Survival Relay is one of three special games in the Survival Mode of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It consists of a two-to-three lap race where two rival teams race against each other to overtake or attack the opponents before the opponents' turn. It has a similar variation known as Relay Race in Sonic Free Riders.


Two to four players may choose one of three ways to play Survival Relay. The matchup chosen will change the number of laps the race will last:

  • Two players vs. two SCR-GP units
  • Three players vs. three SCR-GP units
  • Two players vs. two players

Once a matchup has been chosen, the players may choose any available circuit, followed by their Extreme Gear. The leader is the only one who gets to pick an Extreme Gear for the rest of the race; the others must use the leader's chosen Extreme Gear in order to compete.

The race starts out and develops in the same way as a normal race in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. The only difference is that when the player is near the finish line, their character needs to run into the next character so that the next player gets to play: only then is a lap is completed. The race will continue until the character is either overtaken or attacked by the rival team, finishes the race without losing, or if the third character gets their turn and subsequently finishes the race. In addition, the number of Rings collected and any activated Gear Parts of an Extreme Gear will pass over to the next player.


  • SCR-GP and SCR-HD cannot be used by the players in Survival Relay.
  • Due to Dr. Eggman's mechanics, and the fact that there can be only one Extreme Gear per team, if Dr. Eggman is selected to compete in Survival Relay, the player may only choose Bike or Wheel type Extreme Gear for the team.
  • Survival Relay shares the most similarities to a normal race in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity out of all the games in Survival Mode.

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