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A match in Tails' Fly & Get.

Collect 20 Rings to win!

— Introduction instruction, Sonic Battle

Tails' Fly & Get, also referred to as just Fly & Get, is a mini-game featured in Sonic Battle, exclusively for the game's multiplayer function. It is unlocked after clearing Tails' episode in Story Mode. Here, anyone from two to four players, each with their own Game Boy Advance system, can play together. Howeever, only one Sonic Battle Game Pak is needed to serve as the host.


Tails' Fly & Get is centered around an aerial platformer-type gameplay. When beginning the game, the playable characters will start out on a platform. Their objective from there is to fly upward and collect Rings that they encounter along the way. Each time the player collects a Ring, they will receive one point. However, the passages the players have to fly through are not straightforward due to different floating plaforms and walls, and along they way they will encounter Bombs; should a playable character collide with a Bomb, they will lose five points. It should also be noted that though the video game camera will attempt to keep track of all the playable characters as best as it can, those playable characters that drift too close to the bottom of the screen will ultimately be catapulted back to the top by updrafts.

Tails' Fly & Get has no time limit; instead, the first player to collect twenty Rings will be declared the winner.

To make the playable characters move left and right, use the horizontal directions on Controlpadds.png and to fly upward, press GameboyA.png.

List of playable characters

When beginning Tails' Fly & Get, the players are given one out of four playable characters, with the character assigned being based on the player's number. The different characters given to the players are as follows:


  • This minigame later inspired a Sonic Cafe mobile phone release, called Tails No Flying Get.

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