Tabby (タビー Tabī?) is an anthropomorphic koala who appears in Sonic Rush Adventure. He is a member of the Coconut Crew, a youth association formed on Southern Island.

Tabby is an avid adventurer, traveling to various places. He appears at Southern Island after completing Plant Kingdom. When the player talks to Tabby in gameplay, he can assign Sonic missions. Should the player completes these missions, Tabby will decorate Southern Island with various animals as a reward.


Prior to Sonic Rush Adventure, Tabby came to know Marine, but later left Southern Island to travel alone.

Sometime later, while Tabby was on Plant Kingdom, he heard someone nearby and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was Marine. Noticing that she was with Sonic and Tails, Tabby had Marine introduce her associates to him. Returning to Southern Island, Tabby heard from Sonic, Tails and Marine that they were looking for Materials to build sea vessels. Tabby therefore suggested that they sailed to the southwest of Plant Kingdom to Machine Labyrinth where they could supposedly find new Materials.

When Sonic and Tails were later leaving in the SS Tornado EX to return to their own dimension, Tabby and some of the other members of the Coconut Crew came to say goodbye to them alongside Blaze.

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