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Tails' Crush

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"Tails' Crush" is the fortieth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 22 August 2015 in the United States and on 29 August 2015 in France.


Something is wrong with Tails! It turns out he has a crush. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman has trouble picking up his package from the post office.



Races and species:





One day, Sonic and Knuckles are about to do a wheelbarrow race through the Valley of Broken Glass with Tails being the one to keep the time. When the race finishes, Sonic asks Tails how they did, but Tails does not answer. Back in town, Dr. Eggman is at the post office in the Village Center, asking Leroy the Turtle why his package is late. After signing a note but still not getting his package, Eggman sends in Decimator Bot to attack. Sonic tries to perform the Speeding Swing Surprise with Tails, but it does not work. When Eggman departs in his Eggmobile after his robot's defeat, Sonic asks Tails why he missed his cue, and notices that Tails has a goofy smile on his face and is staring at a pretty vixen named Zooey. Zooey then sees Tails and greets him, causing Tails to stutter and mumble as he attempts to think of something to say, causing Sonic to realize Tails has a crush on Zooey.

Amy and Sticks fawn over how adorable it is that Tails likes a girl, much to his dismay. Tails then says that he does not know how to talk to her, so Sonic takes Tails to his shack to give him advice. Sonic advises Tails to act cool and play hard-to-get, and he demonstrates with Comedy Chimp dressed as a girl (much to his embarrassment), assuring Tails that it works every time. The next time Tails sees Zooey, he tries to play it cool, but she takes his fake disinterest sincerely and wanders away. Next, Knuckles suggests that Tails show off his manliness. At Meh Burger, Tails comments on the table's design and orders a very rare steak, which seems to disgust Zooey. Dave the Intern brings Tails his meal's complementary "Hello Doggy" pen which he gets excited over, before remembering himself and trying to downplay it. Tails goes to Amy at her house next, and the two watch a romantic movie. Copying the movie's lead, Tails attempts to serenade Zooey at her house, but he struggles to find the right words for his monologue, and Zooey closes her window, confused and uneasy. His last hope is Sticks, and she says in her burrow that Tails should do a tribal dating dance. He uses feathers to perform the dance, but Zooey worries that Tails is not feeling alright.

Eggman, taking pity over Tails' failures, offers him some practical advice (invoking the Bro Code over "the enemy thing") to not copy others, and to be confident in himself. Eggman's package then finally arrives, and it happens to be a Background Music Generator - a device that lets him create background music to make his attacks more exciting. While trying it out, Eggman summons his robots to attack the village, and Zooey is captured by Giant Robot. Tails quickly gets into his plane to rescue her. When the rest of Team Sonic arrives, Tails waves them off, saying that he can do this by himself. He fires at Giant Robot's arm with his Unbolterizer, and as Zooey falls to the ground, he uses the Enerbeam to save her. After taking care of the robot, Zooey thanks Tails for rescuing her, and then kisses him. Disappointed by his defeat but also pleased that his advice worked out for Tails, Eggman plays some romantic background music for the two as they hold hands.



Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Finnish Tails Ihastuu Tails falls in love
French Leçons de seduction Lessons in Seduction
German Tails STSS Tails' Crush
Hungarian Farki szerelmes Tails is in love
Italian Tails il rubacuori Tails' heartthrob
Japanese テイルスの片思い Tails' Unrequited Love
Korean 테일즈의 짝사랑 Tails' Crush
Persian تیلز عاشق Tails is in love
Polish Zakochany Tails Tails in love
Portuguese (Brazil) A Paixão do Tails The Tails' Passion
Portuguese (Portugal) A Paixoneta do Tails
Romanian Tails este îndrăgostit Tails is in love
Russian Влюблённый Тэилз Tails is in love
Spanish (Latin America) El Amor de Tails Tails' Love
Spanish (Spain) Tails Enamorado Tails in Love
Ukrainian Закоханість Тейлза Tail's Love


  • "Tails' Crush" is Bill Freiberger's favorite episode in the first season of Sonic Boom.[4][5]
  • The mask that Tails uses is similar to the mask in The Phantom of the Opera. In addition, the scene where Tails tries to proclaim his love to Zooey is based off a famous scene in Romeo and Juliet.
  • The battle with Giant Robot, Zooey in its hand and Tails flying around it with his plane is similar to the Empire State Building scene in the movie King Kong.
  • The "Hello Doggy" toyline presented in this episode is a parody of Hello Kitty toyline.
  • The music piece that plays at the very end of the episode is musically similar to "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me" or "The Time of My Life".
  • The music before Sonic falls into a crate of watermelons during the Speeding Swing Surprise fail is the same music piece recycled from "Eggman the Auteur".


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