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Tails' Lab is a fighting arena in Sonic Battle. It is the personal laboratory of Miles "Tails" Prower.


The map over Tails' Lab.

Tails' Lab is a square-shaped arena. The floor is mostly covered in gray metal panels, and has a blue high-tech circle in the center that is surrounded by an octagonal shape. Stretching along the floor on both sides of the octagonal shape are two white panels. Also, in the upper right and lower left corner are red squares with orange nodes on them on the floor. Lastly, there are two orange turbine-like blocks in both the upper left side and lower right side of the arena.


Sonic's Episode

After discovering the Gizoid, Sonic brought it to Tails' Lab. There, he came under attack by a E-121 Phi. Fortunately, Sonic damaged to drive it off. Later, after discovering the Gizoid's ability to copy moves, Tails had Sonic test it out in his lab. Taking an interest in teaching the Gizoid new moves, Sonic and Tails went some rounds with it in Tails' Lab until they decided to go to Emerald Beach where they could really cut loose.

Knuckles' Episode

After deciding to train Emerl, Knuckles came to Tails' Lab where he went a few rounds with Emerl to test the Gizoid's mettle. After they were done, Knuckles and Emerl went to Night Babylon to investigate an E-121 Phi sighting.

Shadow's Episode

Tails eventually met Emerl at his lab and went a few rounds with Emerl, who wanted to defeat Tails upon the request of Shadow, there. In the end, Tails lost, and Emerl moved onto his next opponent.



Name Artist(s) Length Music track
N/A Tatsuyuki Maeda and/or Kenichi Tokoi and/or Hideaki Kobayashi 2:57

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