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Sonic, Knuckles, Rotor, and Cobar outside the Tachyon Displacement Chamber.

The Tachyon Displacement Chamber, also known as the Displacement Chamber, was a machine from Light Mobius that was created at some unknown point by Dr. Robotnik Mark II. It is located in the Badlands.


When Mobius was threatened with destruction due to damage inflicted on the space time continuum, Rotor Walrus and Cobar concocted a plan to use the Chamber to send someone back in time in the hopes of collecting information that would help save the planet. However, the Chamber malfunctioned, and both King Sonic and Lara-Su were sent back in time.

As a result of the Tachyon Displacement Chamber's use, Mobius was altered. Shadow the Hedgehog became king instead of Sonic, becoming a despotic ruler over the planet. While Mobius was no longer in danger of being destroyed, no one but a handful of individuals remembered the original sequence of events. Aside from Lien-Da, leader of the Dark Legion, the only ones who managed this were Sonic, Lara-Su, Knuckles, Rotor, and Cobar, all of whom had in some way been exposed to the energies of the Tachyon Displacement Chamber.


  • Tachyons are hypothetical subatomic particles that move faster than light.

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