Swap[1] (スワップ Suwappu?) is a Monitor power-up that appears in Knuckles' Chaotix. When obtained, this power-up switches the playable character out with his Combi Partner.


The monitors with Swap feature the stock image of blue and orange arrows spinning in circles on their screens.


When picking up Swap in gameplay, the playable character and his Combi Partner switches places, allowing the player to control the Combi Partner. While this power-up is active, the power-up's icon is seen on bottom of the screen. However, Swap's effect only for about twenty seconds, which will then cause the characters to switch back.


  • Swap is a notable power-up to make Heavy or Bomb playable characters for a certain amount of time, if the player has one of them to be their Combi Partner or having picked up a Change power-up at the same time.


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