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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For other uses of the term, see SWATbot (disambiguation).

Hedgehog, Priority One. Hedgehog, Priority One.

— Swat-Bot, "Spyhog"

The Swat-Bot[2] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a mass-produced robot model created by Dr. Robotnik for his army. This robot model serves a multitude of roles, and is the most common model in the Swat-Bot line.

Swat-Bots typically act as soldiers, but they also have skills for other occupations. Serving as members of infantry to vehicle crews, they can pilot vehicles, such as Hover Units and Mega Muck Units, and operate various machines and devices designed by Dr. Robotnik.

The Swat-Bots were created during the Great War and were employed during Robotnik's military coup. For the next eleven years, the Swat-Bots acted as the main military strength of Dr. Robotnik's empire, their main tasks being to keep order in Robotropolis, and to fight the Freedom Fighters.


Standard Swat-Bots are humanoid-shaped robots with shiny metallic black armor covering them. Standing at roughly six feet tall, Swat-Bots have domed-shaped heads with a spike protruding from the top and view the world with a single red-tinted optical visor, which blinks when communicating or processing data. Melee spikes also protrude from the joints, while large “fins” occupy the forearms. They also possess retractable wrist blasters.


TV series


In the past, the Swat-Bots were known as Peace-Bots. They were created by the war minister of the kingdom of Mobotropolis, Julian, and contributed to the kingdom's victory in the Great War. After the war, they served as a police force in Mobotropolis. In 3224 however, Julian took the name of "Dr. Robotnik" and reprogrammed the Swat-Bots so that they would only respond to his orders.[1] The Swat-Bots subsequently served as the main strike force during Robotnik's military coup, where Dr. Robotnik seized power over Mobotropolis, which he later renamed Robotropolis.[3] Over the years, the Swat-Bots kept order in Robotropolis while also fighting various groups of Freedom Fighters.

Season one

Swat-Bots surrounding Sonic and Tails.

One day, a Swat-Bot piloted Robotnik's hovercraft for Dr. Robotnik, who was returning to Robotropolis. After they landed, two Swat-Bots stood at the entrance to the doctor's headquarters and laughed as the door closed in front of Snively. However, they resumed their serious attitude when Snively threatened them with his remote. Later, some Swat-Bots would chase after Sonic and Tails until they cornered them on top of a roof of a building in Robotropolis. However, Sonic and Tails escaped them by fleeing into a ventilation shaft. In the same building, in one of the rooms, Dr. Robotnik told his Swat-Bots of his plan to reveal the location of Knothole Village. When Sonic and Tails bursted into the room soon after, the Swat-Bots caught them. However, Sonic managed to break free and get them out. When the Swat-Bots later surrounded him outside of the building, Tails pulled out a Power Ring, which Sonic used to escape from Robotropolis with Tails.[4] Some time after, Sally hijacked a green Swat-Bot-Hover Unit model. With its help, Sally entered the Stealthbots' hangar. There, some orange Swat-Bot-Hover Unit models eventually detected Antoine in the hangar and began to attack the Knothole Freedom Fighters. During the ensuing pursuit, they caught Cat and brought him to Dr. Robotnik. Later, an ordinary Swat-Bot moved the captured Cat to a cell in Robotnik's prison. When Sonic later entered the prison to rescue Cat, the local Swat-Bots started shooting at him, eventually forcing him to retreat. Later, they attacked Sonic again when he tried to come back for Cat.[5]

Several Swat-Bots later guarded a Swat-Bot factory in Robotropolis. Two Swat-Bots on patrol in particular also piloted a Hover Unit. When the Hover Unit's heat scanners alerted them to some heat signatures, the Swat-Bots ignored them, believing that the heat signatures came from the factory. Later, some Swat-bots-Hover Unit models stationed in Swat-Bot factory detected Sonic and started chasing him until Sonic dropped tons of scrap on them. Later, Sonic had to run away from the other Swat-Bots using a Power Ring. Meanwhile, Sally was caught outside the factory by Swat-Bots. Later, two Swat-bots would guard the cell in which the Sallybot was located. When Sonic began to imitate the voice of Robotnik from his hiding spot, the Swat-Bots moved away on his order. Much later, a Swat-Bot piloting a Hover Unit attacked the Knothole Freedom Fighters in the streets of Robotropolis, but its vehicle was torn apart by a hook rope. Another Swat-Bot piloting a Hover Unit later got out of its Hover Unit to examine a stone thrown in front of it, but then Bunnie arrived and tied its legs up, allowing her and Rotor to seize the Hover Unit, which they used to destroy the Swat-Bot factory.[6] Some time after, Snively called upon some Swat-Bots to catch Sonic and Sally when they tried to sabotage the Roboticizer. However, they failed to get the heroes. Another group of Swat-Bots later escorted some Worker-Bots in the subway to the Crystal Mine. Meanwhile, after the Knothole Freedom Fighters fled into the subway, the Swat-Bots tried to catch them, but failed. Later in the Crystal Mine, the Swat-Bots oversaw the extraction of a giant Energy Crystal. Two Swat-bots guarding the entrance to the Energy Crystal-lifting crane soon after detected Sonic and tried to shoot him, but their lasers got bounced back at them. Later, many Swat-bots were involved in an attempt to stop the Dinobot, which was being controlled by the Knothole Freedom Fighters. In the end, they managed to pacify the Dinobot by tying it down with ropes, although not before it destroyed the Energy Crystal. The Swat-Bots then tried to catch the Freedom Fighters, but they managed to escape.[7]

Swat-Bots in Maga.

A group of Swat-bots later accompanied Dr. Robotnik and Snively on a trip to Maga. There, they ambushed the Knothole Freedom Fighters, intending to take the Secret Scrolls away from them. After the heroes escaped, the Swat-Bots proceeded to follow Robotnik and Snively as they tracked Sonic. However, they and their commanders were eventually blown off a cliff by the Breath of Mobius. Regardless, Robotnik and Snively survived, and managed to climb back up.[8] Back in Robotropolis, two Swat Bots-Hover Unit models would guard the entrance to a factory where microchips were being produced. Sonic, however, managed to lure them away, allowing Sally to enter. After a local robot started the alarm after detecting Sally however, a single Swat-Bot would chase after Sally, eventually following her into the Forbidden Zone. There, it was destroyed by Lazaar's Guardian. Later, another Swat-bot was sent ahead by Dr. Robotnik to trigger any trap there could be on the way into Lazaar's lair in the Forbidden Zone. Although the Swat-Bot managed to knock away a tentacle that tried to pull it into a nearby pool, it got crushed by the entrance into Lazaar's lair. When Dr. Robotnik later returned to his headquarters with Lazaar's Computer, Robotnik had a Swat-Bot catch Sally when he teleported her to him. However, when another Swat-Bot tried to incapacitate Bunnie when Robotnik teleported her to him as well, it got kicked and knocked down by Bunnie. Ultimately, however, the Swat-Bot stunned Bunnie by hitting her with a Laser Rifle. The Swat-Bots proceeded to hold Sally and Bunnie until Dr. Robotnik hypnotized them into his service. Meanwhile, Sonic tried to sneak into Robotnik's headquarters, but was detected by Swat-Bots. As they chased him, Sonic threw an explosive charge behind him, which destroyed the pursuing Swat-Bots. Later, after Sonic took Lazaar's Computer away from Robotnik, a Swat-Bot tried to shoot Sonic with a Laser Rifle, but Robotnik pushed it away because it could hit the computer. As Robotnik struggled with the Swat-Bot, it fired a shot that made several drums fall down from the ceiling, thereby preventing the hypnotized Sally and Bunnie from chasing after Sonic. More Swat-Bots were then called upon to stop the Knothole Freedom Fighters from escaping from the headquarters, but they got knocked down by Bunnie after she had her free will restored by Sonic.[9]

Several Swat-Bots later guarded the power generator in Robotropolis. However, Sonic managed to damage the searchlights that they used to look for intruders, and then short-circuit Swat-Bots pursuing him with water from a pipe. Later, several Swat-Bots would be present at the opening ceremony of Robotnik's race in Robotropolis while others patrolled the city like they always had. Several Swat-Bots also piloted the Hover Units that were to take part in the Robotnik's race, mainly for the purpose of destroying Sonic.[10] A Swat-Bot commander later assisted Snively in overseeing the deforestation of the Great Forest, led by the Shredder, while two Swat-Bots piloted a Hover Tank. When Sonic later attacked the Shredder, the Swat-Bot commander ordered the two Swat-Bots in the Hover Tank to retreat, which they did, thus keeping them from being crushed by the Shredder. However, their Hover Tank was destroyed, and the Shredder itself was soon after taken down by Sonic. After returning to Robotropolis, Robotnik threw the Swat-Bot commander into a pit for its incompetence. Later, two Swat-Bots used their flashlights to patrol the street in Robotropolis after hearing suspicious signals coming from there. However, they only found a robotic rat. Later, the Swat-Bots would guard Antoine, whom Dr. Robotnik had captured previously. At the doctor's order, they then took Antoine to the Roboticizer to have him roboticized. Meanwhile, two other Swat-Bots flew out in Hover Units to confirm Sonic's destruction at the hands of the Sonic Radar. After finding a torn piece of Sonic's gloves at his last recorded spot, they flew back to Robotropolis. When the other Swat-Bots later put Antoine in the Roboticizer, Sonic lured them outside and saved his comrade. Meanwhile, a large group of Swat-Bots came with Dr. Robotnik and Snively to oversee the work of a second Shredder. When Sonic eventually attacked, the Swat-Bots surrounded him. One of them then provided Robotnik with a Laser Rifle. However, Antoine got Sonic a Power Ring, which Sonic used to escape from the Swat-Bots' fire. When Robotnik and his Swat-Bots then tried to shoot Sonic, they hit the Sonic Radar by accident, destroying it.[11]

Sonic being attacked by Swat-Bots.

For the sake of a mission to infiltrate the Cloud Burster, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine would disguise themselves as Swat-Bots by putting on the armor from broken Swat-Bots that Rotor had in storage. A group of real Swat-Bots also accompanied Snively when he was taking the Cloud Burster to the Island of Nimbus. When smoke appeared on their path however, Snively's Swat-Bots were sent out to investigate. After they returned, they ordered the disguised Antoine and Bunnie to get back into positions. However, Antoine would accidentally fall and loose his helmet. Bunnie tried then to fight the Swat-Bots, but they quickly surrounded her. After detecting these intruders, another Swat-Bot also arrested Sally, just as she was hacking the insides of the Cloud Burster. The Swat-Bots soon after reached the Island of Nimbus, where they loaded chemicals into the Cloud Burster. When Sonic later arrived on the island, the Swat-Bots tried to get him from behind, but Sonic managed to push them into the water and destroy them.[12] A Swat-Bot in a Hover Unit later flew to the traffic control center in Robotropolis and typed something in before making its departure. After Sonic, Sally and Antoine sabotaged the control center, Swat-Bots tried to cut off their escape route in the corridors. As the Swat-Bots surrounded the heroes though, Sonic and co. were saved by Griff, who took them through a secret entrance in the corridor wall.[13] Some Swat-Bots were later sent by Dr. Robotnik to defend an oil platform equipped with Snake Probes. Sonic, however, managed to bypass the Swat-Bots and run into the oil platform's control center, which was being operated by a single Swat-Bot. After arriving there, Sonic rejected the Swat-Bot sitting in the control room's chair from the control panel. The Swat-Bots at the oil platform were subsequently destroyed when Sonic made the platform collapse.[14]

Season two

Two flying Swat-Bots chasing Ari.

Two flying Swat-Bots later chased Ari to a swamp. There, they caught sight of Sonic, who lured them to Sally and Tails. When the flying Swat-Bots arrived, Sally and Tails activated a Magnetic Field Generator that pulled in the flying Swat-Bots and destroyed them. Sally subsequently took the head of one of the flying Swat-Bots to Rotor, who connected its head to one of his devices. Through that, the heroes learned of the flying Swat-Bots' order, which was to chase Ari, but not catch him, in order to draw in Sonic's attention and have Ari lure him into a trap. Later, some Swat-Bots brought Ari's roboticized Freedom Fighters to him, before arresting Ari on the orders of Dr. Robotnik. However, their attention was diverted by the arrival of Dulcy and Sally, which gave Ari a chance to tram the Swat-Bots with his horns.[15] Several Swat-Bots would later worked on the Shriek-Bot in one of Robotnik's hangars. Later, two flying Swat-Bots captured Sonic, who voluntarily gave himself up to Robotnik. After bringing Sonic to Robotnik, the flying Swat-Bots were ordered to put Sonic in the Roboticizer. However, Sonic pulled a fast one on the flying Swat-Bots and threw them against a nearby control panel, causing them to be destroyed. Later, a group of flying Swat-Bots surrounded Sonic when it seemed like he had been caught by Sir Charles. These flying Swat-Bots then made room for the Shriek-Bot, which Robotnik wanted to personally destroy Sonic with.[16] Flying Swat-Bots later chased Sonic through Robotropolis, but they eventually lost him. Not long after, some Swat-Bots would lead a Freedom Fighter group to the Roboticizer, only to be defeated by Sonic. A little later, a green Swat-bot-Hover Unit model let two Tech-Bots into the cell where people awaited roboticization, not realizing that the Tech-Bots were actually Sally and Sir Charles in disguise. Later, a group of Swat-Bots went with Snivel to Knothole Village after discovering the village's location. Upon arriving, the Swat-Bots turned on their heat scanners. Thanks to them, they were able to locate the Knothole Freedom Fighters in an underground shelter. In the end, however, Sonic and his allies averted the invasion.[17]

Some time afterward, some flying Swat-Bots would patrol Robotropolis when they detected Sonic and Sally. While Sonic managed to escape them, another group of them managed to capture two Freedom Fighters and deliver them to the Roboticizer before Sonic could save them. Afterward, when Sonic and Sally used the Time Stones to go back in time in an attempt to stop Robotnik from taking over Mobotropolis, a friendly flying Swat-Bots would greet the heroes in Mobotropolis. At the same time, standard Swat-Bots were finishing their work on the Destroyer. As Dr. Robotnik's coup began, a Swat-bot commander landed in the palace gardens and sent out flying Swat-Bots to surround the building and secure all entrances. Some of these flying Swat-Bots also entered the throne room and surrounded the King, as well as Sonic, Sally and Sir Charles.[1] Sir Charles, however, resisted by throwing some darts at the flying Swat-Bots, which caused damage to their systems. This allowed Chuck to distract some of the flying Swat-Bots while the others chased after Sonic and Sally. Eventually, they managed to catch the heroes by surrounding them in a small hut on the outskirts of the city. Standard Swat-bots proceeded to take Sonic and Sally to their cell. Swat-Bots later accompanied Robotnik when he inspected the captured dragons. Later, after Sonic and Sally got onboard the Destroyer, the Swat-Bots onboard the Destroyer tried to stop them, but were sealed inside the Destroyer by Sonic. These Swat-Bots were later destroyed along with Destroyer. Shortly afterwards, a group of Swat-Bots supervised the roboticization process of the first inhabitants of Mobotropolis. After roboticizing a citizen, a Swat-Bot scanned it and gave the results to Robotnik. Soon after though, Sonic and Sally came to the rescue. The Swat-Bots started shooting at Sonic, but they could not hit him. Sonic and the younger versions of the Knothole Freedom Fighters proceeded to flee from Robotnik's headquarters, only to find numerous Swat-Bots patrolling the outside. However, Sonic and his younger counterpart were able distract the Swat-Bots, knocking over some of them and luring them away from the other Freedom Fighters. Later, numerous Swat-Bots followed Robotnik when he went in pursuit of Sonic and Sally, who ended up in a hut on the outskirts of Robotropolis. By the time the Swat-Bots entered the hut with the doctor however, Sonic and Sally had already returned to the present.[3]

Antoine threatened at gunpoint by a Swat-Bot.

Back in the present, a Swat-Bot eventually detected Antoine in Robotropolis and tried to arrest him after Antoine accidentally pierced its armor with a rock. Sonic, however, managed to take Antoine away, while the Swat-Bot was unable to catch them.[18] A group of flying Swat-Bots later patrolled Robotropolis, unaware that Charles and Sonic were passing by just below them. Upon detecting Sonic however, the flying Swat-Bots began chasing after him. Eventually however, Sonic created a whirlwind that mixed them with the Mega Muck Units and scattered them. Later, when Sonic got immobilized in some Mega Muck, some flying Swat-Bots appeared to take Sonic to the Roboticizer in a capsule. However, Dulcy soon appeared and rescued Sonic while freezing the flying Swat-Bots. Sometime later, at the behest of Robotnik, the Swat-Bots in the Crystal Mine brought in a Worker-Bot dragon to use the Mind Probe on. Swat-Bots later also accompanied Robotnik aboard his Command Ship as they pursued Dulcy, Sonic and Sally, who had dragon egg with them, through Deep Canyon. However, the heroes ultimately got away. Later, several Swat-bots equipped with Mega Muck-firing weapons and piloting Mega Muck Units would escort a Mother Dragon to the dragon Roboticizer. Two flying Swat-Bots in particular helped carry the tied-up Mother Dragon through the streets. At one point though, Sally and Dulcy attacked a hidden Mega Muck Unit, and Dulcy froze the Swat-Bots piloting it. In addition, Sonic ran between pedestrian Swat-Bots and made them hit each other with Mega Muck. Later, when a second hidden Mega Muck Unit was about to take off, Charles hooked its chassis to a wall, causing its chassis to be pulled away from its fuselage and throw the Swat-Bots sitting inside to the ground. After the Swat-Bots themselves had been glued together with Mega Muck, Dulcy took the Mother Dragon from the flying Swat-Bots and flew away.[19] Later, several Swat-Bots helped repair the test Doomsday Pod in the Great Unknown. Afterward, a group of flying Swat-Bots accompanied Snively in Robotnik's hovercraft. However, most of them were destroyed by Sonic when he created tornado that collided with them and the Doomsday Pod. The remaining flying Swat-Bots accompanying Snively were later sent to investigate the tunnels in which the Wolf Pack was hiding in. There, they found Sonic and Sally, whom they brought onboard Robotnik's hovercraft. After being taken there, however, Sonic broke free and destroyed the flying Swat-Bots.[20]

Numerous Swat-Bots and flying Swat-Bots were later involved in the excavation of Drood Henge. Some of them supervised the extraction of the second Drood Henge Scroll. Others detected Sonic and began to sneak up on him, but he was warned by Tails. However, a flying Swat-Bot managed to grab Tails and take him to Snively. Along the way, Tails saw one of the Swat-Bots carry a chest with a Drood Henge Scroll. Meanwhile, Sonic managed to escape the Swat-Bots chasing him and get to Snively's tent. There, he caught Snively and had him tell the Swat-Bots to release Tails, which they did. Sonic then forced Snively to tell the Swat-Bots to take their leave, which they did as well. Later, the Swat-Bots would guard the extraction of the first Deep Power Stone when Dr. Robotnik arrived at Drood Henge. When Sonic and Tails later seemingly excavated the second Deep Power Stone, the flying Swat-Bots started chasing Sonic. The standard Swat-Bots tried in turn to cut Sonic off, but Sonic escaped using a Power Ring. Eventually, the flying Swat-Bots surrounded Sonic near some lava geysers. There, Sonic destroyed the second Deep Power Stone (which was actually a fake). Flying Swat-Bots tried then to arrest Sonic, only for Dulcy to arrive and rescue Sonic.[21] Some time after, some Swat-Bots would accompany Snively during his inspection of one of the factories in Robotropolis. Later, several flying Swat-Bots and Hover Units would escort the Fuel Tankers supplying fuel to the Doomsday Machine. Although Sonic managed to distract most of them, the flying Swat-Bots were soon ordered to return to the Fuel Tankers by Snively. There, they discovered that Sally, Antoine and Bunnie were trying to sabotage the Fuel Tankers. They did not manage to arrest them, however, as Sonic took his friends into the sewers. Standard Swat-Bots were later guarding the entrance to the Doomsday Machine, but they failed to detect Sally and Bunnie, who got into the Doomsday Machine's perimeters onboard a Hover Unit. Meanwhile, other Swat-Bots would guard the entry to Robotropolis's headquarters, but Sonic soon lured them away from their post. When Antoine then found himself walking around the headquarters, he noticed some approaching flying Swat-Bots and quickly ran inside the headquarters. A little while later, as Snively interrogated Antoine, Sonic arrived to save his comrade, prompting Snively to call upon the Swat-Bots to catch Sonic. After arriving, the Swat-Bots opened fire, but Sonic escaped them with Antoine. Later, flying Swat-Bots were sent to Charles's hideout and arrested him for spying on Robotnik. Afterward, they brought Charles to Snively. When Sonic came to Charles's rescue, the Swat-Bots tried to surround him. However, Sonic created a tornado that threw the Swat-Bots against the walls.[22]

Flying Swat-Bots having arrested Dirk and Polo.

Numerous flying Swat-Bots would later guard the Doomsday Machine's area during the Doomsday Project. When the Freedom Fighters attacked the machine, they showed Dr. Robotnik the parachute dummies that the Freedom Fighters had dropped as part of a diversion. Later, some flying Swat-Bots arrested Polo and Dirk who were trying to get into the Doomsday Machine, with Lupe and Ari being caught earlier. Later, the flying Swat-Bots were summoned by Dr. Robotnik to stop Sonic and Sally from using the Deep Power Stones. The flying Swat-Bots soon surrounded the duo and told them to give up the stones, but it was too late. As Sonic and Sally used the power of the Deep Power Stones, they destroyed the Doomsday Machine, but the Swat-bots scattered and fled the area with other robots, the Freedom Fighters and Worker-Bots.[23]


Swat-Bots possess no personality. They are drones in every sense of the word. They contain a rudimentary survival system to avoid unnecessary destruction, but have no compunction about charging into the thick of battle. They only obey Robotnik, though they will also obey Snively when ordered.

Swat-Bots react loudly at the sight of Freedom Fighters, and will chase them down relentlessly by any means possible. If Sonic the Hedgehog is spotted, they all act under the "Priority One" alert system, and will drop any other task at hand to try and kill or capture him.

Powers and abilities

Swat-Bots are equipped with a number of tools. They are first and foremost equipped with wrist-mounted blaster weapons.[3] They also have a flashlight built into their right index finger,[11] and an on-board communication system in the right arm that allows them operate other machines or contact other Swat-Bots. In addition, they possess special heat scanners that allow them to detect hidden living beings through their body temperature.[17]

All Swat-Bots are very durable. They are highly resistant to their own weapons, including artillery, and are often able to quickly recover from anything less than a Power Ring-empowered Super Spin. Sometimes, they can function normally even when their armor is damaged or pierced through.[18]

Weapons and equipment

Swat-Bots can sometimes wield additional weaponry, such as Laser Rifles with stun or kill settings which are slung on their backs when not in use.[11] They have also wielded grapple hook launchers and other devices.[7]


The Swat-Bots are not fully waterproof, and any substantial amount of water (such as a lake or flood) can short-circuit them.[10][12]


The Swat-Bots are very class-oriented (specialized). Due to specialization, some other varieties exist:

Commander model

A Swat-Bot commander.

An unnamed Swat-Bot model, this unit is almost identical to the standard Swat-Bot, except for a blue and black color scheme and more pronounced body armor. This unit acts as a military commander under Dr. Robotnik's command and coordinates lesser Swat-Bot troops.[1]

Flying model

A "Hover-Swat" model.

An unnamed Swat-Bot model that is more alien in construction than the standard Swat-Bot, and employ red-black-gray scooter-like vehicles for higher mobility and firepower. They are dull gray in color, with red highlights on the head and blue tones on their arms and chest. Consisting of an upper half of a torso, these Swat-Bots have no legs, and instead are mounted to their vehicle. They are approximately three feet in height, not including their vehicles, which adds another two feet. The vehicle itself, from bow to stern, appears close to six feet in length. Like their brother model, these Swat-Bots observes the area around it with a single optical sensor, triangular in shape, with a purple tint. Their heads are long and sharp, extending back into a flat fin.

These flying Swat-Bots models can communicate, have laser guns built into their wrists, and can also fly very fast thanks to their vehicles. In addition, their vehicles are equipped with much larger headlights that allow them to search for enemies.[15]

Swat-Bot-Hover Unit model

A Swat-Bot-Hover Unit hybrid that is simply referred to as a "Swat-Bot" and functions simultaneously as a vehicle and a robot. It appears in green or orange colorations. It is basically a terrestrial version of the Hover Unit that is used for repairs and maintenance throughout Robotropolis. It employs a series of hovering platforms that allow it to reach its destination almost as fast as the Hover Units.[5]

In vehicle mode, this model relies on four wheels for mobility, but it can shift into a bipedal mode, with the axles forming arms and legs, and the tires serving as ankle and wrist joints. It also has laser cannons and flashlights built into its fingers. This vehicle can be piloted or operate independently. Though its cockpit is similarly to its flight-bound brethren, it is only large enough to accommodate a single Mobian driver. This model also possesses a laser cannon on the underside as opposed to the roof like the Hover Units.[5]

In other media

Archie Comics

A Swat-Bot in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the SWATbot was a military Badnik model developed by Dr. Ivo Robotnik which served in a multitude of roles from infantry to vehicle crews. The original SWATbot models were created nearing the end of the Great War and were employed during Robotnik's military coup. For the next ten years, SWATbots acted as the main military strength of Dr. Robotnik's empire. Following the death of Robotnik, SWATbots became outdated and decommissioned. When Dr. Eggman came to Mobius Prime he employed the superior Shadowbots as his main forces. However, newer variants of SWATbots were used in 3237 during the war between the Eggman Empire and the Kingdom of Acorn, although those too were eventually replaced with Egg Pawns. The remaining original SWATbots ended up under the employ of Mammoth Mogul.

After the Super Genesis Wave rebooted the multiverse, the SWATbots started out as a part of Dr. Eggman's Badnik Horde, and served the doctor during his early operations and during his invasion of the Kingdom of Acorn. At some point, however, they were replaced by the newer Egg SWAT. Eggman later sold his remaining SWATbots to his previous assistant, Breezie the Hedgehog, who would use them as security guards.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Swat-Bots in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

In the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series, Swat-Bots are a series of Badniks created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. They were Robotnik's main workforce and soldiers when they helped him steal all the gifts from Mobius during Christmas. Each Swat-Bot in this media has an individual look, although a common feature for each of them is a humanoid form.

Sonic Underground

A Swat-Bot in Sonic Underground.

In the Sonic Underground television series, the Swatbots are a robot series created by Dr. Robotnik which serves as the robotic police and military forces of the Robotnik Empire. In this media, they possess a more alien look with purple-red and gray armor and visors.

Sonic the Hedgehog series

Main article: Swat Bot

A Swat Bot in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog series, the Swat Bots appear as enemies in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Here, the Swat Bots are portrayed as Dr. Eggman's old robots, who were repurposed by the Nocturnus Clan. In this media, the Swat Bots are similar to the original ones featured in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series; they have the black armor and red visor, but are more powerful-looking and have more sharp and bulky armor.


  • The term "Swat-Bot" is likely a pun on the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) division of police officers.
  • In the pilot episode "Heads or Tails", Swat-Bots were quite different in color and mannerisms. Instead of a uniform dark color, they sported an alternating gray and white paint job. They also had more of a personality, laughing at Snively's bumbling, then snapping back to attention as he threatened them. These designs and attitudes were summarily dropped for the rest of the series.
  • The Swat-Bot commander in "Blast to the Past, Part 1" was voiced by Jack Angel.


Concept artwork



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