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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Underground continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Swatbot[1][2] is a character that appears in Sonic Underground. It is a robot series created by Dr. Robotnik which serve as the robotic police and military forces of the Robotnik Empire. As such, they work under Robotnik and his underlings Sleet and Dingo. They are frequent opponents of the Resistance.


Swatbots come in two distinct models (although there are several more variations), both of which are humanoid and quite bulky. Both models are equipped with a laser blaster on the end of one arm.

On special occasions, Swatbots sometimes wear tuxedos for nobility.[3]

Game appearances

Sonic Underground

In the LCD game, Sonic Underground, Swatbots appear as the most common enemy. In gameplay, they attack by blasting lasers from their arms. In the final boss battle, Dr. Robotnik can call a small army to attack the player.


Swatbots possess some sentience, but are not very bright and possess little personality. They are drones in every sense of the word. Having been ordered to capture the Sonic Underground, most Swatbots react loudly at the sight of any of the trio (upon where they exclaim "Priority 1, Hedgehog alert") and will try to kill or capture them.

Due to their low intellect, Swatbots are unable to recognize Sonic even in the most obvious disguises.[3] They also frequently shoot one another by accident, trip over objects, and crash into walls.

Powers and abilities

Swatbots are usually armed with energy guns (referred to as lasers) which can fire steady streams of energy. They are also equipped with flight boosters in their feet. Some Swatbots also have special blasters that shoot a glue-like substance that sticks the target to the ground.[4]


Swatbots are incredibly inefficient, being very vulnerable to small cups of water and highly combustible. They also have an easily accessed control panel on their arm which shuts them off. On occasion, Swatbots are destroyed by having light objects such as plastic plates and mattresses thrown at them.[5][6]


Swatbot Dogs

Main article: Swatbot Dog

The Swatbot Dogs are Swatbots whose design is derived from non-anthropomorphic dogs. Acting like police dogs, they work alongside regular Swatbots in patrolling different areas.

Officer-themed Swatbots


Officer Swatbots arresting Sleet and Dingo

The officer-themed SwatBots are Swatbots who enforce the laws and arrest lawbreakers. Despite being loyal to Robotnik, they are not programmed to arrest the royal hedgehogs and will only arrest them if it appears they have committed a theft.[7]


  • The term "Swatbot" is likely a pun on the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) division of police officers.
  • This character is the first incarnation of the Swat-Bot to appear in a video game.


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