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This object exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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The Sword of Acorns is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It was a mystical blade that belonged to the House of Acorn of Dark Mobius. It eventually came into the possession of Jani-Ca and the Dark Freedom Fighters, and was their intended means of defeating Dark Enerjak. After successfully draining him of his powers, the Sword was destroyed to ensure that he would never be able to regain them.


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In the Dark Mobius timeline, Julie-Su and Elias Acorn wanted Jani-Ca to seek out the Sword of Acorns as a means of combating Dark Enerjak. After her mother was gone, Jani-Ca decided that she would focus on finding the sword first. Even though she thought that it was probably a wild goose chase, she needed to focus on something. So, she had hired Nack the Weasel to find the Sword of Acorns for her.[1]

Even though formal letters were not usually his thing, Nack wrote a letter to her claiming that this time he thought that it would be better to hear from him while he was at a safe distance. In the letter, he claimed to have found the sword, using a code word that he was not quite sure was right anyway. He continued to mention that, although earlier she had balked when he told her his finder's fee, he was deciding to triple to fee because Enerjak either already knew about the Sword or their plans to find it. According to Nack, it was one thing to explore dangerous territory and deal with unknown persons of similar interests, but it was something else when he had to dodge two dozen prelates. He said that he had found the blade on Dark Mobius' Downunda and that Enerjak sank the entire continent. If she wanted the sword, she would have to have three times the bounty ready by the end of the month and have it delivered to the agreed spot. He would handle how it would make its way to him, insuring that her and her people would not be able to find him. In the end, she obtained the sword and planned to use it to channel power away from Enerjak in order to defeat him and, hopefully, return the stolen Cores to their victims and save her world.[1]

Fractured Mirror

Jani-Ca breaks the Sword of Acorns, from Sonic Universe #28.

After obtaining the sword, Jani-Ca used it in her final battle with Enerjak. She used the sword to fight off Enerjak's prelates while Silver the Hedgehog fought Enerjak. She eventually stepped into their battle and used the sword to successfully drain Enerjak's powers, transforming Enerjak back into Knuckles and herself into a heroic Enerjak. According to Knuckles, who had now become withered as a result of getting his powers drained, Jani-Ca had taken too much, and he asked her to give him some of it back, claiming that he was no longer corrupted by the powers and would help Jani-Ca restore their world. She then threw the sword to the ground and broke it into pieces so that he could never claim the powers of Enerjak again.[2]

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