Tag 1

Tag mode loading screen

Tag is one of the battle mode competitions in Sonic Rivals 2 played in Act 2 of every zone. During the story, it is mainly played during Rouge's story with Tails in Blue Coast Zone and Espio in Frontier Canyon Zone.


This battle competition is a cross-over of Hot Potato and Tag itself. If the player attacks his/her rival, the rival's timer begins to start counting down. If the player is hit by attacks, Power-Up or obstacles, the rival's timer stop and the player's timer begins to count down until the player attacks the rival again etc. Once either character has had their timer expired, that character loses. The best way of wining this mode is attacking the rival at first and trying to keep a distant from him/her during the game. In Free Play mode, the player can set the timer to 0:45, 1:30 or 3:00.


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