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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Radical speed!

— Swifty the Shrew, "Blue With Envy"

Swifty the Shrew, also referred to as Shrew Bot,[1] is a character who appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is a mass-produced, shrew-based robot model built by Dr. Eggman for the purpose of getting Sonic banished from Hedgehog Village.


An army of Swifty the Shrews.

Credited as one of Dr. Eggman's finest creations to date,[2] the Swiftys are virtually indistinguishable from a living creature, designed to resemble an anthropomorphic shrew with green fur and orange eyes. They have a slightly oblong round ear and thin quill on each side of their head, a pointy peach muzzle with a lone buck tooth, and a furless peach tail. As for attire, they each wear a red Hawaiian shirt with yellow and grey clouds on it, white fingerless gloves, a yellow and green helmet with red swirls on, white shutter shades, and white red sneakers with green laces and lightning bolt symbols.


TV series

Season one

Swifty making his appearance, from "Blue With Envy".

Created by Eggman, the Swifty Bots' purpose were to get Sonic banished from the Unnamed Village (thereby allowing Eggman to build his own evil amusement park on top of the Village) by preying on Sonic's weakness: his ego. One Swifty robot first appeared at Meh Burger, where he impressed the villagers and Team Sonic (except Sonic) with his speed and skateboard tricks. Amidst this, Swifty also rescued Chumley with his skateboard while trapping Sonic when he attempted to save Chumley too. He later visited Tails in his workshop, bonding with the fox, much to Sonic's dismay. There, Swifty trash-talked Sonic into competing in a race with him, with the loser being banished from the Village, though the rest of Team Sonic had him leave after seeing his behavior.[2]

In their race, Swifty cheated himself to victory by having his doubles secretly take over ahead of Sonic at different points along the course. After the race, Swifty was praised while Sonic ended up getting banished. As Eggman then arrived and revealed his plan, the Swiftys revealed themselves and began demolishing the Village and erecting a statue of themselves and Eggman in order for Eggman to build his evil amusement park. However, after a quick conference, Mayor Fink had Sonic brought back and the hedgehog quickly destroyed all the Swiftys and chased Eggman away.[2]

Season two

His Swifty robots a failure, Dr. Eggman stored one of their decapitated heads away in his lair's storage room. While stuck in that room with Knuckles later on, Eggman would show Knuckles the Swifty head when he reflected upon his past projects.[1]


Much like Sonic, the individual Swifty is laid-back with a cool and cocky attitude and an exceedingly large ego. He is proud and an equally big show off and attention hog, using whatever chance he has to display his skills and draw attention to himself. Still, his extroverted approach, strong sense of charm and charisma allows him to instantly captivate his audience. Endowed with a serious streetwise style, he often speaks using catchphrases and hip urban expressions. He is also extremely confident, boasting about his speed and his racing skills on the skateboard, and has no doubts when dealing with others. Due to his pride, he actively tries to form an overly positive opinion of himself, which he achieves by downplaying others' performances. When provoked, he does not lose his temper, instead opting to continue playing it cool and trying to turn the situation into his own advantage.[2]

Unlike Sonic, Swifty lacks any sense of decency and politeness, which gives him an exceedingly rude arrogance, and those who do not agree with him are just "losers" to him. He also has no qualms about sabotage and cheating, as demonstrated when he gladly sabotaged Sonic during his attempt to compete with him. In truth, Swifty is an evil and manipulative individual, secretly being loyal to his creator, Dr. Eggman, whom he will do anything for, even demolishing an entire village and terrify the residents, with his aim being to help him conquer the Unnamed Village.[2]

Powers and abilities

Swiftys are able to run at super speed. One even implied they are faster than Sonic, though this is unconfirmed as they rely more on their skateboards for transportation. The Swiftys apparently also have great strength as it only took three of them to raise a large and solid metal statue.[2]

The Swiftys are proficient skateboard riders, capable of performing many dangerous stunts while multitasking.[2] As Eggman robots, they are also able to receive power remotely from Eggman's lair.[3]


Swifty's skateboard, from "Blue With Envy".

The Swiftys each carry a tech-based black and red-wheeled skateboard with yellow and black hazards stripes on them. In addition to being skilled at using them for tricks, these skateboards can move at high speeds, though they are slower than Sonic.[2]


Though strong and fast, the Swiftys lack durability, as shown by Sonic being able to destroy each of them with a single spin attack.[2] Also, being Eggman robots, the Swiftys rely on Eggman's lair to provide them with power. As such, should the lair run out of power, then they will too.[3]





  • Swifty is an overall representation of 1990's culture, which Sonic originally represented. The present-day Sonic is considerably more toned down than his older representations.
  • In "Eggman the Auteur", Eggman shows in his film a statue of Swifty, where he was on one side, which was in "Blue With Envy", the debut of Swifty.
  • Swifty is Sonic's first rival to appear in the Sonic Boom series He is also Sonic's first rival who is exclusive to the Sonic Boom continuity.
  • The DJ seen at the beginning of "Knine-to-Five Knuckles" uses the same character model as Swifty the Shrew, but purple in color and with other clothes.


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