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With his Tail Copter, Tails can reach places no one else can.

— Loading screen, Sonic Rivals 2

The Tail Copter is Miles "Tails" Prower's Signature Move in Sonic Rivals 2. When using this move, Tails is able to fly through the air for a short time, much like the Propeller Flying.


Description of the Tail Copter

In order for Tails to use Tail Copter, he must have his Signature Meter completely filled, which can be done by collecting Rings, defeating enemies or performing boosts.

When executing Tail Copter, Tails says "Here I go", before using his signature twin tails as propellers, and begins flying through the air. This allows Tails to quickly move through the air in all directions, and reach places that that his rivals cannot. Tails can fly through the air for as long as there is energy in the Signature Meter, which begins to deplete once Tails Copter is active. In gameplay, to keep Tails airborne, the player has to press Square repeatedly; for each press on Square, Tails will ascend in midair, but if not pressed for a while, Tails will begin to descend.

As with every other Signature Move in Sonic Rivals 2, Metal Sonic can perform this move when using his own Signature Move, Copycat, while racing against Tails. However, instead of copying Tails' twin tails to achieve flight, Metal Sonic uses his built-in rocket engine to gain flight.

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