where you going, Coconuts?

[Coconuts is carrying a bindle in his right arm.]

Coconuts: I'm running away. Dr. Robotnik doesn't love me...
Sonic: So you really think it's gonna be better? Out there?

[The screen flashes to Sonic's fantasy, which depicts what could happen to Coconuts if he tried running away. In his fantasy, it is raining as Coconuts is sitting in a muddy puddle under a tree.]

Sonic: You'll have no safe place to go, and no one to oil you and charge your batteries when they get low.

[Two robots, the first one being a golden one with a cone-shaped nose, and the second being a round purple and silver one, walk up to Coconuts.]

Sonic: You could get into some bad trouble!

[The round purple and silver robot grabs Coconuts' bindle with his right hand. In the next scene, Coconuts is lying on top of the two robots, who are now in pieces.]

Sonic: Why, you could end up... in the junkyard!

[As Sonic's fantasy ends, he now has his right hand on Coconut's left shoulder.]

Sonic: Hey, it may not be perfect, but when you get right down to it, there's no place like home!