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Tails' House[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom franchise. It is a wooden hut found in a corner on Seaside Coast and the residence of Miles "Tails" Prower.


  • The living room
  • The kitchen
  • The bamboo closet

Tails' House is a brown and round wooden hut with a two-layer straw roof and a metal cap on top. Around the walls are rectangular windows with blinds and two front doors.

Of all Team Sonic's residences, Tails' House is the most well-equipped in terms of commodities despite having only one room. It has a small kitchen area with a sink, desk, fridge, dinner table and stools, a living room with a green couch, a modernized coffee table, a fire place and a hanging chair that doubles as Tails' bed, and a bamboo closet (possibly the bathroom) which is separate by a blind.

Tails' House features a windmill on the roof and a waterwheel on the side, the latter which is driven by a small creek. The house also has its own water tank, connected to the house by a small pipe.


TV series

Season one

Te quiero mucho Tails

Sonic firing Tails as his sidekick.

Bringing the injured Tails back to his house following their battle with Burnbot, Sonic watched Tails recover before firing him as his sidekick to protect him.[2] Dr. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot later got Sonic and Tails to let them stay at Tails' House while their lair was being repaired. Although Eggman proved a challenging roommate, Amy made Sonic and Tails give him a chance, which Eggman used to have the duo stay up all night with him. While Eggman revealed the next morning that his stay was all a ploy to exhaust Sonic and Tails for his Obliterator Bot, his plan backfired when his robot malfunctioned.[3] On the night after Tails' presentation of UT to his team, Orbot and Cubot broke into Tails' House and replaced UT with a remote-controlled duplicate for Eggman's plan to split up Team Sonic, although the plan would fail.[4]

Tails' House soon became the meeting place for Team Sonic when they had enough of Sticks' new pet, Buster. During the discussion, Eggman arrived at Tails' House with a gift for Buster. However, the gift transformed Buster into a volatile robot who would have destroyed Team Sonic had it not been for Sticks, who got Buster under control.[5] Sticks later came to Tails' House with a letter that nominated her for an Awardy Award. When Sticks told she was afraid of going to the Awardy Awards, her friends convinced her to let them help prepare her.[6]


Orbot and Cubot living with Tails

When reality was caught in a time loop, Eggman (who retained awareness) came to Tails' House to get Tails' aid to get things to normal. With his help, the doctor soon broke the loop.[7] Later on, Orbot and Cubot would live in Tails' House after leaving Eggman, where Tails gave them his laptop to play on. During a dispute over it though, Orbot and Cubot discovered on the laptop that Eggman's friend, Nominatus, was taking over Eggman's lair and robots, so they left to warn him. Although, they were too late, Eggman and his rejoined lackeys worked together with Team Sonic to stop Nominatus.[8]

Sonic eventually came to Tails' House to clean himself after being humiliated by Swifty the Shrew which was not made easier by Amy and Sticks fawning over Swifty.[9] When Tails was later caught in a trap sat up at his house by Sticks to protect him from a curse, he and his friends united to talk to Sticks.[10] During a heatwave, Team Sonic took residence in Tails' House where they tried to cool down using the Tailsmobile's fan. Although the fan would blow everything inside the house around, Team Sonic found it fun and cooling.[11] Another time, Team Sonic held Sonic and Knuckles' stay-awake challenge in Tails' House, which Knuckles lost when he got inspired to make amends with Charlie.[12]

Season two


The Tails clones in Tails' House.

Having each met a dimwitted copy of Tails, whom they mistook for the original, Team Sonic's members would bring their respective copy to Tails' House at the same time, leading to their discovery of the copies' nature.[13] When Sonic got Tomatopotamus 2, the team would play it for hours in Tails' House until Sonic lost and had to buy them chili dogs. When Sonic returned, an Eggman robot named FiendBot followed him there. Though Sonic claimed FiendBot was nice, the team would not trust FiendBot until he sacrificed himself to protect Sonic. As the team awaited Tails' verdict in his house, Tails revealed he could fix FiendBot with the Sparcium in their video game, which they accepted.[14]

Sonic eventually settled in Tails' House when he had to vacate his shack. While Sonic had Tails had a good time together in the house at first, they soon got tired of each other, prompting them to get Sonic's Shack back.[15] Team Sonic later got quarantined in Tails' House when they got fleas, where they tried several treatments. After Mayor Fink finally un-quarantined them (so they could stop Eggman's latest escapade), the team discovered that their fleas were Eggman robots. Unable to remove them though, Team Sonic found out that these robots were being controlled remotely and left Tails' House to find their controller.[16] Having later agreed to babysit baby Chumley, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles spent much of their time in Tails' House looking after him, which was no easy task. After the group warded off an attack from Eggman just outside the house though, Sonic and co. got the hang on babysitting Chumley, and were able to establish a balanced routine in Tails' House while looking after Chumley.[17]

Tails wakes up from nightmare

Tails wakes up from his nightmare

After being merged with a Bee Bot, Tails retreated to his house to get some sleep. However, he got plagued by nightmares when the Bee Bots' hive network reached out to him.[18]

Archie Comics

Tails House Archie Comics

Tails' House, from Sonic Boom #1.

Due to Dr. Eggman hiding a device under Tails' House, the Rock-cyborg was formed beneath the house from the soil. Once the giant was complete, it rose up with Tails' House pierced on top of it and wandered off. Not long after, Team Sonic learned of this theft and tracked down the Rock-cyborg to reclaim Tails' House. After Tails ensured his house was intact, Team Sonic lured the Rock-cyborg back to the open lot where they destroyed it and made Tails' House fall back on its foundation.[1]

Game appearances

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Tails House Shattered Crystal

Tails' House in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal.

In Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Tails' House can be seen on the World Map of Seaside Coast, right next to Tails' Workshop. However, the player cannot enter Tails' House, as opposed to the workshop.


  • Tails' house is the first residence belonging to Team Sonic that appeared in the Sonic Boom franchise.
  • Despite Tails' House being located in an isolated area, Tails claims he has neighbors.[19]

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