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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the version of this character after the Super Genesis Wave, see T-Pup.

T-Pup (created 3237) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is a small, canine-like robot built by Miles "Tails" Prower at his workshop on Cocoa Island. Initially just a "pet project", T-Pup saw prolonged action while assisting his creator in their first encounter with the Battle Bird Armada, where his help was instrumental to driving them off. T-Pup was brought back to New Mobotropolis after this, and resumed the role of being a pet and useful companion to Tails whenever possible. Once Team Fighters was formed, T-Pup became part of their assists in the field, proving invaluable with his many utility functions.


T-Pup resembles a disproportionate, goofy, robot Chihuahua. His coloring is light orange and grey and he has grey eyes. His head is roughly the same size as his body and he has large eyes, a large metal muzzle, a thin tail with a metal sphere at the end and a pink tongue.


The Tails Adventure

Tails building T-Pup.

T-Pup was built in 3237 by Tails in his Cocoa Island workshop, using already gathered mechanical parts and programming resources. The assembly was completed within hours and finalized with the upload of his operating system by dusk. The very night of his activation, T-Pup took off with Tails after an explosion alerted them that Bunnie and Antoine were in danger, and soon engaged Battle Bird Armada soldiers in the sky until Speedy arrived and took Tails down. While Speedy was distracted, T-Pup snuck up and bit his tail feathers, allowing him and Tails to get away. Leading Speedy on a chase into a cave, they lost him by hiding among some ledges on the walls. T-Pup then kept watch while Tails got some sleep, and when morning came, the two found the Sea Fox under guard until Tails' gas bombs ended the problem.[1][2]

While searching underwater for an entrance to the Armada's base, they were attacked by submarines and took enough damage that they needed to surface despite winning.[2] This was serendipitous in allowing Antoine a safe landing from up above. After hiding the Sea Fox, T-Pup led them to a cavern to sneak into the Armada's base from underground, guiding with his lights. Ambushing some Battle Birds with explosives, T-Pup stored most of their bombs while Tails used the rest to blow a faster way to the base, which led to a confrontation with more Battle Birds until help arrived in the form of Bunnie, who took an immediate shine to T-Pup.[3]

Once Tails viewed the structural information that Bunnie stole through T-Pup's holographic projectors, they then stormed the base's storage bay, where they came face-to-face with Dr. Fukurokov and his Mole Mech, who quickly had them all on the ropes. T-Pup then help Tails defeat the Mole Mech by dropping the bombs he stored on it as a distraction, while Tails loosened the bolts holding the robot together until a hit from his wrench made it fall apart. T-Pup was damaged from the battle with a mangled paw, however, and Tails had to carry him out as the Battle Fortress took off. They all escaped safely and returned to Tails' cabin, where he fixed T-Pup's paw before starting their "real" vacation.[3][4]

Aiding the Freedom Fighters

T-Pup came back to New Mobotropolis with Tails and the others at the end of their trip. While there, T-Pup did not see heavy use, but continued to act like a real dog whenever he could by playing with Tails and his friends,[5] and reacting appropriately to his master's mood changes as the situation in the city became worse.[6] After the Knothole Freedom Fighters dissolved, T-Pup joined Team Fighters alongside his master, Sonic and Amy when they went to liberate Furville from Dr. Eggman's invasion.[7] T-Pup also accompanied Team Fighters in the Wolf Pack Nation, and took an instant liking to "Emmisary" Hathor after rescuing her from Razorklaw. T-Pup then joined the assault on the Soumerca Dark Egg Legion's Shazamazon base, and stood watch while Tails placed a tracker on the Death Egg Mark 2, only to be swatted aside by Mecha Sally as she attacked.[8][9]

T-Pup places Silver Sonic v3.1 in stasis.

During Team Fighter's continued pursuit of Dr. Eggman in Feral Forest, T-Pup halted a rampaging Silver Sonic v3.1 with a built-in electrical force field and placed it in stasis, allowing Sonic to go after Mecha Sally and prevent her from killing Elias Acorn and his family.[10] It also served as a communications device to allow Team Fighters to warn New Mobotropolis of the Death Egg's approach.[11] It also assisted Tails in operating the Tornado and in accessing valuable information during their pursuit of the Death Egg towards Albion, during which it proved instrumental in stopping the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra/Titan Metal Sonic fusion.[12] Later, after the Tornado crash-landed in Albion, Tails left T-Pup behind to make repairs and synthesize fuel.[13] While in this process, T-Pup was menaced by a Tasmanian Devil, but Knuckles the Echidna arrived and came to its aid. Quickly taking a liking to the Guardian, T-Pup helped him locate Team Fighters, and afterwards was used to attempt communication with Angel Island-directly first, and then through the medium of Nicole back in New Mobotropolis.[14] After these unsuccessful efforts, T-Pup would return to the Tornado, which soon got under way with some help from Shard the Metal Sonic.[15]

Worlds Collide

Note: Due to the Genesis Wave, T-Pup's history from this point were changed to be nearly identical to that of his game counterpart's.

In the alternate Mobius created during the second Genesis Wave, T-Pup apparently still existed, as Tails mentioned that Mega Man's robot dog Rush reminded him of T-Pup.[16] Sonic's attempts to undo the reality-alteration would later be interfered by Dr. Eggman, resulting in T-Pup and his world's timeline being heavily altered.[17]

Note: From this point, T-Pup's history continues from his new life in the altered timeline.


T-Pup acts much like a household dog, panting with its tongue held out, yipping and yapping, whining when scared, sad or damaged, growling at enemies and even seen sleeping at the foot of Tails' bed. It does seem to have something of a greater personality than a pet, though, as T-Pup once gave Tails something of an evil look after the fox boy accidentally knocked him off a ledge, though it ended quickly.

Powers and abilities

T-Pup is capable of flight via a propeller that comes out of its back and also has a variety of both high-tech equipment for field missions and basic functions for around the house. For example, he can project holographic images with his eyes and can also use them to cast light, but is also capable of being used as an alarm clock and detecting anyone who would approach him even when offline. He does not seem to have many functions for battle, but is capable of generating an electrical stasis field powerful enough to stop robots many times T-Pup's own size.



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