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Tails' Deforestation Machine[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a machine invented by Miles "Tails" Prower for the purpose of harvesting beige berries, but ended up a destructive deforestation device.[1]



Tails' Deforestation Machine strongly resembles a combine harvester. It has a wide trap-jaw with grab-claws connected to a box-shaped scoop-maw with headlights that resembles Tails' face. The scoop-maw rests on a platform with tracks. Behind the scoop-maw are also an unloader, an vertical exhaust pipe and its power source.

Features and abilities

Tails and Sticks brickering

Tails with his deforestation machine's control.

Although not its intended purpose, Tails' Deforestation Machine is capable of shredding entire beige berry trees down to tiles in a matter of seconds, making it a destructive machine against nature.[1] It is also build with an AI that allows it to operate independently,[2] although it does come with a handheld control that lets the user control it remotely.[1]


  • Power source: Positively-charged resistor-cuffing ion-matrix[1]


TV series

Season one


Tails' Deforestation Machine shredding beige berries to jam.

Tails' Deforestation Machine was made by Tails in a well-meaning attempt to help Sticks pick beige berries, with Sonic charging it with his speed. However, the machine proved too powerful and ended up destroying the beige berry orchard when Tails used it, earning him the attention of the Lightning Bolt Society who thought it was an act of evil. Tails later put the deforestation machine to good use when he destroyed some mutant plants with it.[1]

The deforestation machine was later taken over by Tails' Hypnobot which Eggman had stolen so he could form a new army with Tails' inventions. However, the deforestation machine returned to Tails' side once Tails regained control of Hypnobot.[2]


  • The name of Tails' Deforestation Machine was coined by Dave the Intern.[1] Although its name is not entirely accurate, as it was not designed for deforestation, co-producer Bill Freiberger has confirmed it is its true name.[3]





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