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T.W. Barker's Circus of Wonders is a company that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is an immoral traveling circus, owned by T.W. Barker, which holds its performers against their will.


The outside of the circus is a large, purple and white stereotypical circus tent which can be folded out instantly from one of the circus' cargo wagons. Inside, the tent is very colorful and bright with wooden floors, and have several objects typical to a circus tent, including lower staircase-like seats for the visitors and a center ring.


TV series


For some time, T.W. Barker held his performers captive in his circus so they could keep working for him. However, most of them eventually escaped, forcing Barker to look for new performers.[1]

Season one

Knuckles in the cannon - Knuckles using his head

Knuckles performing in Barker's circus.

Hearing about Team Sonic, Barker found the group (excluding Tails) and convinced them to fill in for his old crew by putting on a ploy that they were too ill to perform. Barker assigned Sonic for the Sphere of Fear, Knuckles as the human cannonball, Amy as a clown and Sticks as an acrobat, and the crew put on quite an act for the following show. Afterwards, Barker revealed his true colors to the team and imprisoned them in cages to keep them at his circus forever. Fortunately for Team Sonic, Tails saved them by pulling away the circus tent in his plane and breaking their cages. While the rest of the team took out Barker's henchmen, Sonic trapped Barker in the Sphere of Fear, thus bringing an end to T.W. Barker's Circus of Wonders for the time being.[1]

Season two

Seeking a new attraction for his circus, T.W. Barker tried capturing Muckfoot, but caught a mud-covered Knuckles instead. Regardless, Barker posed Knuckles as the real Muckfoot for his circus, and prepared to take him on a world tour. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman would temporarily join Barker's circus to live out an old dream. However, the circus lost Knuckles when Team Sonic rescued him.[2]


  • T.W. Barker's Circus of Wonders already made a cameo in "Buster" where it is seen during one of Sticks' imaginary flashbacks.




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