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The Swarmer Hive is an obstacle that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. They are small platforms designed to produce an endless supply of Swarmers.


The Swarmer Hives are cylinder-shaped tan platforms about the size of the Riptide with a golden rim on top and two rings for foundation. Their sides can as well slide down to reveal six golden barrels from where it can deploy an endless stream of Swarmers.


Swarmer Hives seen from above.

The Swarmer Hives only appear in the sailing sections of River Rush and Crater Lake. In gameplay, they generate an endless stream of Swarmers to attack the player. When approaching a Swarmer Hive, it will pop to the surface and deploy Swarmers, though it can only deploy up to six of them at the same time. Should a Swarmers be destroyed however, the Swarmer Hive will soon after deploy a replacement. Upon destroying a Swarmer Hive, it will automatically destroy the Swarmers it has created. For protection, the Swarmer Hives can retreat underwater for a short while where they are invulnerable, but cannot deploy Swarmers. When a Swarmer Hive is destroyed, its fundament can be seen in the water.

In general, the player must destroy all Swarmer Hives present in an area to proceed with the respective level/mission. Most Swarmer Hives are immobile, except for one in the beginning of River Rush which floats along the river, though only briefly.

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