Survival Battle is one of three special games in Survival Mode of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It is playable with up to four players and are always played with four characters, with the computer controlling the remaining characters.


In Survival Battle, the player rides around a field and collects Missile power-up items from Item Boxes. Once the player has a Missile(s), he/she must use Gravity Control to launch them in order to attack opponents. However, the player must take aim at an opponent to ensure that the missile hits. While aiming, a lock-on target appears on the player's screen which is the moment that the player has to release the input for performing Gravity Control. If the player does not aim, the missiles will simply fly across the arena and are unlikely to hit opponents. If an attack is successful, the word "HIT" will be displayed on the screen. If the player himself/herself is targeted (which is signified by a lock-on target surrounding the playable character), he/she must take evasive action.

The criteria to win Survival Battle varies on the rule settings of the game; if the player chooses Points Battle, each time a competitor successfully hits another, a point is awarded to that competitor. The competitor with the highest number of points within a time limit wins. (The time limit can be set to 3, 5 or 10 minutes). If the player chooses Sudden Death, then each time a player is hit, that player loses one Hit Point. The last remaining player or the player with the most Hit Points wins within a time limit of 10 minutes. (The player can adjust how many Hit Points each competitor starts with which can be 3, 6 or 9).

Noticeably in this mode, the competitors ride around at slow speeds and cannot perform Gravity Control to the full extent compared to the game's regular gameplay. In addition, if the player depletes their GP Gauge, the player will be forced to run around the field until he/she can regain Gravity Points.



The following power-up items can be obtained from the Item Boxes that are scattered around the field:

  • Missile - A missile which is the most common power-up that is used to hit opponents using Gravity Control.
  • Shield - A shield that protects the user from one attack.
  • Explosion - A bomb which serves as both a power-up and an obstacle. It will explode after a short amount of time, damaging the character that is holding it and any nearby opponents. It can be transferred to another character by using Gravity Control.
  • GP Boost - Replenishes Gravity Points to the user's GP Gauge.
  • Hit Point - Replenishes a Hit Point to the user. Only appears in Sudden Death battles.

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